If you are experiencing issues with the music on a USB not playing in the correct order the following information may help to troubleshoot the issue. However, I would like it to play them how they were originally produced. Meet FordPass. Get an ipod classic, 5th generation. When i plug in the device no usb icon comes up under source. Sadly, things have moved on, such as when cassette players were finally removed from cars. We're navigating you to the dealer's website to set up your service. Annoyingly still EVERYTIME I set off in the car, SYNC warns me vocally that they’re not available for voice command. Through a collection of current features and programs, and features coming soon, FordPass will provide you with more options so you can go further than you thought possible...Note: If you do not accept the terms and conditions by June 30, 2020, your Owner Advantage Rewards balance will be forfeited. Don’t think you have been fair to older drivers as there should still be the option. My Focus had a CD player but I’m guessing the latest models don’t. So i found a Facebook group for Ford edge. Add your vehicle to easily find vehicle information, track your Owner Advantage Rewards and receive notifications. Hi David, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to answer my question but I have a 2011 Focus Titanium with the USB port in the glove box (dash looks identical to the picture in this article). Leaving FPR and taking you to preferred dealer site. Vehicles operating with SYNC 3 have the ability to play music files from a USB / memory stick.
You can even ask SYNC® to play songs by name. -“Shuffle” / “Shuffle off” I see many people seem to mention files and versions, but I can’t find a way to see them on my car. Wargazm Member. Just one day later and “USB” as a source no longer appears. Features/functionality vary by vehicle/model. My worry is that if I leave an old iPod plugged in permanently it will gradually drain the battery? This seems like a good option, but at nearly $80 for that size, I want a pretty good idea that it’s going to work. I have this problem too!! Thanks in advance

Stream music with your Bluetooth ®-enabled smartphone or plug into your vehicle’s media hub with your USB media player. Thank you very much. The app that puts your ownership experience right in the palm of your hand. But if you just use MP3 files (ie no folders, no non-MP3 files) then you ought to be okay. Hopefully there's some other SYNC users here. If they are, does this mean that the USB sockets are goosed for reading data? -“Play album / genre / playlist ” -“Repeat” / “Repeat off” We do think the sellers should advise on this at the point of sale. Does anyone else have an issue with SYNC doubling the songs? In short, it skipped by about 97 folders. Below that amount its fine. -“Similar music” (Plays other tracks in the same genre or category) On Sync 3 models you can connect via a cable Google Drive and a couple of other nav apps via your smartphone . I have a Ford Mondeo Vignale and when I first got it I plugged in a USB stick with some songs on it, and it appeared as one of the “Sources” no problem. Then I recently reformatted the thumb drive and reloaded my entire itunes library again because I had added new songs and deleted some crappy songs. Next step is to plug the USB drive into my PC and see if the tracks are there and accessible. Thank you for this response. On my way back from Florida to Canada, I drove for a solid 12 hours, never shutting the car off, even when stopping for gas or food, and yet Sync never finished fully indexing the thumb drive. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc. Make sure: FordPass is a platform that will empower you to rethink the way you travel.

But, if you’re worried I’d recommend the USB option. Our new Ford Focus is lovely in every other way. But it wont read that much. BOOK A SERVICE FORD ACCOUNT OWNER'S MANUAL.

I just dont know what it is. If you know, it would be a great help because many of my features are not working because I can’t complete the version install. I can play the songs just fine when it’s not connected to the car. Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wargazm, Mar 18, 2011. For those with recent models of Ford cars you may have the SYNC in-car system. Is Ford UK contemplating an “add-on” so that sat nav can be included at a later date? Learn which version of SYNC you have.

The thumb drive is and was always formatted exFAT. Now you can view exclusive price savings on our Build & Price shopping tool.
Single. Check they work before purchasing via the free trial. I been having the issue with no matter what I plug into the usb it will initializing then say not compatible device and not work. Dear David – . I put one track on a USB stick to test the audio system; it worked fine. SYNC 3: Media File Playback (USB) Vehicles operating with SYNC 3 have the ability to play music files from a USB / memory stick. However, there have been a lot of queries about the maximum capacity of the USB devices … Which format are you adding them to the USB stick?

Works fine, no limit on music. My USB port on my focus 2013 has stop playing music from my iPod just come up indexing music but will play throw Bluetooth. Learn all about playing music via USB and iPod.

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