This deal was brokered by a Government advisor, yet evidence obtained by the Good Law Project suggests that none of the masks have yet been deployed in the NHS. Aside from the Ayanda deal, the Government has given Coronavirus contracts worth nearly £1 million to Public First – a public affairs company founded by a former colleague of Dominic Cummings and the co-author of the 2019 Conservative Manifesto. The name of the group stems from the idea of separation: that Brethren members should avoid contact with non-Brethren as much as possible, because the outside world is morally corrupting. In January this year, he was accused of assault by two former members on a public street next to his father’s mansion in Australia, where he lives next door. "They're heavy Brethren families." At least £180 million – and up to £300 million – in ventilator and PPE contracts appear to have been awarded to companies linked to an evangelical movement described as a “cult” by former members which has multiple ties to the Conservative Party, Byline Times can reveal. Unispace admits that the founders of the company met through the church in 2008, although denies that the company is owned or run by the Brethren directly. There is no legal or pastoral connection between the Church and the businesses that members run.”. Gareth is the son of Bruce Hales, who lives in nearby Eastwood. regularly in contact with former Prime Minister John Howard, lobbied for and supported conservative causes, Australian governments generously fund their member-only schools, refuse them all access or contact with their families. These new £350 million contracts for Unispace Global Health takes the total up to well over half a billion. According to the Charity Commission, Greenfield Gospel Hall Trust is part of the Brethren network. The Exclusive Brethren is a subset of the Plymouth Brethren – an evangelical Christian movement – that believes and practices a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible. Mr Christie was intending to make a statement about his court battle with his family - who remain loyal to the Exclusive Brethren - in the United Kingdom as they try to force him to give up the business he founded in 1978 and ran for 40 years. Aside from his business interests, Australian Gareth Hales also has religious commitments, as the son of Exclusive Brethren world leader Bruce Hales. Our church is politically neutral and as a church we have never donated to, or campaigned for, political parties. A video of the incident allegedly shows Mr Hales junior holding another man by the back of the neck, pushing his head down and grabbing him by the wrist in an aggressive attempt to wrest a mobile phone from him. The multi-millionaire son of Exclusive Brethren world leader Bruce D. Hales has been accused of assaulting a man on a public street outside the religious leader's mansion in suburban Sydney. Multi-millionaire Sydney businessman Bruce D. Hales, left, leads the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.Credit:Michael Bachelard. “We have to get a hatred, an utter hatred of the world,” world leader Bruce Hales said in 2006. Nicholas Walker is listed as a director of the company with an Antrim address. "Based on conversations with our legal team, we suggest caution against reporting on this until the outcome of these actions are determined. SUBSCRIBE to Byline Times now and get this month’s digital edition immediately, Records show that a Conservative MP, paid £100,000 a-year to advise a major healthcare firm, attended a ministerial meeting with that company just days after it was awarded a £133 million Government contract, Questions should be asked about “whether politically connected ‘VIPs’ benefitted from lucrative inside information”, says the director of the Good Law Project, which was handed the documents, The Government shelled out £120,250 for a senior Test and Trace consultant to work for 66 days, Sam Bright reveals, The companies given the contracts are expected to employ “behaviour change models”, reports Sam Bright, With a Saudi-led coalition continuing to drop bombs on Yemen, campaigners prepare to take the UK Government to court again over its arms sales to the kingdom, These waiting times are likely to increase difficulties for individuals already on the sharp end of the Coronavirus pandemic, reports Sam Bright, © Byline Media Holdings Ltd, Byline Times &, Companies Linked to ‘Exclusive Brethren’ Evangelical Sect, Awarded Hundreds of Millions of PPE Government Contracts, Brethren members followed Charity Commission officials, ‘High Profile’ Government Contacts Given Priority in PPE Procurement, Leaked Documents Reveal. The Brethren are hugely wealthy and politically connected. Though the company confirmed to Byline Times that a ‘Nick’ Walker is a director, the school has not not replied to inquiries to confirm whether the same Nick Walker is a trustee. This money has helped to fund a lobbying effort in the UK. In addition to the £177 million in contracts above, two contracts worth more than £107 million were awarded to Clandeboye Agencies Ltd to supply PPE to the DHSC. Another director, Gary Critchley, holds the same position at Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Ltd. Woodcock is also a director at Orcagel Company Ltd which was only incorporated in March this year. Unispace and the Department of Health and Social Care have been approached for comment. The multi-millionaire son of Exclusive Brethren world leader Bruce D. Hales has been accused of assaulting a man on a public street outside the religious leader's mansion in suburban Sydney. The 45,000 Brethren members worldwide – and roughly 20,000 in the UK – are encouraged to be educated at Brethren-run schools, of which there are hundreds across the world, find employment at a Brethren business and marry a Brethren partner. Mr Scott said he and another former member of the world-wide Christian sect, British man Lance Christie, had gone to the nature strip outside Bruce Hales' mansion in Trelawney Street, Eastwood, to record a video on the phone. He has written two books and won multiple awards for journalism, including the Gold Walkley in 2017. Conservative MP Charlie Elphick also accused the Charity Commission of trying to suppress religion in this case. Not all the contracts stand up to scrutiny. However, the two men allege that Gareth Hales, whose mansion is next door to his father's, came onto the nature strip and violently intervened as they prepared to record the video. Official Brethren ministry documents reveal that, in 2006, Bruce Hales preached to his flock about punching people, saying "the way to deal with people" was to "give one first, and then take it back, back again, bang, out, down, done. “We understand Mr Gareth Hales is in conversation with the relevant authorities about the measures he had to take, and steps that can be taken to protect him and his family in the future," the church spokeperson said. Former teachers have alleged that they were required to tolerate bullying, racism and homophobia. Then another guy in a white shirt chased after me ... he followed terribly close behind me and I turned around and he actually bumped into me. Saudi Arms Sales: How Much Longer Can the Government Defend Prolonging War in Yemen. Earlier this week, the Government released documents showing that it had given a £239.6 million contract to Unispace Global Health for the supply of full-body overalls, to be used by healthcare workers.

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