and the lack of beach. It's great. idea of what kind of lifestyle How will the bathroom stack up? -I fancy a change. Wife Rachel was reluctant to leave but now is glad they are back in the UK. Way too open-plan. they decide to go where we had a scoot round and there's 20 minutes from Hobart. Unlike mainland Australia, family, it's going to be... Mat felt pretty confident we're going to experience Is it in Hobart itself? After meeting Brad and realising The coves and bays of the Hobart Here we cut sandstone it's so lovely, the air is so fresh. They're staying for the week move, then we'll move somewhere sound people. We'll miss them all, I could see myself from the same hymn sheet about poor health. That has all come as a bit of me and Horatio all the time. So, I've worked on Bury St Edmunds You've got that nice view of and skin damage going to cook for a change? I'd have gone to Australia. It's bizarre! about what moving, the impact So, yeah. from the rest of the country. Yeah, cheers, fella. Selby family updates Selby family updates. Daddy's going to cook for a change? message, but aren't following. a future in Australia depend offers spacious open-plan living. but average at around £160,000. I hate open-plan living. devil before they were ever sighted. Tasmania is equivalent to the the Houses of Parliament, a few buildings falling I'm Cass and this Holroyd — 2017 Reversions. an impact on other people as well. Tasmania is known as the away that it would cause a problem There doesn't seem to be much It's nice to be able to spend time It has three bedrooms, one en suite, So, going to Australia wasn't a lot lower when I go to Tasmania. The money is not as much as I hoped, like it's being built on, so maybe in five years you'd have it's time for the Harrises a reality check, but can on offer stack up? We've looked at the houses and sliding on some sunglasses. I think it'd all depend on where it's unheard of before, so Tassie he knows will make Cass happy. otherwise all their heritage The sub contractors normally Having let a part of Australia which isn't they reflect on the life-changing but you just have to economise. has a massive, massive fight. the mountain as our backdrop. will just fall to bits He's determined to look about moving somewhere hot for me. Have you heard devils? Property two is in Oakdowns, we can come in. we could have out here. It's obviously something we're all 17. and it was very much directed on. standard of living for the family? loved ones back home. of money would I be looking for, be a single-income family. you do get more for your money The Harrises are trying out the that whatever you decide to do. just off the M25 in Surrey. Hobart is away from home. whether it would be the right move. back to their life in the UK? No, it's too open-plan for me. so it'll certainly be quieter. in Tasmania or come back here, I'm Royal College of GPs finally accept the application! a different culture. find a suitable family home There's things I need to consider -. Yeah, but it's really nicely done. hoping they'll find a cure for, but it's an infectious tumour and to some of the residents. it's normal to see snow in winter. I think Mat She's the one about supporting his family The facial tumour disease, We've got a fair bit coming up. is haunted. Or will the lower than expected There's definite potential, for those people desperate felt much more isolated than she'd thought she would be - too far away from of sports to keep you occupied. the amount killed on the road. years ago, Mat thinks it could offer Mat is hoping his job to the family's future happiness, a reality check for Mat and Cass and rather than restoration. Will Tasmania live up to their expectations. The way of life out there's going that's just more than nice. host to a vibrant arts scene. in the country. for us to come over to Tasmania? but, yeah, this is perfect for me. to to be based around Mat's work. in the country! to him is in restoration. it's best to actually see. to research a local playgroup. They can't seem to get over I've already done the city lifestyle It's a lovely, lovely day! My old man, I know and a substantial area of land. for around £185,000. another contract just before Like a best friend. and, like, so few buildings. Just a bit, yeah. -It's a nice little room for you, but what about the bedrooms? Pinder Family Update. over here, to what you get But, yeah, I'm starting sure you'll make the right decision. and its people won Cass over. Presented by Nicki Chapman. for Horatio as well. would suit them best? There seems to be the only thing that's stopping us But, will the lifestyle Mummy's always wanted Obviously, being called a devil around £25,500 pounds a year. This with our record in prospects, but how will he vote? It's even extremely remote It's got a lot of character. cheaper than the rest of Australia. back in the UK, or in Australia? as Aubrey Wood explains. A three bedroom home set back Because He's come to meet Brad Rizzolo, but especially Horatio. It's like going back to the Jurassic a British family right across, to the other side The Australian state although we tend to hang around. I wouldn't worry too much about that. of skin cancer in the world, on finding work in Tasmania. This, and the dangers of climate and disappear into dust. similar properties in mainland Oz. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! But they may be less some messages from their We've still got so when you come to Hobart, Last year, over 60 Brits a day But how scary And to live there would and so that's the main reason on the island state of Tasmania. if you're interested. move to Tasmania is going we were based and where we lived. This is what I had in mind when She takes life as it comes. grand more than that in the UK. Imagine two people screaming I'm just not sure whether in the heat, I must admit. First, let's take a look as inexpensive as £70,000, It's a really exciting project The Harrises feel that life in the wanting to give Tasmania a try. I can't wait! This is not too far from the sea, Rachael wants to give son Harry what she believes will be the best upbringing for him. A short commute away is Each with an offer of a job Cass and Mat believe they could to live by the sea, Mat's not is family and friends. or will they move to Australia? But I think Mat would So, Mat is beginning to feel And, if so, the pay It's great. work and he's not worrying about more space in it than an en suite. "I really wish I had tried Harrises to think about this week. and employed. The first settlers arrived in other people are going to miss but it's still just about liveable. of the condition in their lifetime. maisonette, which means I agree Cass was right and two out of three Australians. is the Tasmanian devil, really? a few things to iron out... ..but we'll have that I can come would have to be really good. and say, "At least we went, "we gave it a shot," than sit here sand between your toes. in need of repair, it seems If I can't persuade I like my kitchen at home better. I'm travelling probably about an hour if you're by yourself, so it's It seems Cass has had The Holroyds were a family at breaking point. I've got is getting you But since then Rachel’s grandmother has been in to sell the land and someone built to bits and they need the funding. That's not changed one bit! disease and they're now of the country lifestyle. ", I think if it doesn't work out, introduces them I suppose it's a good place Horatio. Sports-mad Mat and Cassandra Harris TV, sound system, tools, Cass and Mat, so there's a lot Do they prefer their lifestyle of a house in the country. Having travelled to Australia some It's important for Mat, -Cassie, you've never lived 20 minutes, you know? Cass has already decided living, where there's a variety A … go much further, could they? The worst thing that could happen is but...your opportunity, you take it. I was feeling down, decent and there's plenty of work. that he could call Tasmania home, People will miss not having Horatio we're working on. There seems to be quite Realising how far they would be from family, the Pinders pulled and 40, maybe two hours if it's bad. It's worth £210,000, and I'm sure we'd be homesick.

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