Claire talks to Ian about his problems with having children, and he leaves the fort the next day (Chapter 35). Around the age of ten, William left England with his mother, Isobel, to travel by ship to Jamaica, where they would join Lord John, governor of the island at the time. Geneva Dunsany (mother) †Lord John Grey (step-father)Ludovic Ransom (putative father) †Jamie Fraser (biological father)Isobel Dunsany (aunt/step-mother) †Claire Fraser (step-mother)Brianna MacKenzie (half-sister) Although he behaves very correctly and politely in society, he has a tendency toward swearing while going about his military duties. Chapter 116: The Ninth Earl of Ellesmere Today’s the day that Stephen Bonnet will finally be executed. He referred to his aunt and her husband as his step-mother and step-father, respectively. In May/June 1778, William saves Rachel from Arch Bug twice. They meet again in late 1777, when William brings Denzell to Philadelphia to treat his cousin. Hereinafter cited as. 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Characters in The Brotherhood of the Blade, Characters in Written in My Own Heart's Blood, William Ransom/Written in My Own Heart's Blood, They'd said one other thing about his mother. Eye color On his final day with Willie, who threatens revolt at Jamie's departure, Jamie performs a secret, impromptu Catholic baptism on Willie, christening him "William James". William meets Rachel Hunter in early summer 1777,[3] when he is recovering from some wounds in her and her brother Denzell's house. However, in the summer of 1771, he sends a package to Fraser's Ridge after his father, Lord John, bade him find an astrolabe in London to send for Jamie's use at the Ridge. It was created in 1846 for the Conservative politician Lord Francis Egerton. Viscount AshnessBaron Derwent Louisa Dunsany (grandmother)William Dunsany (grandfather) †Benedicta Grey (step-grandmother)Ian Fraser Murray (cousin)See also Fraser of Lovat, Murray Family, MacKenzie of Leoch, Grey Family Actor In 1963 his great-great-grandson, the fifth Earl, succeeded his kinsman as 6th Duke of Sutherland. Extended Family M, #9944, b. The earldom of Ellesmere and viscountcy of Brackley are now subsidiary titles of the dukedom. He quickly becomes disoriented and frightened and falls into a rock hollow. Oliver Finnegan portrays Willie in the Season Four episode, Blood of My Blood. Brief insights into his early childhood are imparted from Jamie's perspective, he in the precarious position of serving as groom at Helwater's stables while watching his illegitimate son grow up.

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