The Meepo Mini 2 is also able to ride up to a 30-degree incline. The Meepo NLS has a new composite deck, new remote design, trucks, swappable batteries. I believe this is an industry first for a production electric skateboard to be using cells of this size. You’re certainly getting a quality Electric Skateboard. If you’re a total beginner or advanced skateboarder then you’ll have no problems with finding your desired performance mode. As being a 10.6kg board set up itself, it is pretty durable and able to withstand heavy body weight, even on slopes. On damn near the two year anniversary of the Meepo brand, I give you the NLS Pro, featuring the Hobbywing ESC! As it ships from China, direct orders may take longer, and Amazon delivery might be faster depending on availability and your location. It’s the big wheels and higher speeds that just makes it a little harder to pull up in pinch. Down by how much, exactly? Today they’re well-known in the market and, in my opinion, they are the market leaders of the budget board field. The brakes aren’t that bad. But with production units shipping with Meepo’s new “Macaroons,” this issue is all but sorted. Remember the top speed will be impacted by the weight of the rider and terrain. But some of you might be asking “Won’t the flashlight just kill the battery?”. Now giving you the option of swapping the battery out within just a few minutes. This not only gives you a speed up to 29 mph but also gives reliable decelerating as well as accelerating features. The Tesla variant has an additional 10 km of distance coverage before it runs out. I did find they were slightly better/stronger when I switched to the standard Hobbywing remote, so hopefully this will translate over to the new N2 remote when it’s released. Bearings are neither here nor there, but Meepo’s 100mm wheels are a cushy 78A and match with the 100mm motors at the back. Compared to the other boards Meepo has made up until now the deck for the NLS is far more flexible. Meaning, you might not be able to use it for your skate park. You can expect the best braking and overall stabilization in the Meepo Board V3. ​We’ve basically begged Keiran to use the Hobbywing ESC in a flagship product, and now we have it. Let’s start with the cons. So if you’re in the marketplace with around $600 to spend on an electric longboard, then I think the Meepo NLS is the best board you can get at the moment. In some pictures, you can see a noticeable bump under the deck tape where the cables sit. I think it’s slightly too big, as I prefer a smaller remote for the stealth factor you get. Another cool feature which includes the battery is being able to use the power stored within the battery to charge your phone, remote or any USB device. To be more specific, it takes less than 5 seconds on the Meepo Board V3 to reach 20 miles per hour! Meepo also need a little more practice at applying the tape, as a few air bubbles were present. Meepo NLS Belt Review See, priced at $699, The NLS Pro Belt was right in what we call the mid-tier price segment and a direct competitor to the Exway Flex and also the Backfire Zealot. It’s not super quick, but not excessive. I can see which direction the board is set to just by having a glance at the remote before setting off. But Meepo has gone an extra step further by allowing the rider to adjust the strength of the breaking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can just put the board on the ground, push it forward slightly and the board will turn on. The NLS deck is arguably the creme-de-la-creme of China-direct decks right now. Now consider how far they’ve come since then. Okay, so basically everything else! Additionally, the Meepo Board V3 battery is not only replaceable but weatherproof as well. This pack is an 8Ah or 288Wh pack (not air travel friendly) and is the most powerful battery pack released by Meepo or any like-brand to-date. The deck has both a mild-to-moderate concave and camber, which is just enough all-round, and the 100mm wheels and motors actually really suit the overall aesthetic of this board. We’re talking about the best battery and the best ESC further coupled with Meepo’s biggest motors. Motors are also sold separately. The Meepo Board V2 is 38in by 9in in size and weighs about 7.2 kg. To fully charge the battery will take 2.5 hours. Meepo’s NR remote can be configured to run either LingYi/Binary ESC’s (NR-A) or Hobbywing ESC’s (NR-B), which is pretty cool. It’s also worth noting that I paired a regular three-speed Hobbywing remote (e.g. It’s better than nothing. We’re used to seeing 18650 and 20700b cell sizes, but 21700 not so much. This feature is something rare to find in a budget electric skateboard. As for the ride feel of the power ecosystem, it’s simply everything you’ve ever wanted from a Meepo board. With the NLS Pro running the Hobbwing ESC you can say goodbye to the push-to-start feature. Can you feel this while riding? The Meepo NLS Pro Electric Longboard. The battery is also replaceable and easily removable and an upgraded ESC motor gives it a bit more smoothness and balance than the Meepo Board V3. At 100mm you will glide over more bumps and cracks in the road compared to the other boards which offer smaller wheels. It can be perfectly safe and wise to be a used Meepo Board, but do so only if you’re a smart buyer. In fact these enclosures are becoming a staple Meepo component, as they also feature on the new Meepo V3, which sits a little further down Meepo’s product line (as the V3 maintains a lower capacity 20R (standard) battery and the less favored LingYi/Binary ESC – although there has been some improvements to this ESC also, but that’s another story). Depending on the model, you can easily get between 11- 20 miles on average on your Meepo Board. There customer service is getting better as the company grows. It’s fairly heavy, so it might need more maintenance and care. Meepo NLS introduces a premium fiberglass bamboo deck designed for electric skateboards that provides greater flexibility for the rider to reduce vibration and allow for higher speed engraving. I’m surprised to say that I ended up being quite a fan of the NR remote. The Meepo NLS Pro is equipped with the famous Shredder® Trucks and Macaroon® Bushings for top tier performance without a doubt. One thing you can be sure to take away from this Meepo NLS Review is that although the price tag may say “budget”. The Meepo Boards use different motors depending on the kind of board you have.

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