Upcoming Sunbeam Tiger Events. Rachel, you’ve got some good questions. Miller. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. TAC FAQ - More TAC Info. computerized database. U.K. D.V.l.A records and customs and excise computerised imports and exports in uk and usa support this. The best thing to do is contact the local TAC inspector in your area, through the TAC chairman. In two main parts over 40 pages it lists information about: – The entire production run of Home Market – HROFE – Tigers, – Every known Tiger within the Club’s membership – U. K. and International. The TAC Procedure - How are Tigers Authenticated?. Registry: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger.

molson (at) accutach (dot) com It has been produced with the assistance of many international Rootes and Tiger clubs who have provided STC with information about the ‘HROFE’ cars in their respective countries. The ‘JML’ record does not tell us everything, however, and its integrity is handicapped by several scribing errors. Norm Miller's Sunbeam Tiger Registry. Here are a few reading lists for a good 101 course of Sunbeam Tigers: "Tiger 101" ArticleTom Witt's course "Tiger 101" from his College of Hard Knocks, offers a 3 unit credit Upper Division course in "Beginning Tiger Restoration", and how not to let it overwhelm you. Fresh-from-the-boat Tigers http://www.stoa-tigerclub.com/contact.html, [editor’s note: At the bottom of this page: sunbeamtiger.org/index.php/tac-menu/tac-faq, you’ll find a list of senior TAC inspectors.

Years earlier, a similar tragedy nearly transpired in England. George lost everything in that fire, including the computerized Tiger files and possibly the will to fight the good fight. Articles, Related Information, Mailing Vehicle Information. Norman millers book although quite accurate has errors such as English cars that have never left the uk and apparently reside in America. Copyright 1974–2020 by TigersEast/AlpinesEast. VIN Tag Removal Opinions. The Sunbeam Tiger community is rather small with only 7085 Sunbeam Tigers produced from 1964 to 1967. STC Register of Tigers and production information. Sunbeam Tiger …

STOC first published the Register of UK Tigers in 1989, this 40 page A5 booklet is the most comprehensive and authoritative compendium of Tigers in the U. K. and the last version was updated in 2006.

The STOA (Sunbeam Tiger Owners Association) is the developer of TAC and keeper of records. STOC first published the Register of UK Tigers in 1989, this 40 page A5 booklet is the most comprehensive and authoritative compendium of Tigers in the U. K. and the last version was updated in 2006. This is the third Tiger I've owned and this time I'm keeping closer to stock. Displaying 1 - 15 of 27 total results for classic Sunbeam Tiger Vehicles for Sale. The final step was to marry the two information sources TAC stands for Tiger Authentication Committee; a group of inspectors using inspection criteria to authenticate a Tiger body shell as being original (i.e. We invite you That it exists at all, is no small miracle. If this vehicle has been sold and you are the new owner, sign up to become a member (or if you're already a member, make sure you are signed in) and ask the current owner to click the "Transfer Vehicle" button from this car's page. Therefore, over the years a group of dedicated individuals has created a system by which a car can be evaluated to determine if the car in fact was created on the production line that produced Tigers. unless otherwise noted in the content (of course, it would be nice TIROST vs. TAC - The International Registry of Sunbeam Tigers. * If the car has been TAC’d, you’ll find a numbered decal behind the cubby (glove) box.

& SUNI Facts- past, present and future, Information on Sunbeam Tiger Clubs Click here to learn how. Editorial assistance by Kevin Meek & Norman As a consequence of this hasty action the community of Sunbeam Tiger enthusiasts has only the production ‘ledgers’ of Jensen Motors Limited as a means of determining the numbers of Tigers manufactured together with key factory details of every Tiger. 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. into one, astounding International Registry Of Sunbeam Tigers, This may seem obvious but it is a critical component, especially when dealing with Tigers. It’s too complex a process to get into here.

STC Register of Tigers and production information. Another threat to the continuation of the Fallehy work, came in the form of a devastating fire in the hills of Oakland, California (1991).

All are 1964/65 MK Is and were likely some of the first cars shipped to the U.S. Over a period of years, George managed to enlighten me concerning the importance of his records, and we struck a bargain.

Add Your Car or Sign In to vote for this car or leave a comment. Sunbeam Tiger Club. Current List of Authenticated Tigers. Ledgers of Tiger production, safely held at the Coventry Motor Currently the International Registry has records on almost four thousand survivors.

orange u glad. This Tiger was in storage for 27 years prior to my purchase in 2008. The procedure is called TAC (Tiger Authentication Committee). Also, it has a complete listing of all Tiger production serial numbers taken from the TIROST Registry. Join the Sunbeam Tiger Mailing List. So you see my problem is that if the talk is true that he was a member of a tiger club, which one or how do we find out because the clubs probably cancel memberships if they are not contacted about a members death Please contact me so I know what to do because they want to sell his 66 Tiger and need to know the facts behind the car so they don’t get ripped off!!!! It is just one of the tools that you should use in determining whether a car is worth purchasing and at what price.

© Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club Limited by Guarantee, Registered No 4625271, England. which now chronicles well over three thousand survivors. Sunbeam Tiger Images. In George's memory, I continue to administrate this archive and invite each of you to add to the growing record.

New wheels, tires, ball joints, tie rods, mufflers.

Sunbeam Tiger Stories. to share your Sunbeam Tiger with the world! After 4 years of work/restoration it is now back on the road. Education -- To begin with the most important thing you can do when looking at a car is to educate yourself about the vehicle.

Well, at least how to enjoy it, even if it does. Previously restored in 2007 with engine and transmission rebuild, new interior, carpet and more. Or join our Forum and poke around to see if others have had similar questions.

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