If the cars footballers drive resembled their performance on the pitch, Fernando Torres wouldn't have suffered from the arduous three years he has spent in West London. Luiz is known for his shenanigans and it’s not unusual for him to do these things. These days, wherever you find a modern footballer, you can be sure a high-end sports car or luxury saloon isn't too far away. The story of Kante’s car career in England is just as lovable as the player himself. Samuel Eto’o cars collection is big and consist sport and luxury cars. No, wait, that's love and marriage, isn't it? His house costs $20 million. The Midfielder has even been selected to be a part of a new reality TV show called Diski Drive where soccer stars get to test drive the coolest ranges of cars and then give reviews on every car they drive. Chelsea's record goalscorer has a fleet of cars that includes the ever-popular Range Rover Sport, but it's the Ferrari 458 Italia that stands out as the jewel in his crown or, in this case, his garage. Here you can see when Samuel Eto’o is driving his Bugatti Veyron. Have a look at Oliver Giroud’s car collection: Danny Drinkwater car? His house costs $17.83 million . Legendary striker Samuel ETO’O’s Aston Martin One-77 FAIL !!! Here we look at Chelsea FC players their cars 2019. Who drive most expensive car in Chelsea players? Ashley Cole drives a Mercedes SLG 63 AMG. And in number 4 comes in one of Chelsea future talents Oscar who arrived at Stamford Bridge for a reported fee of £25 million which received alot of critics from social media at that age Oscar was aged 20 but during his champions league debut oscar shut all critics by scoring two wonderful goals on that night. Lets have a look at some of the Chelsea players houses. Luiz was having some fun on the training ground at Cobham training ground. Eden Hazard car? The Chelsea Legend who has been at the London for over a decade has established his home in london, more like his second home from ivory coast the Chelsea star has bought a mansion worth an amazing £8.7 million puting him on the 1st of our list of the top five chelsea players’ houses. As simple as N’Golo! David Beckham. At the highest level, soccer players are some of the highest earning athletes in the world. Top 15 Luxury Homes Owned by Soccer Stars. Most of the stars are known for their most expensive cars but not their houses. © Copyright 2020 ManchesterCityLatestNews.com. Fernando Torres drives an Aston Martin DBS. While nobody was afforded that opportunity, Chelsea's players are no strangers when it comes to driving around the streets of London in eye-catching automobiles. Chelsea FC players their cars 2019? Check Out Top 10 South African Soccer Stars And Their Cars! For that reason we have compiled a top five list of the Most Expensive Chelsea FC Players’ Houses. He's a classy operator on the pitch and it seems Frank Lampard is just as much off it, too. John terry’s mansion in Surrey is one of the biggest house in London. Undoubtedly Chelsea best player definitely deserves to be on the list considering he earns a whooping £185k per week he definitely deserves a good apartment and he has definitely got one which is luxurious showing that the Belgium has real class when it comes to houses. Chelsea predicted line up vs Rennes: Starting XI for today! Marcos Alonso car – check Alonso cars here. Have a look at Eden Hazard’s car collection: Oliver Giroud car? Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich, Chelsea FC Players List – All Blues Players, Chelsea players and the cars they drive 2019, Chelsea players cars 2019: all goalkeepers cars, Chelsea players cars 2019: all defenders cars, Chelsea players cars 2019: all midfielders cars, Chelsea players cars 2019: all strikers cars, Chelsea FC Players and Their Cars 2018-2019, David Luiz cars: John Deere Gator Buggy 4×4, Chelsea FC players Cars: Samuel Eto’o cars collection, Samuel Eto cars in London – Aston Martin One-77, Samuel Eto cars in Paris – Aston Martin One-77. David Luiz is driving around in a John Deere Gator Buggy. Here you can see Samuel Eto’o Driving his Aston Martin One-77 in London! It comes with 675 cc engine, so this isn't exactly for speed demons, but coming in at around £10,000, it's definitely a steal. Can it time-travel, also? Neighbours admired Lampard’s blue Ferrari 599 on the drive, a sports car that befits a major footie star. It's perhaps a little left field for some, but as a left-back, it makes sense Ashley Cole is often seen driving his. Most Expensive Chelsea Player House? Chelsea player with the biggest big cars collection? 2. After his move Oscar has now settled in london and has bought him and his family an apartment worth £1 million. Here you can see his supercars when he is driving his cars in London and Paris. Wayne Rooney. Chelsea Transfer Targets List 2020: News Now Today! Tags: BestBest PlayercarsChampionsChampions LeagueChelseaDidier DrogbaEden HazardExpensivefamilyFootballFootball PlayersfootballersGoalsJohn TerrymillionMost ExpensiveOscarPlayersPremier Leaguetraining, Football Players That Have Performed The Best So Far 2019, Fastest Car In The World 2019 Top Speed List, Best Football Strikers In The World Right Now 2019, Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2014-2015, Top 10 Footballers who moved from Europe to MLS, Top 10 Biggest Release Clauses in World Football, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, Best Premier League managers ranked on win percentage 2018, Higest Earning Players In The Premier League, Most Amazing And Expensive Yachts in the World, Most Overrated Football Players In The World 2016-2015, Top 10 Biggest Money Losing Transfers in Football History. New special edition gold Range Rover Overfinch 4×4. See South African Soccer Players And Their Houses. Chelsea Football Club has some of the Higest Earning Players In The Premier League and Chelsea Players Houses and Cars are of course amoung the most expensive in the World. With doors that open upward—given the impression of wings—as opposed to the standard sideways motion of any other car, the Mercedes SLG 63 AMG has an air of "Doc" Emmett Brown's DeLorean from Back to the Future about it. SEE ALSO: The Most Expensive Homes In The World, SEE ALSO: Most Expensive Footballers Houses. Lampard is one of the greatest Chelsea players of all time so it’s fair he has some nice cars. Coolest Cars Owned by Chelsea Players. Chelsea FC player with most luxurious cars collection? These days, wherever you find a Chelsea FC footballer, you can be sure a high-end sports car or luxury saloon isn’t too far away. Here is Eden Hazard car collection with fancy, luxury and sport cars. The one-story house is 8600-square-foot with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a trophy room, and kids’ playrooms. More-so, he owns a house in Cheshire, England which he purchased in 2006 for $6 million. Chelsea FC current squad and the Chelsea First Team Squad is famous for the cars. Here you can see Samuel Eto’o Driving his Aston Martin One-77 in Paris! What Might 2021 Have in Store for Chelsea? It’s one of the most expensive cars in the world. Similar ready-made versions of this vehicle cost in the region of £140k. We doubt it, but it remains a unique car. Which are the coolest Chelsea football players cars? Eden Hazard car – watch all Hazard cars here. Still in his training kit, Terry pulls up to a country pub near to the Chelsea training ground in his brand new 2014 Rolls-Royce to meet his wife Toni Poole for lunch. Saturday, October 31 2020 Breaking News. Showing his true colors, he has it in blue no less. According to The Sun, the house costs him £35,000 per day. Who has the best sports cars collection? Bleacher Report brings you some of the coolest cars you will find in the Stamford Bridge car lot. Lets face it Chelsea Football Players Houses are amoung The Most Expensive Homes in the World. Willian Borges Da Silva has one of the most expensive houses in … While some players in the Chelsea dressing room are driving fancy sports cars, he has been known to cart his teammates around in … We will take a look at the Chelsea FC players and their cars collection. Willian Borges Da Silva £2 million. Have a look at Danny Drinkwater’s car collection: Samuel Eto’o new cars? Most expensive Chelsea FC player car? And has now proved that he is an important player for Chelsea football club. Here are the 10 most expensive homes: 1. The couple spent an additional £1 million renovating the house that was just a stone’s throw from Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground. Reports claim that when that Kante first came to England, he did not buy a car because he thought he will just run to training everyday!

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