Blox Fruits ¨Stock¨ Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and … 1 Bomb-Bomb 2 Spike-Spike 3 Chop-Chop 4 Spring-Spring 5 Smoke-Smoke 6 Flame-Flame 7 Ice-Ice 8 Sand-Sand 9 Dark-Dark 10 Light-Light 11 Rubber-Rubber 12 Barrier-Barrier 13 Magma-Magma 14 Quake-Quake 15 Human-Human: Buddha 16 String-String 17 Bird-Bird: Phoenix 18 Rumble-Rumble 19 Paw-Paw 20 Gravity … Current Stock: Chop, Flame, Light, and Rubber Last Stock: Barrier, Gravity These are all the chances for fruits to be in stock and to spawn in-game.

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