User account menu • Dill taking over garden. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Thanks friends. I'm in my fifth week of my aerogarden and growing dill, basil, and parsley. (You can order other pods online, I’m sure.) This salad is a crunchy, flavor packed salad great for this upcoming Fall. Dill has a long history of cultivation with roots dating back five centuries to its origins in Russia, the Mediterranean, and Western Africa. Does it need a trim? 9.5k members in the aerogarden community. Our Gardeners Retreat. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Although the AeroGarden automatically turns the lights on and off for the correct amounts of time…the aerogarden doesn’t set the light cycles to correspond with the natural cyles of daylight and night. We know this is a very basic tip, but believe it or not, it is one that most people ignore. I usually R&R every 2 weeks. That’s fascinating. This isn't a very active sub, I'm noticing... but I'd like to know if you solved your problem! I am about to start pruning it a little. Give it time, and more will stand upright, but you'll probably always have a few that flop over. Dill is floppy. Is this normal? More and more of these individual branches will start appearing from the middle and working their way upwards and those came in much straighter. A community for anyone growing plants with AeroGarden systems. 15 comments. With the flap up, lift up the top lid of your AeroGarden (which holds the seed pods and plants) and completely remove it from the AeroGarden – being careful not to damage your existing plants. Here are a few tips to keep your AeroGarden clean and running properly. Should I try to keep it up or just leave it? Close • Posted by 58 minutes ago. This will prevent dust and other grime from building up on the surface, and eventually getting into and on your plants. Aerogarden Discussions. Thanks sher01. Here are some basic trimming principles you can use: NEVER trim more than 1/3 of your plants at one time. Be careful not to trim them back too far. Once plant debri gets on your AeroGarden, if it is not removed, it will really stick to the surface, and can stain your AeroGarden and take some serious scrubbing to remove. 1 comment. The won’t retain their color, but the flavor will still be there when you need it![7]. Although the plants you will grow in your AeroGarden will be smaller varieties than ones you might grow in your outdoor garden, they will still need to be supported if they produce heavy fruit (such as tomatoes, peppers, etc). Maybe you don't need to check. I really have to keep on top of it. Hardware stores carry chicken wire and other easy to shape wire that would work well with aerogarden plants. There are far too many types of plants that you can grow in your Aerogarden to discuss them all here…so we will only give you a few basic pointers that apply to most all plants. By giving your plants too much light, it can actually be counter productive. One of the most important things your can do when your AeroGarden is just starting is to trim your plants. You will not know how to super-charge your garden using the 24-hour light cycle (only available on some AeroGardens), you will not know how to maintain your AeroGarden so that it doesn’t stop working, and you will not know when the proper time is to use the AeroGarden Seed Kit Nutrients. By the time I add nutrients, the pH is usually around 6.5. save hide report. You can store them in the freezer, and use them whenever you need them. share. If you do not read the manual, you will not know how to set the AeroGarden lights to go on (or off) when you want them too. I've tried pruning it and it might stand up again but the more it produces, the more the base stems seem to give out. Think about it, would you be able to produce good results at your job if you were never allowed to sleep? I'm 3 days past new nutrient addition but I think I can get away with putting in just a little less when I exchange the water. Aerogarden Gardeners Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. share. Close • Posted by 58 minutes ago. AeroGardening Tips. The Garden … Archived. - The chives have also grown very tall and are touching the light. Press J to jump to the feed. Making sure that the water level is always where it needs to be is necessary if you want your AeroGarden to thrive.[3]. Aerogarden Compatibility Edit. Dill leaning over? Over time the strong flavor of dill propelled it into an important culinary resource with its seeds and leaves used in many dishes. Awesome, thank you! share. Dill will take over, it will grow like crazy. r/aerogarden. Close. This gives your plants plenty of time to establish a healthy and stable root system. r/aerogarden: A community for anyone growing plants with AeroGarden systems. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Thank you! Or does everything look ok? I have to shift it occasionally so it doesn't cover the smaller plants. Herbs stored in the fridge without any special treatment will last about 5-6 days before they begin to lose flavor and wilt. Plants tend to grow towards the highest light source. We know this is a very basic tip, but believe it or not, it is one that most people ignore. Not sure if that could have an impact... Outdoors plants need to fight the wind as they grow. Well, the same principal applies to the roots in your AeroGarden. As they grow, the tiny little roots can easily find their way into small, but important parts of your AeroGarden – like the pump! One could put a fan on plants to encourage this during seedlings and beyond. Highly Recommended Projects. I would use a chicken wire for the aerogarden plant that would grow taller and wider. 90% Upvoted. I’m so new to this - where do I want to prune it? I'm not sure if it's because they're just not strong enough yet, or i need to prop them up with something.. there isn't a lot of room to stick something into the pod to prop it with! r/aerogarden: A community for anyone growing plants with AeroGarden systems. Dill grows on tall stalks that when left untended may droop. Recent blog posts Explore. You can create a spiral with the wire, and place it around the seedlings to help support them, but once your plants get larger, the plant soft-ties are inneffective. Here's my layout: It has gotten so much better. Press J to jump to the feed. log in sign up. I have let it happen about five times in the 109 days (just checked) since starting. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; in: AGHelp . Some plants, such as flowers, tomatoes, and other blossoming plants requires a period of darkness each day in order to produce blossoms and flowers which will turn into fruit. Not veteran, sorry, but I have one idea. New to AeroGardening, should I prune the dill since it’s kind of taking over? I was expecting them to have broken out of their little pods at this time. There is a ton of information that is extremely simplified (with pictures) in the AeroGarden Quick Start Guide and the AeroGarden Seed Kit tending and harvesting guides. I am about to start pruning it a little. Pinch the plants back every few weeks to encourage compact, bushy growth instead of drooping. We have found that it is important to constantly check the water level regardless of whether or not the add water indicator is on, especially if you live in warmer climates. The instruction booklet says it is a good idea to do once every second feeding, so once a month, and it's been less than that, but i'm hoping it might just be enough to rejuvenate the plants and give them enough vivacity to stand up on their own! I'm on day 17 of my first Aerogarden Harvest Slim. Planted on Black Friday! 90% Upvoted. 11 months ago. Using one of the green bags or Blueapple storage systems can extend the life of your herbs as well. Most people probably don't have this problem. For now we're going to leave it alone and see what happens. It blows them just gently enough to make them harden their stems a bit so they don’t get “leggy” and fall over. Yes, it comes with the Herb Garden seed kit as well as can be custom ordered. Vegetables and Fruit. Just trim them back far enough so they will not interfere with the parts of your AeroGarden. Set your light timer to turn off at night! Flowers. I've tried pruning it and it might stand up again but the more it produces, the more the base stems seem to give out. Dill taking over garden. Read the Manual Edit. On some of the AeroGarden models, the water level indicators are actually based on a timer, not a physical water level measurement. save hide report. So I am very fortunate. 8. Raising the light hood too soon for the tallest, fastest-growing plants diminishes light to all the other plants, and they will suffer from the lack of light. Edit. This thread is archived. It is a miracle I have not killed my dill yet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . One of the biggest problems we have, is one of overabundance! You may need to prune it if it outgrows the other plants by too much though. Edit. Also some herbs tolerate having a small water bath set at the bottom for the cut stems. Making sure the plant is supported but not crowded within the chicken wire. Tasty but not the best looking in the Aerogarden. When you don’t trim your AeroGarden roots, they can grow too large, and cause major problems. 15 comments. This allows the plants in your AeroGarden to get the proper amount of “rest” from light, and they will have the energy they need to produce blossoms. I'd really like to know what's worked for you and what you've tried!! So I lean it against everything else. It's been a little more than a month for me, my light is all the way up, the genovese basil is still hitting it after shooting up like a rocket, my parsley is FINALLY germinating, and my dill still can't stand up. From the start it was slow growing and turning yellow. save hide report. There are 2 different ways to store your AeroGarden herbs: When you store your herbs in the fridge, you’d better plan on using them in the immediate future – otherwise they will spoil.

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