I said before my lawyer was the first person I called. It's sad. Well, that was me: every time something good happened to me, something bad was always waitin' around the corner. It really depends on each state's own laws, whether they have a strong tribal presence, whether they have an independent gambling commission or other regulatory boards, etc. yourluckynumbers128 karma2012-03-12 02:22:40 UTC. This is very common, in fact. Twenty, or so years ago, a friend (who's good at math) said to me that if one were to get an organization together with the funds to bet all the possible numbers on a big drawing, a tidy profit was assured. The point of those drawings is to keep players interested in playing even if they don't win anything from the game itself. That person then turns in the ticket, and suddenly has a legitimate source of income. Beneficiaries vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. What's the best investment/donation/gift you've made since winning the lottery (maybe not the most money but perhaps the most satisfaction)? I don't even know why some states even bother with them, honestly. I don't need that energy in my life. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, though. How do you plan on living the rest of your life? I won't argue that point with you. Some games are truly "for life". Those are designed to be low-return impulse buys that you win one out of twenty times. For multi-state games (Mega Millions and Powerball), payouts on the big jackpots are covered across all of the participating states. I was actually asked to buy a kidney on the black market for a transplant. It was easier to have fin then. Any interesting stories of fraud you can tell us about? I did a search to see if this subject came up before, and it didn't, so here we go: Between 10 and 20 years ago, I won a lottery payout in the low 10 digits. We provide players with general advice on what to do next. I always wonder if somebody is getting the same ticket taken from a pool of crappy numbers. yourluckynumbers155 karma2012-03-11 23:36:41 UTC. This is a complicated question. I've worked many different jobs at many different levels, and low-level retail in a busy store is easily the most high-pressure of the bunch. That's a quick path to prison, too. Not everything is covered in FAQs. I went through a period of depression after I got it because I felt that it was becoming a burden. Taxes, etc. Obviously, this isn't the best practice, and I never saw this happen with a winning ticket of over $5. Without delving too deep into industry secrets that could probably get me sued or killed*, I will say that you are absolutely correct in that an algorithm alone is never completely random. When it first happened I was deluged by people I hadn't seen in years asking me for help, telling me their SOB stories, and wanting to start a business. So, my closest friends did not turn one me. His finacee lost it all at the casino within a month. whateverradar21 karma2012-03-11 23:09:27 UTC, yourluckynumbers32 karma2012-03-11 23:47:59 UTC. Is there such a thing as "inside trading" among lottery corporate? yourluckynumbers55 karma2012-03-12 04:00:30 UTC. edit: Going out for a bit, I'll get back to answering questions later, edit 2: This became a lot more popular than I thought it would. If a lotto insider wanted to, would he/she be able to successfully generate a winning ticket after the numbers are drawn?

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