Bites will be a single solid pull round of the rod tip. Thin-lips have also been caught in South Wales, principally Cardiff Docks, also in the Swansea area. At longer range, a float with a black tip is often easier to see than one painted orange, red, yellow or white.

The best time to fish these is when there has been an onshore wind and there is an accumulation of seaweed along the high tide mark. Largely solitary, they primarily associate only when it is time to mate. A simple flake of white bread is considered one of the most successful types of bait for attracting mullet fish.

Keep adding two or three bits of bread to keep it going. If you need casting distance, which is highly likely, the best forms of weighted float are the Bombarda type with the bullet shaped heads and long tube tails. For this reason, make sure you use every scrap of cover you can on the bankside. The same is true for catching bigger mullet. Targeting mullet when close to tied up boats, mooring buoys, ropes and other harbour obstructions, also when fishing marina pontoons and breakwaters, the fighting abilities of mullet need to be taken into consideration with strong tackle required to keep the fish away from the snags, if possible. Identification of thin lipped mullet. Some anglers add attractor beads or float beads a few inches above the hook when fishing the surf or ledger fishing and both these can work, especially the floating bead as this will rise and fall in the water tables and current giving the bait that necessary natural movement. The best rig is a simple inline system with the weight sliding free on the main line and incorporating a hook length about 18ins in length. You need to make a semi liquid chum.

Spencer Hendricks has written for various well-regarded blogs. Keep the hook length short, no more than 6-inches and make it from fluorocarbon so there is a little stiffness there. It gets its name from the narrower front upper lip which in depth is half the length of the eye. This is a very effective and quick method to get mullet feeding alongside a harbour wall or when fishing piers and jetties. The season for GG’s, as they are affectionately called, runs from May through to September. They do not take anglers baits as easily as thick-lipped mullet do when conventional fishing, nor can they be weaned onto optional food alternatives which rarely seems to work.

In deeper water, they will linger longer or not move far at all.

Mullet are caught in daylight, also at dusk and dawn, but almost never in full dark when they seem to go semi-comatose and refuse to obviously feed. In deeper water, say inside marinas and harbours, then although you maybe can’t see them, they will often be feeding on the bottom in rougher weather, again this will be reliant on a natural or artificial food supply being available. Large adults can reach 50cm or more in total length. Also try differing speeds of retrieve. This rig after casting straight out, is a good one for swinging round in an arc across and downtide therefore covering a wide area of ground helping to locate the fish which can be at very specific distances from the shore. Bite detection is excellent as the hook and line are direct to the rod tip. The braid, having no stretch, helps you apply heavy direct pressure to the fish and helps you turn it away from any obstacles. Cut out a belly strip of a dead mullet, and put it on a jig. They are quick learners and will stay outside the harbour confines until the boats head in, in the evenings then suddenly appear and begin to feed on the scraps and fish bits that enter the water as the boats unload and clean down.

The overall colour is usually a blueish slate grey with silver sides and a white belly. Grey mullet have a typical round fish body shape, the flanks are covered in large, heavy protective scales.

You have some prime bull redfish bait to use at Dixey Bar off Fort Morgan. They are also partial to the maggots found in rotting seaweed in high summer along the tide line of sandy and shingle beaches.

Again, they have a forgiving action but offer real power low down to fight heavier fish with. The knack is to choose a ball weight just heavy enough to be occasionally moved by the surf and tide to give this travel. [6], Native to Australia, they are generally restricted to the rainforest of south-eastern Australia. Mullet have unusual eating habits compared to other sea fish, but they do share one thing in common: a taste for mackerel flesh. These juveniles will often stay around the parents for sometime forming an extended family group before heading off to find their own mates and territories. This is important and educates the fish to expect food at a certain spot at a certain time of tide and once you begin to fish it can produce some excellent catches. The pearl beads work really well as they sparkle like a small fish and are light in weight and this mullet tends to take best when the lure and bait are worked at a slow to medium pace just sub surface. Even this minimal movement of the bait can be enough to draw a take. Although they feed well right through the flood tide in estuaries, and they might linger briefly as the early ebb gets under way too, but once the outgoing flow quickens, they soon move back out and seem to rarely feed as they do so. Often these are dug into the soil-bound root systems of fallen trees. It was a decent enough start though. Mullet can be rigged with a chin weight to swim in your spread, and some like to debone them to aid in the swimming presentation. Also, increasing the length of wire or fluorocarbon between the spinner and the hook, anything up to 12 to 15-inches, can help induce takes. Rig up as before with a feeder rod, 3500 to 4000 sized fixed spool reel, 15lb braid and a short 10lb fluorocarbon leader. In marinas, again not all allow fishing, the mullet will be ever-present due to the greater depth. They show on the surface with their typical V wake indicating their swimming direction. Mullet will scrape their mouths along the sides of muddy creeks leaving a distinctive and visually obvious scar which is useful in finding their preferred feeding areas. The body has lateral deeper grey stripes running the length of the body. As we’ve seen, bread is one of the best baits as the mullet come in contact with it regularly during their tidal migrations due to people throwing it in for ducks and other wild fowl as well as sandwiches thrown from harbour walls. Yellow or silver float beads seem to work well in most conditions. From mid-summer, mullet will also be found working the ends of beaches and inside small seaward facing bays. It’s the same technique using a Bombarda float, casting well beyond where you see the feeding fish, then gently drawing the bait in towards and through them. Any coloured water after storms and windy weather will push them out and they’ll be absent until the seas settle and start to clear again. Thin-lipped mullet have been known to exceed 10lbs in weight in the Mediterranean, but this appears to be the absolute ceiling for this species. Slide on the Bombarda float, then a bead and tie on a small swivel. In some instances, anglers have visited the same area repeatedly for a period of several days just to feed the fish with bread flakes, conditioning the fish to expect food in that location. Doing these conditions the mullet to expect food in that specific area. The traditional mullet season starts in April in the south of England and maybe late April in average weather years along the Welsh Coast and in southeast England. That said, mullet can be very line shy, so when using braid, always fish a short 5 or 6ft section of 6 to 8lb fluorocarbon. These tend to be smaller ragworm up to about 2ins or so and found in the same thick mud the mullet like to feed through. Bait with a small flake of bread, or a couple of maggots if they are in the groundbait. The hook is tied direct to the fluorocarbon and should be a size 8 Drennan Super Specialist. He is the past president of the Mobile…, Copyright 2020 Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. They will follow the shallow side creeks that drain the flood tide off, lingering in small indentations in the bankside, also working through weed growth. Mullet will find and follow this trail of smell and food bits and eventually see the baited hook which looks just like a small bit of fish falling off the main section and take the bait without fear. Alternatively, load with a full fluorocarbon mainline in 6 to 8lbs and fish it straight through. Certainly, they can be very difficult to tempt at times, frustrating even, but sometimes stupidly easy, too. Alternatively, watch the bubble float and when it slides across the surface, strike.

To the larger size 6 swivel tie on a short 6-inch section of 20lb mono and a size 2/0 hook.

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