“75% employers rate teamwork and collaboration as very important.”. The idea isn’t to trick your teammates with complicated phrases. 0000159521 00000 n 0000163107 00000 n The 7 best problem solving activities for your team, 8 team-building activities everyone will enjoy, The Sales Closing Guide: 3 Deal Closing Methods To Teach Yourself | Here I Close Again (On My Own). Regardless of the answer, hand the slip to the correct person and have them step back. Let the group members decipher which statements are facts and which ones are fiction. In our global game jam project "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" 0000001936 00000 n 0000007830 00000 n 0000163380 00000 n Continue around the circle and see what teams come up with. It’s where one child whispers a statement into the ear of another kid. Quiz your team by asking a question or two about the content of your three inserted statements. [Infographic] http://t.co/JYwT0foE. 0000099083 00000 n 0000004140 00000 n Get your whole crew laughing and working together using the comments from the Fact or Fiction game. Ask employees to sit around a table and pull out their phones. Rules: For those in the front of the room, try to keep a straight face and not give away the answer. 0000001301 00000 n Improve communication skills within your groups with an active listening game that demonstrates how tone and jargon affect listening skills. xref In this team building game, you’ll use your playing cards from the Brand Concentration activity. 0000163880 00000 n This team member reads the text, then sums it up in a new text to the person to their right. Since this is an asynchronous experience the game is being played through an app and a PC Game. Instead, the goal is to create a story as a group. You can also mix this up in a couple of different ways. Then, provide a list, or for even more fun, use replicas of various random objects. Read one statement, then call for a vote from the audience. Keep it simple with this great team icebreaker that plays on the familiar game of truth and lie. Rules: Ask employees to listen quietly while the leader speaks, then after the quiz, (encourage) interaction and conversation. One per sheet of paper. However, business leaders who actively engage staff develop a culture of growth, resulting in improved sales figures and higher employee retention rates. Eliminate the duplicates and put the playing cards into a stack. 0000003190 00000 n In our global game jam project "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" 0000005979 00000 n 0000158735 00000 n Whether you choose a day of team-building exercises or go with an afternoon of activities, you can encourage collaboration and communications skills with these 10 team bonding games. Then create one fictional statement about yourself. Save these slips for use in the next team building game and discard the rest. “86% of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.”, Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company? The first person provides a sentence to start the story. Now the search for the best reception begins. Continue until each member of the group has their fact returned, then pull the next group up to the front. <<8319E41C0D89964DA5A95625162BFC44>]/Prev 237222/XRefStm 1753>> 0000006694 00000 n Number of participants: Groups of five or fewer. 0000003714 00000 n Time: 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of groups. Number of participants: Groups of two people, Tools: One pack of customized cards per two team members, Where to buy: Create cards on your photo editing program or use a printing service. Can your team accurately describe what you’re holding up without explicitly naming the card? What department: Works with any department and helps with cross-team collaboration as well. But don’t stop there. 0000164353 00000 n Rules: No talking until the end. Then team members give clues to the card’s content while the holder attempts to figure out what image, logo, or message is on their forehead. Next, pass out a slip of paper and a pen to each person. Ask each individual to pick one truthful account and add their initials to the paper. Start the clock, and each team must debate amongst each other to pick the three items that’ll help them accomplish their goal. Player 1 (PC game): WASD to move and find the best reception // Player 2 (mobile app): talk and guide Luckily, we just wanted to show videos of some of our never-made concepts. So, can you hear me now? startxref Go around the circle with each co-worker reading their answer out loud. 0000159676 00000 n Have each small group of two sit across from each other for a card game. 0000127896 00000 n Number of participants: Include everyone at your event, Tools: Use supplies from Fact or Fiction game. For this team building game, you’ll develop a few paragraphs that talk about your company’s goals. trailer Create a list of “forbidden” words, like logo or company names, to make it more challenging. 350 0 obj <> endobj This game is not related to the current or upcoming jam. Next, they pass the paper to their right. The Pennsylvania State University two players need to establish a clear video connection before the battery runs out. 0000004304 00000 n 0000163580 00000 n Whoever has the most pairs at the end of the game wins. August 30, 2019 Create several text messages so that each person in the group gets the opportunity to disseminate the information. For example, your list of items may include: Choose a set amount of time. Instruct your reps to write three facts about themselves. Once everyone is finished, then walk down your memory lane as a group and allow time for each person to share why that moment brought them joy. %%EOF In a circle facing each other, one member flips the card to their forehead without looking at it. Both players need to be in the same WIFI. Rules: No peeking at your card. Subscribe to get our most-popular proposal eBook and more top sales content to help you close deals faster. two players need to establish a clear video connection before the battery runs out. 0000004553 00000 n 8 min read. Team building games present an opportunity to have fun while encouraging innovative thinking. Then, that child whispers it to the person next to them. h�b```b``+f`c``obb@ !Vv�5.�%��7� 0�v``����4`P������Y���eg5�R�T���b���������3Pn f��sۼ� In the end, one person reads it out loud, and as a group, they hash out the steps. Player 1 (PC game): WASD to move and find the best reception // Player 2 (mobile app): talk and guide Now the search for the best reception begins. So, can you hear me now? Employees take turns flipping over two cards in search of matching pairs. 0000002103 00000 n While there are no winners or losers, the idea is to encourage a conversation about active listening and the use of verbal and nonverbal clues to reduce conflict and improve communications.

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