It appears that driving with the shuddering can damage the TC, if you allow it to go on long enough. Customer complaints. I also drove the car the whole time, so driving it didn’t seem to effect the fix at all. I have had it to the dealer 4 time and they haven’t found nothing. Don’t you think they should change the title to “What didn’t work for the TSB for the 8 speed transmission”? Now, GM Authority has learned that there’s a new fix that seems to be alleviating the eight-speed’s shifting woes outright. It used to be we had only two transmission fluid and today we have nearly a dozen. A family member has a 2011 GMC and the 6 speed acts the same and he has over 200,000 miles on it. I have done the service and it took a transmission I really thought was working well and improved it much. I dont want to get the fluid changed if it will make it worse shortly after… atleast with covid I dont commute to work so I drive alot less. Powered by Invision Community. The shop said my downship is actually dangerous its drops like 3 or 4 gears instantly. When a problem like a TCC shudder shows up, 99% of engineers are going to look at the torque converter, not the fluid. Don’t believe anything your read on the internet and only half of what you see. The low speed hard shift is normal. I really hope they will surprise me with stellar attention and “as long as they fix it fast and correctly I have no beef.”. GM 8L45 and 8L90 automatic transmissions allegedly shudder, jerk, hesitate and shift hard. They found nothing out of place and no updates available. Appreciate it, Active Fuel Management – the program that reduces your engine from 8 cylinders to 4. That should fix it. The fix also helps it shift smoother and down shifts easier and sooner. Also the guy in the video called the local news and I somehow rant and rave, what ? Technicians were told customers may complain about multiple issues: “Vehicle delaying into gear,” “Not wanting to move,” “Feeling like the transmission is slipping,” or “Delayed engagement followed by a harsh engagement.”, “This condition may be caused by the torque converter draining the transmission fluid back into the transmission pan.”. So, what do you want them to do, just give up? Hey James – what’d you end up replacing it with?? ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. They did a reprogram for harsh shift. SAME problem, ONE thing in common, GM LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! Warranty is covering it but now instead of just the cost of a fluid change they have a new drivetrain to own up to. I took it to the local Chevy dealer and they said they had a fix. I’m sorry, I think that you are looking at the world through rose colored glasses by thinking it’s “looking positive as they continue to look for the cause.” As the owner of 3 GM 8 speed cars (really 2 now since I dumped my Silverado) I don’t think that it’s looking positive at all. Now a new shudder driving around the neighborhood has to be considered acceptable. Where the moisture from the GM issue is coming from is unknown. Negative. It’s way better tho. The 2020 loaner I drove with 5.3 and 8 speed had no issues. I came back to my truck and started it, put it in drive and attempted to drive…. You would think after all these years of this problem they would have said hey we better fix this. It has a 6 speed auto transmission, all stock. How these simple documents can unlock information about your car. Also, I emailed the [email protected] account and got my build sheet the same day. I've called my so called case engineer with Chevy only to get a answering machine... We'll be in touch within 24 hours! At their urging I did return to the Dealership with it –once. Couldn’t agree more spent extra hard earned money on a brand new 2017 CR two because I believed that it was a GM truck where they didn’t cut corners and spared no expense boy was I wrong in the truck is an absolute piece of crap In short 46,000 miles six trips in the dealership service be for the same transmission problem still not fixed GM customer service refusing to help dealership says their hands are tied because it’s still under warranty I will never buy GM again. This did not work for long .Same o same o. Took the truck for a 20 mile round-trip and the results were immediate! For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. What is suggested to get them to offer that type of deal? For around-the-clock GM news coverage. Ou. GM told the news station that owners should visit a dealership to walk through the protocols with a technician to solve the problem. Hopefully, he didn’t mean that they only got the blue label Mobil 1 in as of March at that shop…. After dealer said “they couldn’t duplicate” I complained to owner and GM. Is there any word on who is to pay the bill for the “fix”. They kept it a week and when I got back they said they didn’t change anything because they didn’t duplicate the problem. My 2000 Silverado has 189,000 miles, same transmission and still running…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. but please alert me if you ever comment again on this forum as I may need to give my dog another walk. Ok, dealer said the clunking and jerking was normal, I paid $450 for the Mobil fluid change today, will post up here again after a few days. Some dealers did the flush with fluid other than mobile one and the issue will return. Same with their recommendation for differentials and transfer cases. Sadly, I had no shudder or shift complaints for 24,000 miles. I tried to drive it to dealer and it wouldn’t shift out if first even manually. Have you gone in for a fluid-swap fix? I just got done driving the truck for about 45 minutes. BMW i3 Range Extender Lawsuit Certified in California, read stories from drivers who praise our work. Still having problems what my transmission changed it 3 times under 100000 miles Chevy deny claim as a defective transmission so I’m stuck what a bad Transmission Shuddering through all gears it’s just horrible Chevy claims I did not keep up what service which I did All day recommend it at the time. I bought this truck to be my last...way to much money to keep trading and losing! So, if they executed an earlier version of the TSB, it would have been done with the old fluid (that absorbed water), so the fix would have been temporary and the problem would have returned. $hit happens and if it does as long as they fix it fast and correctly I have no beef. There aren’t many complaints about the base transmission, but owners everywhere are up in arms over the 8-speed. Shuddering was infrequently, but the past few months, has gotten worst (happening every time I drive it), so I basically stopped driving the car for the past 2 months for concern about damaging parts/etc., until I could get it in for service. It never shuddered or vibrated once – it shifts smooth as glass now and acts like a completely different truck. I too AGREE with everything you said above and this statement !!!!!!!! Required fields are marked *. They said the torque converter seems to be working properly. Screwed it up with the 3.5l Atkinson-cycle and 6 spd auto. had it in for the same thing. December 2015 --> I took it to my dealer at the 5000 mile oil change/scheduled maintenance and I had the service manager ride with me to hear the clunking. You just need to present the vehicle to the dealer and they will replace the fluid and it will resolve the issues in nearly all models, and if you are one of the many that can no longer get this covered under GM ” non ” warranty, or it does not fix your ” known faulty ” issue. Why should anyone put up with this, especially in a $60k car? It’s now apart in the shop (under warranty) waiting for new parts to arrive, 2015 Siverado. The GM 8L45 eight-speed automatic transmission. Now when you call GM’s 800 number you get someone in the philippines. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the warranty is 5 years ” or ” 60,000 miles. I only drive the truck in 2 wheel drive unless in winter. Owning one of these and knowing what is really going on here is what is known. Willing to post sign on my truck outside the main driveway with a sign “Don’t buy Silver Vibrator” You’ll be screwed! I had this done this year on my 2016 Corvette which shuddered and shook with each shift the new fluid seems to have solved the issues. Amsoil ATF got rid of mine last year and hasn’t returned. It doesn’t hold a candle to Amsoil and many tech told me this. I concluded that after-warranty repairs for a Toyota will be expensive due to import taxes, thinking the parts are not made here (I could be wrong). × scott3, knows how to fix your 6 speed also ! Make sure that your dealer knows what they are doing. I don’t know why with so me complaining they don’t do a total recall on the transmission and torque converter and be done with it. get them to check the transmission fluid, mine had metal shavings. ”. while it was under warranty and every time they said if was normal and it didn’t throw any codes so it was fine. Check out Bobs experience below. Silikhan Publishing Group & The latest is GM has directed the dealers to flush any and all 8 speeds on dealer lots. This is a GM CUSTOMER SERVICE PROBLEM !!!!!! GM issued a new TSB in August 2019. Clunky shift from park to first? I haven't been able to drive the truck too much since I picked it up. Fluid had been changed last year, worked for about 15k. That would be fine if the product was represented as FAULTY at purchase. March 2016 --> Just yesterday I dropped my truck off at my purchasing dealership with 9800~ miles. Honestly, I just want to truck to drive somewhat smooth so I can trade it in. The service manager said he heard the noises clear as day. It’s better right now but wondering what to expect longer term. They will replace the transmission eventually but with another 8speed. Driving the vehicle for about a week or so improves shift quality even further as the new fluid cleans things up inside the transmission and the adaptive shift algorithms relearn various parameters. If I had the glasses, I certainly didn’t know. If you have a dealer not willing to do the right thing go elsewhere. The TSB info is there. bought my brand new 2019 sierra AT4 in lebanon pennsylvania at ebersole gmc. The AFM works absolutely seamlessly and the transmission shifts perfectly. On the forums and dealer tech sites it has been all positive results even with higher miles. I happened to have a 2016 Camaro owner’s manual handy.

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