The Mauser 1914 and its variants are rather simple pistols using blowback as an action and feeding from an 8-round single-stack magazine. A partire dal 1930, la Mauser cominciò ad apportare piccole modifiche al modello originario, modifiche che si sommarono nel "Mod. Mauser 1914 and 1934 pistols were used by the German police and military during both World Wars. 1913 Rated at 80-90% by 2.

The weapon … The safety catch is the small lever behind the trigger. Anche dopo la Grande Guerra la Mauser continuò a produrre la "Mod. The original side-latch model created some potential problems when field stripped as the trigger could be removed, but would be difficult to replace because of the spring pressure on it. Weight empty No.

Just make sure you give it a good clean up before you do that, and preferably check its function with some snap caps to make sure its working OK.

The logic behind making the ejection port area less thick makes sense in terms of ensuring easier ejection of fired cases, while the thicker metal at the rear of the slide provides additional mass to absorb the recoil power of the 7.65mm cartridge. You can find a full and detailed description of the many model variants of the Model 1914 7.65mm (.32ACP) pistols by Ed Buffaloe and Burgess Mason III’s on in the second part of their article. Pare che i ferrovieri tedeschi, per difendersi dalle aggressioni degli spartachisti, durante le sanguinose sommosse bolsceviche, le quali caratterizzarono l'immediato dopoguerra in Germania, furono armati con Mauser 1910, in cal. Addirittura, si potrebbe datare con sicurezza, in quanto, secondo una fonte attendibile, la produzione del Mod. German firearms designer Paul Mauser’s M98 was by no means his only design however, it just happens to have been his most successful. Model 1914/34. Based on the older Mauser 1910 chambered for the fairly weak .25 ACPcartridge, the 1914 was practically the same weapon chambered for a more powerful cartridge with the addition of a slide stop. These are both export models but note there are differences in the markings: there are many variants of these Mauser pistols. Descrizione:  Arma costruita con splendidi materiali, ben rifinita, dotata di una bellissima calciatura in legno, del tipo "avvolgente", la "Mauser 1914" si caratterizza per la chiusura a massa e percussore lanciato. Those made during or after 1914 have serial numbers between 61,000 and 152,000 (1914-1917).

In Mauser’s early design there was an unusual recoil buffer spring (Rückstoßpufferfeder) at the rear of the frame to absorb the impact of the slide hitting the frame at battery. Once the safety lever is pressed down it locks in place and cannot just be pushed back up: instead the locking button located just below it is pressed, this causes the safety to fly up under spring pressure and disengage so the pistol can then be fired. La nuova arma venne definita "Mod. Immagini: - 1. 7,65 mm. (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). 2020 Verband Deutscher Büchsenmacher, Waffenverwaltungsvorschrift Vordrucke (WaffVordruckVwV), Nationales Waffenregister (NWRG) und Informationen des BMI, Patronen- und Patronenlagermaßtabellen (TDCC), Berufsfachschule Büchsenmacher & Graveure Suhl, Vorbereitungskurse Büchsenmacher-Meisterprüfung, ...weitere Angebote von diesem Händler anzeigen, ...mehr Infos zu diesem Waffen-Fachhändler. Rispetto alle prime pistole del modello descritto, dopo circa 3.000 esemplari prodotti, la Mauser eliminò un'inestetica "gobba", sulla parte superiore del carrello. ACHTUNG: Zum Kauf dieses Produkts ist die Vorlage der Erwerbsberechtigung erforderlich !!! 1914 Mauser Pistol Serial Number Range The photograph on the left is of the markings that are found on the right side of the slide of this pistol. This pistol was a straight blowback design, not having the complexity of the delayed recoil locking system used for the 9mm Parabellum and .45ACP versions.

Despite the fact that Mauser’s company did not actually refer to their designs by model, but rather by caliber, so the two smaller Mauser pistols that were produced in large quantities have tended to be referred to by collectors by model year. Ed Buffaloe and Burgess Mason III’s article on, Ed Buffaloe and Burgess Mason III’s on in the second part of their article. Sarà lo stesso Nick a progettare il selettore a raffica della Mauser C96/32 "Schnellfeuer". Avvertenze: E' vietata la riproduzione, anche parziale, dei testi contenuti nelle schede di Storia in Soffitta. Versandkosten*2differenzbesteuert gemäß §25a UStG.;MwSt.

They were made to Mauser’s very high quality standards, are known to be a reliable pistol, capable of decent accuracy, and providing a good level of safety for examples that are in good condition. MwSt., gebrauchte Artikel zum Teil differenzbesteuert, zzgl.

Eventuali eccezioni a tale divieto dovranno essere richieste alla redazione del sito, secondo le modalità descritte in "Avvertenze e Precisazioni". The Mauser 7.65mm “Model 1914” pistol seen here with a Walther PPK so its size can be appreciated. Better still have a gunsmith give it the once over before you put live ammo in it, bearing in mind that it will be an old gun and we need to be cautious when shooting old guns in case something is worn out: just as we normally do some maintenance on an old car before we try to start the engine or drive it. 6,35 Browning, la quale ebbe un subitaneo successo commerciale, anche se dimensionalmente più ingombrante, rispetto alle "concorrenti", offerte sul mercato civile. Designer(s) 1914". Based on the older Mauser 1910 chambered for the fairly weak .25 ACP cartridge, the 1914 was practically the same weapon chambered for a more powerful cartridge with the addition of a slide stop. Rispetto alle prime pistole del modello descritto, dopo circa 3.000 esemplari prodotti, la Mauser eliminò un'inestetica "gobba", sulla parte superiore del carrello. The 6.35mm Browning (.25ACP) chambered Mauser Model 1910 was actually introduced in Europe in 1906 and into the USA two years later. NAZIONE: GERMANIA. 1.32 pounds (0.60 kilograms) The design of the pistol was almost identical to that of the 6.35mm “Model 1910” but scaled for the larger and more powerful .32ACP cartridge. So the design was very well thought out. 7,65Browning Der Ursprung dieser Waffe lag in der Taschenpistole Mauser 1910, die nur für die schwache 6,35mm-Patrone eingerichtet war. Un perfetto mix tra stabilità, leggerezza, tradizione e tecnologia. The pistol was made to be simple, reliable, and easy to maintain. The weapon was never intended to be used by any militaries, but they were used in small numbers by the German Army any way. The New Model eliminated this issue and provided some other changes to the lockwork including improvements to the interrupter mechanism, and the magazine and slide stop mechanisms. There were many variations of the 7.65mm Mauser pistols including those purchased by the German Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, Weimer Navy, Weimer Police, and the Norwegian Police are examples. Dieses Gewehr war ein Repetiergewehr mit Zylinderverschluss, welches von Peter-Paul Mauser (1838-1914) konstruiert worden war. Eigentumsstempel: Das Wappen von Peru auf dem Bajonett zum Gewehr Modell 1909. Questa innovazione venne accompagnata dall'impiego di una chiusura a massa battente, percussore lanciato e canna rimovibile dal fusto. The early examples are identical with the Fifth Variant Transitional Model except for the curved grip. Wts/wtt Mauser model 1914 pistol. Versand / Export & Import Waffen / Weapons, * neue Artikel inkl. Versuche führten zur Einführung einer neuen 7,92-mm-Patrone und diese Ausführung wurde als Gewehr Modell 98 oder kurz ‘Gew 98’ bekannt. The Mauser Pocket Pistol 1914. A rare long barrel Mauser “humpback” automatic pistol.

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