The labor movement’s rising star doesn’t hold public office — which was a disadvantage as a long-shot name in the veepstakes, but an advantage in a year when Biden wants avoid taking too many members of Congress away from their seats. We’ll review your responses and share the results in a follow-up article. A courageous civil servant who has demonstrated her commitment to upholding the law even under personally and politically difficult conditions. But why should the insiders have all the fun? He could make sure it stays there in the presidency. As former Vice President Joe Biden picks up steam in the 2020 Democratic contest, his inner circle has been making a list of people to appoint to Cabinet roles and other top positions, Axios reported. She’d be a natural at fulfilling the mission “to enhance the quality of life, to promote economic opportunity, and to carry out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives.” After all, she knows how to advance at least one self-described Native American into a national success. That issue is now the single most important, and conveniently for the country, there’s an expert on what to do about it ready to serve. This patented system closes up into a beautiful armoire and helps you craft 2x more than you ever have. Biden has long hinted that he hopes to have a grand relationship with former presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke – also known as “Beto.”  O’Rourke is well-known for many attributes that Biden might cherish in a candidate for a Cabinet position. The governor of Rhode Island is arguably the most effective executive in politics today and certainly the one with the most guts. The Ranking Committee - The Washington Post Hace 6 mins. 0 2 . Billionaire Bill Gates to lead Health and Human Services, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) as Secretary of State, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Defense are what Democrats bandy about the water coolers.

If, as Biden promises, he brings into his inner circle Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the lovely lady Representatives Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and other Squad members, the fabric of government will not resemble the mismatched quilted pattern of America. Under the amendment’s fourth proviso, it would take only 14 people in a Biden administration to remove him from the Oval Office: the vice president and 13 of 24 members of his Cabinet.

It will be dangerous. From Oklahoma chieftess to Republican, then to Democrat, and back to chieftess of progressive pandering, another former candidate for the Oval Office must be in the running for a Cabinet position: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) could get her moccasins wet as Secretary of the Interior – where her beloved Bureau of Indian Affairs is overseen. Articles, Election 2020, Politics, Race, Social Issues. Consider for a moment who is leading the popularity polls in Democratic circles and what Cabinet role might be assigned. A Biden dream team is an American nightmare. Treasury: This cabinet post also offers a chance for Biden to make history. A Biden dream team is an American nightmare.

There is chitter-chatter across all media genres as to who might be the lucky African American gal chosen as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s maid of honor.

He has a creative, counterintuitive mind and a voice that should continue to be heard. And of course, no one is more familiar with the Trump era’s partisan perversion of intelligence than Schiff is. She would bring a much-needed gravitas to the battered intelligence community. Perhaps O’Rourke, with his visionary insight into the enchantment of America’s top layers of soil, would be suited as Secretary of Agriculture. With presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s veep picked, convention concluded and campaign cruising ahead of his opponent’s, he might be tempted to start measuring the White House drapes. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden famously promised at the last debate to pick a woman as a running mate. Among the big decisions being pondered by Joe Biden, the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, while on lockdown in his Delaware home: Whom should he choose as his running mate? To be a member of Joe-Tom Friedman-Biden's Cabinet, nominees must hold certain minimal values: ... Then Friedman gets into his list of Cabinet choices, some of which aren't really Cabinet positions, but it's his dream, so who are we to complain if there's no such thing as a Secretary of Cupcakes? And everyone is attempting to resuscitate Susan Rice from the Obama era for something – anything – in a Joe Biden world. Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and even a Vice President. One of the leading defense intellectuals of her generation, Flournoy is also a seasoned veteran at the Pentagon, having served under President Barack Obama as undersecretary for policy.

Liberty Nation is a trusted source for Conservative news with original commentary. Also check out newcomer (Vote in the poll for your favorite pick.) She has taken on hard problems, such as underfunded pensions and rampant coronavirus. And if he wins in November, who should fill the rest of the top jobs in his administration? Some say it should have been humble pie, but dirt it was. A Louisiana politician who understands both the offshore oil and gas industry and the environmental risks it poses, Landrieu would be a Democratic voice from the Gulf Coast in an administration that probably won’t have many others.

Top 20 Conservative News Sites. Formerly The Original ScrapBox and the makers of the WorkBox 3.0 this beautiful furniture is built with crafters, creators, and experts in mind. She’s a veteran of Wall Street who can talk the language of the financial industry, but she’s not its slave or its tool. What about Bill Gates to head Health and Human Services?

With presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s veep picked, convention concluded and campaign cruising ahead of his opponent’s, he might be tempted to start measuring the White House drapes. She can take the world’s toughest bureaucracy and point it toward a dangerous — but different — future. Mitt Romney as secretary of state? And when it comes down to removing a president, say for the purpose of keeping the nuclear football from an angry man likely suffering cognitive decline, it’s Cabinet members who come into sharp focus. After all, as Democrats keep telling us, Obamacare was really his idea — and it would be a meaningful gesture across the aisle in an era when such things are badly needed. Starting with Alexander Hamilton and going up through Steve Mnuchin, … Election 2020 Biden needs someone at Treasury who can mediate between the different wings of the Democratic Party while maintaining the confidence of the markets. Pick Your ‘Team Biden’ Fantasy Roster The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants union, would be an olive branch to organized labor and the progressive wing of the party.

This job may be especially hard next year, given attempted sabotage of the census. Who better to do that than the governor from Wall Street himself?

Online Schools: How Do We Indoctrinate With Parents Watching.

Why it matters: Biden advisers describe a Return to Normal plan — a reversal of President Trump's unorthodox, improvisational style.

The Delaware Democrat is clear-eyed about China and has a record of advocacy for straight talk about China’s Communist Party that few Democrats can match. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles.

As a sought-after speech writer, her clients included CEOs, U.S. Rice has the needed close relationship with Biden, and she takes no mess from anyone. Will her gag reflex hold? This Republican would rest easier if Sen. Coons was at the helm of the State Department in his friend Joe Biden’s administration. And who has better experience than the former mayor of Newark? Here are some tips.

For each position listed, choose a candidate from the drop-down menu of buzzed-about favorites and out-of-the-box possibilities — compiled via the highly unscientific method of culling campaign gossip, consulting with smart people who obsess about these policy areas, looking at past appointees and gaming out who has the chops to survive one of these pressure-cooker posts.

And 100 years after suffrage, it’s time to have a female defense secretary; I’d love to see a majority-female Cabinet.

I’d appoint Groshen (former Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner and fierce defender of statistical agency independence) — or if not her, perhaps Julia Lane (NYU economist who just wrote abookabout democratizing public data), Katherine Wallman (former chief statistician of the United States) or someone else with a demonstrated commitment to safeguarding and upgrading government statistics, which have been under assault for the past three-plus years. Factions within the Democratic Party are jockeying fiercely on behalf of their preferred picks — especially for the position of vice president. (Republished because I forgot to include Kamala Harris in poll.) Then again, she might be the only person ready to master the mess known as the Department of Homeland Security.

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