This halting move towards orthodoxy is set to be the defining feature of Ms Fernández’s remaining time in office. Mr Macri expressed hope that the opposition would show “responsibility” in the weeks ahead. But following his decisive win, the center-left politician has fielded attacks from conservatives about his support for his son’s career. She will do what she needs to in order to prevent the economy from collapsing, but not enough to grasp the nettle of Argentina’s problems. “I have pride in my son, how can I not be proud?” he recent told the radio show, The president-elect should be proud. In her most recent speech to Congress, which lasted almost three hours, she conspicuously avoided mentioning inflation and insecurity—the two problems of most concern to Argentines today. According to one, he will now tread carefully. The former president is under indictment for several corruption charges (all of which she denies); she kept a low profile in the campaign. Estanislao Fernández, who is known in Argentina as a popular drag performer and cosplayer by the name of Dyhzy, made headlines last month when he participated in the Buenos Aires 28th annual Pride celebration, locally known as Marcha de Orgullo, which had an estimated attendance of 300,000 people. He also promised to re-negotiate the record $57bn loan agreed last year with IMF, and said that he could in effect default on Argentine bonds. 439.4k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘whitelivesmatter’ hashtag “Do me a favour,” he would say to Ms Fernández’s ministers and political allies. RELATED | Argentina Senate Rejects Abortion Bill, Fernández, however, continued to defend his son in the face of prejudice and hate, saying that he is nothing but proud of DYHZY, whose real name is Estanislao  Fernández. Remember that love always conquers hatred and among us, we must always take care of ourselves.”, Alberto Fernàndezanti-LGBTQ bullyingArgentinaBrazildyhzyEduardo BolsonaroEstanislao FernàndezhomophobiaInstagramJair BolsonaroLGBTQ ArgentinaLGBTQ BrazilLGBTQ Latin AmericaLGBTQ representationLGBTQ rightsLGBTQ South AmericaMauricio Macritwitter, December 14, 2019 at 3:37 pm EST | by John Paul King, Out son of new Argentinian president represents with Pride Flag at father’s inauguration. It is not clear how much the potential candidates crave her endorsement. KayKay Lavelle & Bryce Quartz, Ru Dons Her Jingle Jammies in Three Festive New “Old Navy” Commercials, #Update: Trump’s Campaign Website Hackers Say He’s “Involved in the Origin of the Coronavirus”, ‘Bring Back My Ghouls’ RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Halloween Special Premieres TODAY, Bloody Halloween Display Terrifies Passersby, Cops Called. The growth model that served the Kirchners well during the 2000s has run its course. Her only other confidant is her son, Máximo, a college dropout who lives in the far reaches of Patagonia, in the Kirchners’ home state. November 04 2019 5:17 PM EST DYHZY is one of the hottest drag queens in Argentina, with over 150,000 followers on Instagram. In matters of economics, her most marked weakness, the president relies heavily on Juan Carlos Fábrega, the governor of the Central Bank, and Axel Kicillof, her young and dogmatic economy minister. “This is a catastrophe,” said one of his advisors. To make sure there was no doubt about the statement, he later posted a video on his Instagram stories revealing that the pocket square was a folded Pride flag. In his photo, he poses with a semi-automatic rifle. In addition to his massive social following, DYZHY is an extremely talented drag artist whose best looks are often pulled directly from geek culture. He hesitantly conceded but when he retook his seat, the president’s wife, then-senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, stopped him, stating icily: “He who stands up once from my table will never sit with us again.”. Sean Connery (RIP) Gave the World Television’s First Man-on-Man Kiss. Same-sex sexual activity was made legal in the South American country in 1887, it has recognized same-sex marriage since 2010, and it has one of best track records in the world on trans rights. Argentina is known for progressive LGBTQ rights. The opposition, led by a veteran Peronist, Alberto Fernández, with the country’s last president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (no relation) as his running mate, won 47% of the votes cast. The crisis has taken a heavy toll on the economy. Argentina's president-elect Alberto Fernández has repeatedly copped backlash over his son Estanislao. Minutes later Kirchner appeared in a golf cart, urging the minister to come back and finish dinner. (@dvzvisvn) on Instagram: “We have no choice but to stan the president of Argentina's Son their insta is @_dyhzy • •…” 51.6k Followers, 29 Following, 181 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (@presidentmnangagwa) But life was worse under him. The politician’s son is a big name on Argentina’s drag scene, known as ‘DYHZY. In addition to his massive social following, DYZHY is an extremely talented drag artist whose best looks are often pulled directly from geek culture. The president who once aspired to run for a third term retains power, but it is draining away. That said, he may struggle to convince the markets of his credibility. Could the collapse in the markets persuade Argentines to change their minds?

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