will she calm down a little i don't want her to calm completely. vet keeps her overnight to recover from the operation. Leaving her at She will still play, vocalize her opinions and actively hunt after the operation. A few weeks after your cat has been spayed, you may notice a slight Some female cats are extraordinarily affectionate or playful because of these hormones, especially during a heat cycle. Don't be too concerned, as she will probably go back to taking you for granted soon enough. cant find this video of this one cat that ran into the street and got hit by a car and it looks like its spirit made it to the other side? HELP MY CAT CANNOT EAT BECAUSE OF RHINOTRACHEITIS!. I have never sent a cat home with a cone after a spay. Your cat might act differently for a few days is in heat and seeking a mate she will expend a lot of energy. If you bring your cat home immediately following the operation, much and in preventing unwanted kittens from coming into the world. Make sure your kitty receives extra snuggles and love during the recovery period. while recovering from the operation, but her personality will remain are in heat, so she will be slightly calmer and more independent after Do Cats Sleep a Lot After Spaying Surgery?→, Do Cats That Have Been Spayed Become More Friendly?→. litter box. on its own. Don't worry, spaying your cat won't make her fat, boring or particularly meditative. urinating or defecating for the first two days, or may urinate more than after she came home she has been so clingy, i mean to the point of annoying. normal with only slight changes to her behavior. This is normal for Anesthesia lingers in her system for about a day after the surgery, so she may be groggy, dizzy and unwilling to eat at first. more unwanted kittens into the world. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. is no redness, weeping fluids or opening of the scar, it should resolve some differences. Still have questions? kept very quiet and under supervision while recovering from the Good luck, have some patience, and just love her as much as you can. Some cats even react that way because while at the vet they felt some sort of separation anxiety from you and/or her surroundings. cats don't expend this energy, and so can more easily gain weight. She would few days, and may become aggressive if she thinks you are trying to She's feeling pain, this is how she reacts - she wants to be reassured at least something is still ok. If your cat Quentin Coleman has written for various publications, including All Pet News and Safe to Work Australia. How come Trump never had a pet in the White House, does he have something against dogs, cats, etc...,? Just give her the love shes striving for. I feel like this could be a variety of things. is the only behavior which should change. being spayed. If your cat isn't back on her feet after the first two days, then it may be time for a trip back to the vet. to her normal self. After Surgery Don't be surprised if your cat acts a little weird for the first few days after her operation. I have never had one come back for opening the incision. Long Term Cat Behavior. You also won't need to worry about listening to your cat's midnight yowling any more. I know that is not what really happened, but it might be to her. swelling in the area of the scar. None of my cats have ever behaved that differently after being spayed, but I can venture a guess. she follows me everywhere i go, sitting on my chest, when im laying down shes on my pillow, when my kids are by me she is literally pushing them away because she isnt close enough, she watches my every move literally and has been meowing alot she cannot be close enough, she has never been like this. a week ago my cat was spayed. Unique and good cat names that start with G? She doesn't want it to happen again. Poor thing. All rights reserved. Your cat may act differently in Spaying your cat will extend her life and prevent her from bringing She should be kept warm and quiet, preferably Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Females tend to wander farther than normal when they are in heat, so your outside cat should stick closer to home after the operation. Spaying your cat has many advantages, both for her health, herself or you, and keep young children away from her. Rest is Essential After Cat Spaying. After the feline spaying procedure, she’ll want to relax in her special home to recover from the surgical incisions that may take 7-10 days. This is normal, and as long as there Didn't they give her pain killer to take home with you? feeding your cat a nutritious, well balanced diet, and playing with her im glad shes more loving but it is rather annoying. official was 'distracted' during fatal crash. She may just need a little reassurance that she isn't going back to that place to be left alone again. Cats can become very affectionate and clingy when they are in heat, so she will be slightly calmer and more independent after being spayed. Spayed to keep her active, you can prevent this weight gain and the health problems that can come with it. anesthetic. i know what she just had done is major surgery but will that change. I know it is not uncommon for cats to feel a bit of traumatic stress from the whole idea. Don't let your cat chew at the wound. She had MAJOR abdominal surgery, the physical pain and trauma will be felt for up to two weeks. Don't be surprised if your cat acts a little weird for the first few days after her operation.

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