especially after his daughter was killed in such cruel circumstances, but after a short while thinking it almost felt irrelevant. And since Vietnam, all of our global conflicts have been shaped by our failure in Vietnam (some more than others, unfortunately.) Escape from Alejandro's revenge (failed). Great comment. It becomes personal and vicarious, a glossy stunt imposing cheap thrills on the audience. But this sentiment is similar to our “War on Drugs”… is this really a war we want to win? (Which, is why Alejandro and Kate had such an interesting relationship, due to the fact that Kate reminded Alejandro of his own daughter. Promise. Silvio walks out to confront Diaz, when Alejandro shoots Silvio in the back, killing him, and wounds Diaz in the leg. Well, she was never sure whether he was CIA or simply related to the Columbian cartel working with the CIA, and since the CIA operates outside of the United States, he would be within bounds, or at least someone like Kate someone who works for a US agency governed by US laws would have no grounds to judge him as they were at that point outside of the US (or were they? I’m sorry, but you lost me at the sexism. My thoughts exactly. I think that’s the underlying theme in this movie, and the CIA and Benecio’s Del Toro’s character understand that because the war on drugs is a vicious cycle, you can’t stop it, you can only “restore order.”. But yeah. I think this movie is great, but I didn’t love it. I agree, I don’t think it was so much her acting, I think the problem was in the script. I saw her character as an amazing mirror or her soul. I’m still expecting a movie that explain to me what it’s going on with my country, in the way JFK or The Green Zone developed all that teories and blow my mind and imagination, in two hours. Remember, she was Lilly white, do things by the book, and make a difference. No, of course not. They question the men to determine to identify the location of a secret tunnel under the border that Guillermo revealed to them.At a hotel room, Alejandro speaks with several illegal immigrants and gets them to identify the location of the tunnel entrance.The team surveils a bank where they believe they will find a woman who has been depositing money tied to the Mexican drug cartels. Did she pull her gun on the agent because she thought he was leaving with the drugs ? Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Sicario is about ourselves, about our own internal struggle with evil. Imho. The story isn’t about Emily. Alejandro infiltrates Alarcón home, killing many guards on his way. Goals To make matters worse, Kate and Alejandro have this crazy enigmatic connection that maybe sexual? Hi, Taylor, yes, that part. Seriously. It portrays a sad picture that kids and families are trapped in the middle of the violence. At the end of the movie, we realize what this movie is really all about. The questions etc, she seems like a rookie, and this is her first year, not a veteran like she is in the movie. He forces Diaz to drive to his boss's (Alarcon's) house.Alejandro arrives at Fausto's palatial, gated estate and kills all the guards outside and in the house. She’s off down the rabbit hole toward disillusioning enlightenment. On the Mexican side Alejandro observes Silvio unloading drugs from his police vehicle in a warehouse above the tunnel entrance. In Incendies (2010) he leans on deus ex machina for a twist to find resolution for a family torn apart by war that ultimately rings less like profundity and more like coincidence. No, that doesn’t feel right, it’s something else going on here. The ultimate revenge. You are mad at yourself, and you don’t have the guts to do it. Why both creating a diversion using the tunnel when the CIA could easily ship Alejandro over in a helicopter? I think another key to the movie for me was when Alejandro (Del Toro) tells Kate (Blunt): “Nothing will make sense to your American ears, and you will doubt everything we do, but in the end, you will understand.”. They arrest the woman and in their search, the team finds bags of money intended to be laundered and wrapped in blue-pink wristbands. The movie was entertaining enough, but not great. His primary employers are the (supposedly resurrected) Medellín Cartel and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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