We will pay respect to each other, to iwi members and to all others in accordance with our tikanga (customs). All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated. To escape being killed at sea by his brother, he came to New Zealand on the back of a whale. Te Whare o Te Waipounamu, If we are going to remain a people we can’t have just a few carrying the information.”, “When you look at the work that has been done on the cultural mapping and you have to put that onto an A4 sheet of paper, I would say you would probably run into 100,000 pages.

Ruminating on the path that brought her to owning and operating a restaurant, Sahni Bennett (Ngāti Mako, Wairewa) says her success probably has a lot to do with her dogged determination to build on what existed before. I found it quite hard to learn, but it’s a beautiful language and lovely to sing. While the researching of Māori place names was occurring at pace with Papatipu Rūnaka, there was still no formalised vision regarding the final outcome. Once the necessary infrastructure was developed to build the Ngāi Tahu Atlas, the focus shifted to completing the required research. If you have any issues logging in please click here to email Payroll for assistance.click here to email Payroll for assistance. Christchurch 8024. The brothers climbed on top and turned to stone and became the mountains that comprise the Southern Alps. I do also have a limited amount of info on great grandchildren (and offspring) where there is a number after the grandchildrens' names - … We also looked after whalers and settlers in need, shared our food and knowledge, and began to integrate with the new arrivals. She continued to work with schools on the establishment boards of Clearview and West Rolleston primary schools and now works as a Kaumātua, assisting with blessings of the new buildings in Selwyn. Among other things, it returned the sacred mountain of Aoraki/Mt Cook to the tribe and acknowledged their ownership of pounamu (greenstone). Sort by. I was so happy to drive to Darfield or Springfield,” she recalls. Ngāi Tahu, or Kāi Tahu, is the principal Māori iwi (tribe) of the South Island.Its takiwā (tribal area) is the largest in New Zealand, and extends from the White Bluffs / Te Parinui o Whiti (southeast of Blenheim), Mount Mahanga and Kahurangi Point in the north to Stewart Island in the south. Armed with muskets, they were seeking revenge for tribal insults and killings. She decided during this time to participate at Selwyn’s Ngāti Moki Marae at Taumutu as she and Motoitoi were decendants of Ruahikihiki, who was the father of Moki. inadequate price paid for Ngai Tahu lands by the Crown being estimated by Ngai Tahu to have a present day value of not less than $20 billion; add 2.2.7 that the Crown has not asked Ngai Tahu to concur with, and Ngai Tahu/ has never concurred with, the concept of the “settlement envelope/ or its j.\IOR0235~48.02 Ngāi Tahu sold most of their land to the British Crown between 1844 and 1863. Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, At this stage of the project all of the cultural mapping data was held in two separate datasets — ESRI ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel — and this was proving difficult to maintain. Waka Huia Archives - 8 Aug 2001 Ngai Tahu's Te Reo strategy 2001 - Duration: 59:21. wakahuiatvnz 4,267 views.

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Collection, Ngāi Tahu Archive, 2018-0315. The Crown had promised to leave some of the land and the food-gathering places in the hands of the tribe, and to provide schools and hospitals.

One of those stories is that of Denise Sheat: A teacher, a singer, an artist, a gardener, a farmer, a Kaumātua and a storyteller - Denise Sheat has many strings to her bow.

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