When you do break your ankle, the first thing you need to do is to go to the doctor and get him/her to take a look at the ankle. Others prefer to massage around or just above the ankle. The doctor is more than likely going to ask you to wear a cast, which is something that is going to be causing you a lot of problems in your day to day lives, which includes taking a shower. Keep your knees straight and your toes angled inward. The heat from the hot water bottle helps the castor oil to permeate through the skin and heal the ankle sprain. Drop the heels slightly, and hold the position for a few seconds. 2. However, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association reviewed the evidence for the use of ice on injuries in 2013. Epsom salts is one of the leading home remedies for mild ankle sprain or rolled ankle condition. Cold therapy systems are also convenient because all you have to do is add ice and water to the system’s reservoir, apply the wrap, and rest with your leg elevated while the device does all the work. If it hurts to put weight on the ankle, don’t walk on it. Copyright 2019 DIYHealthRemedy.com | All Rights Reserved. Repeat 10 times. Loop a band around the foot. A sprained ankle not only triggers excruciating pain and swelling, but it can also cause temporary loss of mobility. If crutches are available, some people find that they can help with balance and mobility while allowing the ankle to rest. The most common sprains are ankles, knees, wrists and thumbs. However, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommend that anyone who suspects that they have a sprain see a doctor. After a few days, you can soak your ankle in a warm bath with Epsom salt. 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Then, elevate the heels above the toes. Important: This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing points of view. If there is any doubt about whether your ankle is sprained or fractured, immediately seek medical attention. Follow this home remedy as often as possible to heal a painful ankle sprain quickly. Below, find out what to do after spraining an ankle. Resting the ankle is key for healing, and wearing a brace can help stabilize the injured area. Bend the knee, leaving your heel on the floor. To prepare this potent home remedy for ankle sprains, blanch the outer leaves of a cabbage, by plunging them in a bowl containing hot water (for two to three minutes) and then placing the leaves under cold running water to halt the cooking process. you should be able to take a quick shower just leaning on your other leg, but maybe make sure theres something you can lean on when you need to get out of the bath/shower so you don't slip (crutches? Epsom Salts. Dissolve one cup of magnesium sulfate salts or Epsom salts in the warm water. Loop a band around the foot. Try wrapping a bandage around the injured ankle. A person should stop massaging the area if it causes pain or worsens symptoms. Most people tend to suffer from an ankle related injury at least once in their life. Tip the warm castor oil into a clean container. The most common ways by which ankles get fractured, is when someone plays a lot of sports, travels great distances on a cycle or while jogging, and/or tends to be rather clumsy. Repeat three times. Bandage the injured ankle with a length of cotton cloth. The bandage should be snug, but not so tight that it digs into the skin, hurts, or causes numbness. Use crutches for the first several days after suffering the injury, and then use an ankle brace or boot to provide support. It is true that sprains do not usually require casts and often heal on their own. Now gently massage the injured ankle using long, soothing hand stokes for at least five to ten minutes. Dip a cotton ball into the warm coconut oil. Learn more about…. Give them a break by taking the pressure off of them for at least an hour after walking, giving them time to rest and heal. Draw 10 circles in one direction and 10 in the opposite direction with the toes of the injured foot. The severity of the injury, how much rest you get after the injury, the treatment approaches you take, and your overall health may influence how fast the healing process goes. After a few days, you can soak your ankle in a warm bath with Epsom salt. In addition to these approaches, staying off the affected leg and wearing a supportive brace may help immobilize the ankle joint and allow the damaged tissues to heal.

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