Try to get back in sync if you are out of sync with the server. Support is indicated in a RPL_ISUPPORT reply (numeric 005) with the CNOTICE keyword. Lists the services currently on the network. details how many hops (server connections) away is. If is given, it will return only statistics reflecting the masked subset of the network. It may also be combined with the NAMESX command. In the Trillian "Manage Connections" window for IRC, there are four (4) windows for Information: After you are connected to the server, you should see a lot of information come up on your client screen. If is specified, the message gets passed on to it. Defined in RFC 1459. It may also be combined with the UHNAMES command. Stop hiding from all other players and allow them to see whether you are online, Stop hiding from tells (private messages). [11] If the channel(s) do not exist then they will be created. Lists the players on your global ignore list, Go to specified power tray number in the primary tray, Go to specified power tray number in the secondary tray, Go to specified power tray number in the tertiary tray. This command is not formally defined by an RFC, but is in use by some IRC daemons. Equips the specified Incarnate Ability. [17] Defined in RFC 1459. If channel mode +t is set, only a channel operator may set the topic. Sending the command with no parameters returns the entries in the client's ignore list. Sets the minimum rank of members of your supergroup who can use coalition chat. Even when using SeaMonkey, it's a separate function and opens in a separate window. [49] Defined in RFC 1459. Does nothing if you don't have it or its slot is locked. Most IRC clients require commands to be preceded by a slash ("/"). Unbinds a bound key (sets it to default). I figured it out. Provides the server with a message to automatically send in reply to a PRIVMSG directed at the user, but not to a channel they are on. Send message to specified global chat channel, Set badge title by number, if you do not have the specified badge your current badge title will be cleared. – Kshitij Saraogi Aug 31 at 12:11. [9] does not have to exist, but if it does, only members of the channel are allowed to invite other clients. Leave fullscreen, close dialogs, and close non-essential windows. Executes the given power slot from the current tray, Toggles a given power off. Defined in RFC 1459. It can be used to set both user and channel modes. Sends in-game user petition to customer support, Pets summoned by named power says the message, Selects a pet from the list, starting with 0 at the top, Opens note window for a given global playername, Opens a custom pop-up menu at the cursor's location, Cancels the auto-attack power and the queued power, Executes the given power slot from the second alternate tray, Executes the given power slot from the alternate tray, Sets the auto-attack power to given named power (or blank to shut it off, or toggles if it's on already), One click automatic targeting of a ranged location area of effect. This command is often used to obtain the IP of an abusive user to more effectively perform a ban. This command should only be available to IRC operators. For example: Returns a list of users who match . In the client, commands are entered via the chat window, which is displayed by pressing the T key (default) or, in Java Edition, / key. Support is indicated in a RPL_ISUPPORT reply (numeric 005) with the CPRIVMSG keyword. Defined in RFC 1459. [48] Defined in RFC 1459. [25] Defined in RFC 1459. Instructs the server (or the current server, if is omitted) to connect to on port . [46][47] may contain spaces, and thus must be prefixed with a colon. Only leaders may use this command. Queries the server to see if the clients in the space-separated list are currently on the network. Returns a list of information about the nicknames specified. Makes the client join the channels in the comma-separated list , specifying the passwords, if needed, in the comma-separated list . Returns the local time on the current server, or if specified. Within this camera distance, personal FX will be suppressed. If is omitted, the server should return information about the administrators of the current server.[1]. Change the team leader to targeted character, must have character targeted if no name is provided. Once you have your client up and running you connect to the server by typing: Of course you can substitute any of the servers you wish. The. [51][52] Defined in RFC 1459. For example, it is often used by help operators that may be communicating with a large number of users in a help channel at one time. [44] If is given, it sets the channel topic to . Typica /weather (zipcode) will get … This page has been accessed 11,166 times. Could be used as a method of returning to the title screen without having to sit through the 30 second timer.

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