January 2011 - Jimmy Iovine on American Idol, Jimmy Iovine, the man most often credited as the business genius behind Beats' success, joined the cast of American Idol in 2011 as a mentor to aspiring music stars. He was essentially a walking and talking commercial for the company he co-founded with Dr. Dre, embedded right at the heart of one of America's most popular shows. On the low end, you’ve got the $60 urBeats earbuds with a 3.5 millimeter or lightning adapter with colors that are made to match the iPhone 10R. Beats Music is believed to have about 200,000 subscribers. Serving that role through 2013, Iovine did much to enlarge his profile and, as a result, that of Beats headphones. Twitter, Facebook and Google CEOs are facing a grilling by GOP senators on the premise that the tech giants show anti-conservative bias. Now, many people in the tech industry weren’t sure what plans Apple had for Beats. Sound quality might have suffered, but for $200 you could finally rollerskate while listening to Pink Floyd. Brands such as Skull Candy, Urbanears and WeSc made a killing going after the hipster and extreme sport brigades, and thanks to the sky high price of Beats the kids were only too happy to part with £70 - £150 for this season’s colourway. Chances are you already know Dr. Dre, but do you know Jimmy Iovine? Now that we know who they are, we can talk about how they teamed up with Monster Cable in 2007 to make their first pair of headphones. The tech giant expects the deal to close later this year. The H1 chip only benefits iOS users and doesn’t offer anything to Android users. While Beats had kept growing both its brand awareness and product range, HTC was having to deal with shrinking sales and profits — the two companies were on diametrically opposite trajectories and breaking up just made sense. It was at this time that HTC bought a majority 50.1% of the company for $309 million. How did they get to the point where in order to buy them Apple had to drop an obscene amount of money? They did eventually lose the case as a judge said that technically Beats did nothing wrong. Facebook removes San Diego County group that celebrated violence against Black Lives Matter protesters. In late 2012, Beats began working as an independent company separate from Monster. Beats supplied them with a few samples of different audio configurations and determined which one would ship default based off their personal preferences. There's a unique pair of headphones for you out there — let me help you find it. It launched in January of 2014 and very clearly prioritized music recommendations supposedly selected by musicologists. Subscribers to the pricey service would listen through headphones that looked more like stethoscopes than a modern offering as very large people produced very big sound on a stage miles away. How Facebook and Twitter plan to handle election day disinformation. The new device will be widely available next month. The least expensive over ear headphones are the $130 Beats EPs, which come in slightly more muted black, white, red, and navy colors, but drops wireless support. May 2014 - $3.2 billion Apple acquisition? The current product lineup consists of on ear, over ear, in ear headphones, sport headphones, and speakers. “To me this product represents the intersection of sports and music,” Beats president Luke Wood said in the press release. If you think about it, their corporate cultures are pretty similar because like Apple, Beats is known for combining great design and technology to create quality products for the masses, but the acquisition wasn’t without its share of controversy because in 2014, Beats was sued by Bose since they claimed that Beats stole five patented technologies from them, but the case was ultimately settled out of court in October of 2014. January 2014 - Beats Music launch Between the release of the original Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and the present rumor of an Apple takeover, the most significant change in Beats… Registered in England.

The company’s first wireless earphones, the Powerbeats 2 are designed to seamlessly add music to your workout. Now, when Apple acquired Beats, its CEO Ian Rogers was put in charge of iTunes Radio, the now discontinued Pandora-style radio service in the iOS 7 Music app. Ever wonder how Beats by Dre came to be so freaking popular? Well, that music streaming service was rebranded as Beats Music, which took a slightly different approach to music streaming compared to Spotify or Google’s All Access Music Pass service.

Other complaints have been about the high markup of Beats products, considering their low cost of manufacturing. In fact, a $200 pair of Beats headphones costs just $9.82 to manufacture, and although this doesn’t include factors like research and development, it’s still a very low number. Now in 2012, the company went through some major changes because almost 20 days into the new year, word spread that Beats would sever ties with their then parent company, Monster. Traditional hi-fi brands are busting out the style with the likes of the latest B&W P7 and Kef M500 combining audiophile-approved sound quality and executive looks.

Beats by Dre brings you the best in music, plus all things culture, style, and sports. Beats recently celebrated their 12-year anniversary, and during that time, they’ve changed the way audio devices like headphones and speakers are marketed and made significant contributions to the music streaming industry. As with HP, carmakers seem happy to have a recognized brand that can help them up-sell customers onto more expensive equipment packages. You know, like someone buying a majority of the company. In July 2012, Beats pays $150 million to buy back half of the stake it sold to HTC. Now, the acquisition ended up being a double-edged sword since Apple discontinued Beats Music as to not cannibalize subscriptions of Apple Music, which was released in June 2015. The success of Beats made headphones cool again – and the fashion industry wanted in. Buds, cans, on-ear, in-ear, closed back or custom-fit, there's a variety of headphone to suit every ear, every wallet and every fashion proclivity.

Beats Electronics looks set to become part of Apple's vast electronics empire. Then you’ve got Dr. Dre who’s probably the most successful artist/businessman to ever come out of hip-hop. This prompted the British Olympic Association to ban the unsanctioned headphones after its Olympians started wearing them and tweeting their approval of the freebies. Humble beginnings. If you don’t know Jimmy Iovine, he’s an audio engineer/producer/everything else who’s basically a living legend at this point. It was also at this time when Beats focused their attention on just four product categories: headphones, earphones, speakers, and audio technology, which is basically third party products like smartphones, notebooks, and cars featuring Beats audio. Beats was founded by Jimmy Iovine, a record label, co-founder, and Dr. Dre in 2008, in order to address a couple of issues when it came to the way people were listening to music. The One also offered Beats tuning for the headphones. And hey, having Trent Reznor involved in the project is never a bad thing. It then introduced the UltraPixel camera. Check out Eddie Murphy and his AKG K240. They were then able to end their licensing agreement with Monster Cables before Jimmy and Dre bought back 25% of the company, effectively regaining ownership. The prelude to Beats Music, MOG was one of a number of small startups vying to turn music streaming into a commercial success. Available online and in select stores, the product is sold in red, white and black—fewer colors than its predecessor—and retails for $200, while the original Powerbeats has been lowered to $150. Get our free business newsletter for insights and tips for getting by.

SpaceX starts rolling out Starlink internet, hoping it’ll fund Mars flights.

The Sensation XE was the first in a series of underwhelming HTC phones bearing the Beats Audio branding and software. Super affordable (not). Brand recognition — whether positive or negative — is at the heart of Beats' success, and it's been achieved through a series of aggressive promotional campaigns. The brand then became the name of the flagship radio station Beats1 Music when it launched in June of 2015. Here's our look at some of the most significant moments in the company's history so far. Monster Cable collaborated on the design and took care of the production of Beats headphones for five years, however once its exclusive contract ran out, it was dumped unceremoniously by Beats. But it wasn’t all cute Californians on bikes in the 80s. It takes a lot to attract Apple’s attention for a potential takeover, and the rumored $3.2 billion deal for Beats would be the Cupertino company’s biggest to date. Before they existed, shoes were typically considered an unexciting necessity, but Nike was able to frame them as a bold fashion statement by association with a popular, credible athlete, in this case, Michael Jordan. When this happened, not only did they make Dr. Dre a billionaire, but they also acquired the streaming service which, after some re-working, eventually became Apple Music. Now, 2013 didn’t have anything too exciting in store for Beats, but there were some new developments in their partnership with HTC in September because as Beats was getting bigger and bigger, HTC was rapidly shrinking, prompting the company to sell half of its 50.1% stake in Beats, leaving them with about a quarter of the company. Lady Gaga led the way in associating her brand image with that of Beats — something that many others, including luxury carmaker Ferrari and clothes designer Alexander Wang, have since done. Beats was a household name making tons of money thanks to a great marketing department that spent tons of money on product placement, for example with diamond studded headphones worn by Lil’ Wayne. "Beats by Dre and Monster have teamed up with pop music and fashion icon Lady Gaga to bring you Heart Beats." Beats launches its first products without Monster, the Beats Executive headphones and the Beats Pill speaker, in October 2012. In order to make the transition as seamless as possible, Beats Music users had all of their playlists and libraries migrated over to Apple Music automatically. HTC sells its remaining share of the company back in September 2013 for $265 million. Such a bold step from CEO Tim Cook would certainly signal Apple sees great value in Beats, whether as a music streaming service and ecosystem or as a pure promotional tool for its products. But there was a section of the agreement that said Beats could end the licensing agreement with Monster if, and I’m quoting from the Time article now: “There was a transaction that resulted in a “bona fide change in control.”. September 2009 - HP Envy 15 Limited Edition. LeBron James wore them during basketball games. A mixed batch of financial results for the third quarter offered a look at how the pandemic is affecting Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter, for better and worse. Rogers’ team was eventually integrated into the Beats 1 team, which is now the largest radio station in the world, according to Apple. Read our Top 10 of the best headphones in the world right now.

Beats has proved that you don’t need the flattest or most equalized audio profile to take over a quarter of the headphone industry.

It all started with early research and development of what would become their first product, which involved the consultation of several popular artists like Will.i.am, Gwen Stefani, and a few others. A few months later in May 2014, Apple announced they would acquire Beats Electronics for $3 billion, making it Apple’s largest acquisition ever. Even Lady Gaga fans got their own special edition Beats earbuds called HeartBuds. Where Beats Music differs from the likes of Spotify and Pandora is that it is subscription only, with no 'free + ads' option. So we know now that Beats is one of the more popular audio companies in the world, but how did that come to be?

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