Last summer, UK drill rapper S1 decided he’d had enough. Daniel Lena (Unknown T) cleared of killing man at New, Trial of rapper Loski collapses as prosecutor falls ill, Three more arrests after drill rapper Bis stabbed to death, Loski tells court drug dealer forced him to carry gun, Daniel Lena (Unknown T) gives evidence at trial, G’Smarko (Harlem Spartans) sentenced to 21 years, Jayden O’Neill-Crichlow (SJ) was offered £150k record deal while in, Crosslom Davis: Drill rapper Bis among three stabbed to death, Rapper Unknown T stands trial over stabbing that left student, Drill artist Loski caught with loaded gun, court told, Boy, 16, stabbed in back and leg by 2 attackers in ‘nasty’ assault, First pictures from Streatham terror attack, Live updates as Enfield fight leaves teenage, Maida Hill murder investigation launched after teen, 16-year-old charged with gunshot murder in Hayes.
This helps make the hi-hat rolls bounce. “The mask is the brand,” said LD (formerly known as Scribz, without the mask) when I spoke to him last autumn. Yet drill stands out with its halftime melodies, sparse patterns and gliding 808s with producers such as M1 on the Beat and Ghosty, to name just two, some of the scene’s most popular beat makers.

It made me feel invincible. Transpose the sample by -13st and increase the Spread to 64% giving it some movement in the mix. S 1 is 20, from Shepherd’s Bush, in West London, and until then he’d worn a balaclava in all of his music videos, alongside his 12 World rhyming partner Sav. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. ​“Where was I?
We were doing a Warm Up Session, and my manager gave me a new mask, but there was no gap for my mouth. Notice the high velocities as we want the kick drum to pop through. 0% Spam. A rundown of things to read, watch and listen to each week. Just be you, do what you have to do, and don’t watch no one else. Just copy our grid in your own software to recreate the loop. Let’s layer the hi-hat in step 3. A significant number of the biggest names in drill — from SL, 67’s LD and AM at the more commercial end of the spectrum to KO, C1 and members of the OFB crew at the more underground end — have always covered their faces. From a production point of view, there are notable crossovers with grime, trap and hip hop. Harlesden’s Q2T and Tottenham’s RV both used to cover up, but are now enjoying wider exposure and success in the competitive London scene than ever before, with the latter having recently charted with the Drillers x Trappers II mixtape in collaboration with Headie One. It’s a simple trick but it helps makes it tighter alongside everything else. He doesn’t make drill music, and instead sings over melodic trap beats, although songs like Council Flat similarly engage with universal rap themes of urban struggle, social deprivation and road life. Copy this popular kick pattern below and leave the sound as is. They’re good kids, but they’re trying to be like rappers, so they cover up. I was stuck in that mindset of wanting to trap forever, then I decided to better my life,” he continues. Oh, yeah, removing my mask is probably the best thing that could have happened to me. To help support our original content, please consider whitelisting Attack in your ad blocker software. We’ve programmed the money shot (triangle) on beat 1 and a syncopated shaker rhythm to fill in some spaces in the pattern. “Once you start making yourself look like an artist, and present yourself an artist, you can start going places,” S1 says, when I ask what he has learned since showing his face. I don’t wanna be walking down the street and asked for a picture, you get it?”. ​“Have a great day,” I hear him say to her, before shutting the door, having donated cash from his pockets. People like my baby face, you get me?” he says, chuckling. You will find all of the popular sounds used in all drill beats! So really, I’ve gotta shout out Jamal Edwards, because luckily he was getting his office re-done at the time, and there was a saw lying around — a proper big one too! S1 is 20, from Shepherd’s Bush, in West London, and until then he’d worn a balaclava in all of his music videos, alongside his 12 World rhyming partner Sav. A tougher and darker sound to its distant cousin, UK drill has become one of the most popular and controversial genres in recent years. The key here is to change the trigger on the open hat to GATE. This is where you can truly explore your own sonic palette. Drill and rap music are become strengthening vehicles of social mobility for young artists who are able to earn legitimate incomes from racking up millions of YouTube views and streams, get booked for regular shows and festivals, and in the case of MCs like Russ, Unknown T and Digga D, make the official UK charts. He told me the story behind the gothic, opera-esque shape of the mask. I’m the same person always.

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