Just make sure to have decent Life and capped Elemental resistances. I've been playing PoE for 8 years, since closed Beta. Cast when damage taken setup is also recommended for survivability and at least 2 auras to make sure your build is dishing out proper DPS.

The play-style is somewhat different from other Necromancer builds as it doesn't focus on amplifying you minions abilities but rather their death explosions which is forced by Minion Instability. Killing all of them is recommended if the overall plan is to min-max the build. The only requirement for the spectres is that they deal Fire damage, thus Solar Guards/Flame Sentinels are an excellent choice and Spell Echo + Greater Multiple Projectiles are amazing additions to their damage. Can this build do all content? Start using 4 Linkeds on low tier maps in order to farm currency to upgrade your gear.

The budget version of the build is estimated to around 2-4ex. I don't have enough Dexterity or Strength for all those gems, what can I do?

You can also take the +30 nodes on the Skill Tree. Our recommended setup should let you summon 9 Zombies and 10 Skeleton Archers, which combined should offer several Million DPS. There is no defined priority for these gems, find a way that works for you until you have everything necessary for your character (enlighten, specific gear, gems etc.). It can use Rare items until you find the currency for the rest of the unique items and jewels that are required to make it as efficient as possible. With this setup you can go to maps without worrying about your primary skill placing. The build is a decent league starter as it uses the cheap uniques such as : The body armor, Bloodbond, as the carrier of your Spectre Setup, Dual wielding Earendel's Embrace Sceptres, the Darkness Enthroned belt and a simple Rare Elder Helmet for your Main Vaal Summon Skeletons setup. Please consult the EULA and terms of the game for more information on rules and, in the unlikely event that you get caught, the consequences of breaking them.

You don’t have to worry about chaos, it’s more of a luxury stat. For Bossing it’s recommended to take the Soul of the Brine king / Soul of Solaris and Ryslatha. Actively used gems are: Vaal Summon Skeletons, Flame Dash and Storm Brand.

I don't have as much HP and Energy Shield as the gameplay shows and I've followed the Skill Tree step by step. You will also be able to purchase Flame Dash so pick it up for ease of movement. For mapping on the other hand, it’s recommended to take Soul of Lunaris and Shakari for min-maxing that survivability and mobility. 2019-10-26: Path of Exile 3.9 - Skeleton Warrior Summon Skeleton Build - Necromancer Witch - Metamorph poe 2019: 2019-10-19: Path of Exile 3.10 - Cold Iron Point Blade Vortex Build - Assassin Shadow - Delirium PoE 2020 Another good leveling item that’s beneficial for every character. Look for mods like ''increased movement speed during flask effect'' and ''increased duration''. Look for more HP and Energy Shield at your rare gear. The Bloodbond chestpiece will be the carrier of your Spectre setup and the spectres are mostly there to clear white mobs in maps and to amplify all of the damage done by your skeleton explosions. Please take a look at your Elemental Resistances, they are really important for your survivability. Look for Dexterity and Strength on your rare items. For auras and detailed leveling setups click here. Please take a look at your Elemental Resistances, they are really important for your survivability. Yes it can. Summon SkeletonsSpell, Minion, DurationMana Cost: (4-12)Cast Time: 0.50 secRequires Level 10Summon Skeleton Warrior minions at the targeted location.

After equipping these weapons it is no longer necessary to carry SRS or Zombies, since your skeletons will be exploding everything into oblivion. Setup: Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration (Minion Life + Minion Damage in helmet). If not then then at least before doing maps. Good movement skill to dodge AoE attacks and spells, To create corpses wherever you want, this is good to feed your Flesh Offering and for creating more zombies.

Is there a good place to buy unique items? This section covers all of the gem setups.

The Build decimates Metamorphs, especially with the utilization of the vaal component of Vaal summon skeletons.

When combined with. This is a Necromancer based build focusing on the Skill Summon Skeletons combined with the Unique Jewel Dead Reckoning, that grants Mage Skeletons instead of Warrior ones.
Gameplay. Examples, - ​A rare Unset Ring with life, dexterity and if possible some elemental resistances.

Can I use some other weapons or shields like Maligaro's Lens?

The build uses Vaal Summon Skeletons for both clearing maps and for bossing.

The damage mostly depends on the Life of the Skeletons, Minion Damage and the Links linked to them. Recommended starting gear for every new character: These uniques require some currency to acquire so you probably wont have them with your first character. Examples, - If you have more currency, get an Amulet with Dexterity, Life, Resistances and +1 Skeleton. You say the build is cheap, a 6 Linked body armour and staff are expensive. Make sure to support both Summon Skeletons and SRS with Minion damage and Infernal Legion.

Welcome to our list of Necromancer builds for Path of Exile’s Heist league (3.12).The Necromancer ascendancy class is all about raising minions and empowering them. Place both Summon Skeletons + SRS inside and support them with the same gems: Infernal Legion, Minion Damage, Minion Life and Elemental Focus. Especially handy if you're going to be using Tabula Rasa for two 5-links. This high endgame cost stems mostly from the Helmet requirement. If made aggressive, Skeleton Warriors will also dash towards nearby enemies.Per 1% Quality:1234Minions deal 1% increased DamageMinions can't be Damaged for 0.1 seconds after being …

- ​A rare body armour with armour and energy shield, some life and +1 to maximum number of skeletons. It uses abyssal jewels that have Life, Minion damage and Minion Life as the primary focus. The last few leagues have seen a rise in Necromancer builds and their domination over others. The amazing thing is that you can use them from level 1! Look for Dexterity and Strength on your rare items. Grants frenzy and power charges for you and your minions, more details. The build can Delve as well but it does not excel at big depths where high defensive mechanics are required. Yes you can but then you have to branch out towards Necromantic Aegis on your tree and sacrifice some other nodes. This Skill grants your minions increased damage, attack speed and cast speed. For the bandits it is recommended to kill all Bandits, with an alternative of Helping Alira. As soon as you kill Hillock, make sure to take the reward gem, Summon Zombies. Are your gems at the highest level? Examples, - An Basalt Flask for physical damage reduction. 6 Linked body armour or staff are not mandatory for this build to work. You can also take the +30 nodes on the Skill Tree. Main source of damage.

Examples, - ​Rare energy shield gloves with life and elemental resistances.
I'm lvl 40 and I'm dying a lot, what can I do? The only relevant enchantment for this build is +40% skeleton damage anyway so we might as well just run a Bone Helmet to make it far easier. And last but not least, make sure to equip two Earendel's Embrace Sceptres since they are the corner-stone of this build and thus wont be replaced later on.

Boss fighting (Shaper, Sirus, Catarina, etc.)

They are supported by Elemental Legion, Feeding frenzy and Combustion in order to apply as many debuffs as possible to your enemies. This build has a very easy leveling process.

I don't have as much HP and Energy Shield as the gameplay shows and I've followed the Skill Tree step by step. (equipable at level 16), are the mana rings you want if you couldn't get a nice Elreon Ring. This is why the main skill setup is placed inside the Helmet. 07/03/2020 15:00:17 Categories : Builds.

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