The first season of the series did well in the ratings, consistently being in the Top 20, even though it was up against NBC's very popular Little House on the Prairie, and even managed to best its rival a few times in the ratings. All rights reserved. The Jim Nabors Hour aired on CBS from September 25, 1969 to May 10, 1971 and featured, along with Nabors, Frank Sutton, Ronnie Schell, Karen Morrow, The Nabors Kids, The Tony Mordente Dancers and Paul Weston and His Orchestra. Other hit songs would follow and it seemed only natural that their popularity on the music charts would translate into big rating success on television. Set in the fictional East Coast suburb Pine Valley, this show is the decades-old, risk-taking soap that centers around Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and her long line of husbands. There was a USA TV series about a reporter on a Metropolitan newspaper that lasted a couple of seasons. This variety series aired on ABC from January 22, 1970 to September 9, 1970. WWW.FIFTIESWEB.COM is a creation of RichWeb and is not endorsed or sponsored by or affiliated with any of the products, services, programs, celebrities or entities mentioned herein. However, if you weren’t from the time, they just seem plain offensive at times. By Glory Miller. Administrators: If this category name is unlikely to be entered on new pages, and all incoming links have been cleaned up, click here to delete. Andrews would remain on good terms with ABC and go on to do five more specials for the network that were produced in England between 1973 and 1975. By Jools Hogg. Flip with guest Steve Lawrence doing a duet. The Top Ten television shows in 1975 were: What were the most popular TV shows in 1976? The show had a great list of guests such as the original Charlie's Angels trio (Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith), Bob Hope, John Travolta, Vincent Price, Don Knotts and more. Television in the 1970s pushed what was considered acceptable to new limits. Your email address will not be published. The Top Ten television shows in 1977 were: What were the most popular TV shows in 1978? The show was inventive and not exactly like other variety series in that, Van Dyke performed mine as well as other non verbal roles. Campbell's easy going, laid back personality made him a popular singer with both country and pop fans and he seemed to be a natural fit in the world of the variety series. Thanks for understanding. These stars included Don Knotts, Tim Conway, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke. The Top Ten television shows in 1972 were: What were the most popular TV shows in 1973? I have read that they performed on the songs "Sandy", "Greased Lightning", and "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay", all from "Grease" and if this is true, then perhaps those could be considered their biggest hits? The Top Ten television shows in 1971 were: What were the most popular TV shows in 1972? Nabors along with guest Bobbie Gentry perform on a episode of his series. Notable guests included Lola Falana, Bing Crosby, Tim Conway, Ruth Buzzi, Dom DeLuise, BB King, Ray Charles, Lily Tomlin, Roy Clark, Bobby Darin, Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, Lena Horn, Joe Namath, and more! This 30 minute variety musical series aired on CBS from June 16, 1976 to July 1976 and then again from January 1977 to March 1977. The Brady Bunch Hour aired on ABC from November 28, 1976 to May 25, 1977 and was an attempt to bring back to television the Brady Bunch. May 15, 2020. Nabors is probably best remembered for his work as Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show and its spin-off series, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., proved to be not just a fine comedic actor but also a fine singer with a rich baritone voice that lead to a recording career that produced several best-selling albums. Geraldine, of course, was Flip dressed in women’s clothes and one of her most famous catch phrases was “the devil made me do it.“As the show went on, its ratings began to slip and by the time the final season rolled around it had slipped out of the Top 30. It aired Wednesday nights, in the time slot originally help by The Sonny and Cher show which was off the air because the stars were divorcing. Cash had been searching for a way to get his music out to a wider audience and he hoped that this series would be just what he needed. If you remember, this is something that is reminiscent from The Andy Griffith Show which featured Barney (Knotts) as Deputy Fife and Andy (Griffith) sitting on the Taylor's front porch gossiping or singing folk or gospel songs. The producers, at first, weren't happy with these demands, but did eventually agree.The show had an amazing lineup of guests like Bob Dyland, Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins, Doug Kershaw and it even featured his wife, June Carter as well as her moth, Maybelle, of the famous Carter Family. The Beatles first arrived on the Liverpool music scene in the early 60's creating a huge controversial craze among their fans known as Beatle Mania. The show consisted of music, comedy skits, music and even sarcastic banter between Tony and the Dawn (Telma and Joyce) much along the same lines of Sonny and Cher. The plot of the show had the Brady's living in a nice beach house in California as dad, Mike had given up his job as an architect. While not strictly a pure pop show, it remains a monochrome, mid-60s time capsule A-lister. Data graciously contributed by Tony Rogerson. There were more sitcoms than there are now, actually I miss them. (She lost to Jean Stapleton for her work in All in the Family). When ABC was looking for a new variety series they had great hopes that Julie Andrews would have enough star power to bring in the viewers. The show has yet to be released on DVD, which is a shame as I bet there are many wonderful skits to be watched and songs to be heard from all of those wonderful guest stars. The brothers, called a mixing of the Marx Brothers and the Beatles sang, danced, bantered back and forth and this so impressed the network that they were given a Saturday morning variety show too, called The Razzle Dazzle Show that lasted one season beginning on September 7, 1974 and ending on August 30, 1975. The ratings declined and the show aired its last episode December 28, 1976. A TV special hosted by Humperdinck had aired in December 1969 and done well in the ratings so the network was confident that it would translate well into a weekly series. The show lasted only two seasons, but Cash did achieve his goal. Some weekly variety shows were hosted by popular music stars of the decade; folks like The Captain and Tennille, Donny and Marie, and Glen Campbell. Starring Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett, who went from one life through the next in different time periods in his own lifetime. The Starland Vocal Band is probably better remembered for their one pop hit, Afternoon Delight, than they are for their venture into the variety series arena. Pop music is an important part of British culture, not just as an expression of Englishness, but as a indicator of the multi-cultural nature of Britain today. The Top Ten television shows in 1973 were: What were the most popular TV shows in 1974? I think it was about the same time as the Lou Grant TV show but obviously wasn’t as successful. Stars: Susan Lucci , David Canary , Michael E. Knight , Cameron Mathison Even though it wasn't a ratings winner, it was nominated for eight Emmy Awards (winning seven of them) and Andrews was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Actress-Television Series Musical or Comedy. It was the first successful television show, as well as a variety show, to star an African American and it introduced viewers to Geraldine Jones, a sassy modern woman who had a boyfriend named Killer, who when not in jail, could be found hanging out at the local pool hall. Love Story, with most of its sexy footage intact, chalked up a 42.3 Nielsen rating on October 1st, making it (at the time) the highest-rated movie on TV ever. It actually stated out as a one time special but the ratings were good enough to prompt ABC to turn it into a series. Share your love for 1970s TV Shows: What Did People Watch? What were the most popular TV shows in the 1970s? The original company or artist retains all copyrights. Or, if you have a comment or question, feel free to express that as well. 1. The show, of course, featured musical numbers by Darin backed by a full orchestra and each week's episode offered up a salute to a different city.

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