Keep up with your favorite shows... delivered to your inbox! GOATs and Host Sara Haines, A Biting Send-Up of Race Relations — and a Tender, Funny Middle Grade Novel, Landmines? Ben Hargreeves: Klaus, the way you feel right now is the way I feel every day. He knew it, too. I'm sorry. 58-year-old man inside a child’s body, so there’s that. Click through the gallery above to discover (or re-live) some of Klaus' best moments from the show's first season. And the scorpion's like, "All right, fine, 15." I'm in. Luther Hargreeves: No, I'm pretty sure they're here for us! Therapist: "You need to stop doing these weird things. Oh, wow. Comment . Klaus: "I went to the park today." Random quotes from drama / movie for own reference~ Menu and widgets. Who in this room knows about relationships? You look like Antonio Banderas with the long hair. Klaus Hargreeves Quotes. Klaus Hargreeves: Face it, the healthiest long-term relationship in this family was when Five was banging that mannequin. Best Klaus Hargreeves Quotes from 'The Umbrella Academy'. The 'Misfits' actor talks massages, bakeries and why he likes playing such chaotic characters. Nowhere. Trust me, I’ve been there. Feb 2, 2020 - Enjoy browsing the collection of the best quotes by Klaus Hargreeves ️, fictional character from a tv show. Allison? No one handled Luther’s implication that one of the siblings murdered their father well, but Klaus responded with a bit of dry humor. While the others respond with outrage and dismay, Klaus seems almost unphased, and thus, construes the most satisfying comeback. If this isn’t pure Klaus, nothing is. Absolutely not. Number Five: We use my ability to time travel. Ben Hargreeves: You wanna make it up to me? Klaus Hargreeves: Well, then avert your gaze. But the frog's like, "Well, what's in it for me?" Responding to war veterans who, with reason, do not believe that Klaus fought in Vietnam, Klaus proves that he must have the last word before Diego throws the last punch. The Hargreeves Family is just as dysfunctional as in the first season, but Klaus is there to always lighten the mood when things get serious. Below, are some of the best Klaus Hargreeves quotes from season one. Raymond Chestnut: I don't know what to say. Klaus Hargreeves: Have you ever heard the fable of The Scorpion and the Frog? Mundus Souvenirs Beauty is Power a Smile is its Sword. A 58-year-old man inside a child's body, so there's that. - Klaus Hargreeves We have selected this product as being #9 in Best Klaus Hargreeves Quotes … | TUA, Netflix | by Scattered Quotes. We love Klaus’ conversations with his late brother, Ben (whom he could still see because of his powers). Don't go chasing waterfalls. I just thought you should know. Klaus Hargreeves: Yeah, you're right. Klaus confronts their father about this when he is transported to a place that appears to be the afterlife. If you've been on the internet at all since February 15, you've probably at least seen a mention — or a couple dozen mentions — of Klaus Hargreeves (Robert Sheehan). Klaus Hargreeves: Yeah, whatever. Is it any wonder Twitter is obsessed with him? Nowhere. How did you do that? In two words, he once again solidifies his clear characterization. Klaus Hargreeves: I told you I had friends in high places. Luther Hargreeves: Me too. I love you! Go out sometime." Ben Hargreeves: You're better than that. I’d like to apologize… that you are depriving some village of their idiot! I wanna be numb again. Klaus Hargreeves (to Ben): No cutting of the hair. We have six days. I love you! Klaus: “Drop dead.” Ben: “Low blow!” We love Klaus’ conversations with his late brother, Ben (whom he could still see because of his powers). Klaus Hargreeves Quotes Total quotes: 3 Klaus Hargreeves character. I love my look right now. After Luther suggests that one of his siblings murdered their father, Klaus – once again resorting to comedy as a means of avoidance – puts Luther in his place. Amazing talent, A post shared by Robert Sheehan (@rozzymikes) on Mar 1, 2019 at 11:33am PST. You’re gonna do great in prison, Grant. Your notice should include (a) a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; (b) the URL where the allegedly infringing Site Content is located; (c) your full name, postal address, telephone number, and email address; (d) a statement that you have a good faith belief that the use of the allegedly infringing material on our Sites is not authorized; (e) your physical or electronic signature; and (f) a statement that you are the copyright owner or an authorized agent of the copyright owner. In secret love with some farm Frau. Klaus Hargreeves: If you don't make it back, there's one thing that I need to tell you. Welcome to powerlessness. Haha, awwww this gives me great joy ? Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy, Season 1. @umbrellaacad #portlaoise #mainstreet, A post shared by Robert Sheehan (@rozzymikes) on Feb 18, 2019 at 5:15pm PST, Haha, awwww this gives me great joy @umbrellaacad #portlaoise #mainstreet. © 2020 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. 10 "You look like Antonio Banderas with the long hair. Diego Hargreeves: Who the hell are these guys? I'm sorry. Diego Hargreeves: What's the worst that can happen? The only thing the Umbrella Academy knows about love... is how to screw it up. See more ideas about Umbrella, Academy, Klaus. However, that particular insult hit a little too close to home. A fan favorite from The Umbrella Academy's first season, Klaus has it all: perfect comedic timing, incredible fashion sense, a heartbreaking love story, a desert-dry wit, and the power to communicate with the dead. It’s why I stopped dating twins. Face it, the healthiest long-term relationship in this family was when Five was banging that mannequin. Here are 10 of Klaus Hargreeves' best quotes from the series. No, no, no. Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to. Klaus Hargreeves: Ow! Here are some of the funniest quotes from The Umbrella Academy Season 2 on Netflix. The scorpion's like, "Ten." Ben Hargreeves: You know, I'm tired of seeing you wallow in self-defeat. The masked people shooting at them in the bowling alley were, in fact, not there for Kenny’s birthday party. Klaus: [Opens up coat] "This duck." Go out sometime." That must suck. Klaus is usually the one who gets the best lines and the funniest scenes. He was adopted by the eccentric (yet reclusive) billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Therapist: "You need to stop doing these weird things. Quotes by Klaus Hargreeves. I actually can't deal with you right now. Nowhere. I know this is impossible, but... did we all get sexier? And the frog's like, "Well, what the hell? Klaus Hargreeves: What? Just as his siblings grow convinced that he is utterly useless, Klaus comes out with this remark to prove his viability. Klaus Hargreeves: The scorpion wants to get across the river, so he asks the frog to carry him across. Klaus Hargreeves: The point is, frogs are bitches, and we do not negotiate with terrorists, Allison... Allison Hargreeves: No. I hope you got something from that." [to Number Five] The Umbrella Academy; Klaus Hargreeves; 9. Sep 12, 2020 - Collection of the best quotes from The Umbrella Academy. All I do is watch you make the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over again. If you believe that any Site Content infringes upon your copyright, please notify us by email I didn't. And Dave? Warning: Minor spoilers from Umbrella Academy season 1 and 2 will be included. Home » TV » Best Klaus Hargreeves Quotes from 'The Umbrella Academy'. People still don't take me seriously. Klaus Hargreeves: Oh, my God. "The only thing the Umbrella Academy knows about love is how to screw it up." We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. No, literally. I wanna be numb again. I think. What was the problem with his nicest outfit? Klaus has little patience for Diego and Luther’s power struggle. Number Five: You're lookin' at it. Not the most appropriate comment for Klaus to add when his siblings were discussing the apocalypse and questioning his usefulness, but hey, it certainly was hilarious.

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