After Catra proves she is willing to destroy Etheria and all life on it. This ties into her self-loathing and inferiority complex, and why she takes Adora leaving the Horde so personally. Please! Bow is all of us looking at Catra in her outstanding spacesuit. In "Destiny, Part 2", she tells Hordak that he's lying to himself if he thinks that Horde Prime will care about a "defect" like him or carry out any of his wishes on Etheria.

almost destroying all reality in her insanity and desire to one-up Adora. The former enrages Hordak, while the latter breaks his heart.

She's managed to alienate everyone in the Horde with her.

Notably, the times it gets messier, it's when her mask cracks and she becomes emotionally vulnerable. she's distraught to learn that Double Trouble betrayed her, as she had come to consider them a friend (despite herself). Her hair went neutral color and then the guys that came in disappeared. Her neater hair likewise symbolises her desire to control every aspect of her life. In the season two episode “Roll With It,” She-Ra and the Princesses of Power went back to its roots with a tribute to the original series.

Catra also often hid her jealousy of Adora, stating that 'second best suits [her] just fine' when she saw Adora's Force Captain badge.

After Adora left her for the Rebellion, she became extremely hurt and constantly seeks out Adora in direct confrontations during battle. Catra has been in love with Adora since they were children and never shows any interest in anyone else, to the point of appearing, while secretly being in love with her but convinced she would never love her back, Catra defeats Hordak by ripping the First Ones crystal out of his cybernetic exoskeleton, then coerces him into making her co-ruler of the Horde. Affiliation That whole episode was an excuse for characters to dress up. when Catra tries to destroy all of reality, she's blaming Adora for failing to stop her from doing it, in a way that actually sticks.

She also cut off the highest tufts of hair behind her ears because she began to see all her more cat-like traits as signs of weakness after Shadow Weaver manipulated her by showing her affection at the end of Season 2.

Right? She has claws in her feet as well which enhance her grip when climbing. Entrapta. She then has an even bigger one across almost all of Season 4, getting her biggest victories ever but finding it feels hollow without Adora or anyone else to share it with, and with no idea that's actually what the problem is. A “Number 4 Haircut” leaves hair 1/2 inch long, making it the medium length of the clipper guards. Catra narrowly stops Horde Prime from destroying Etheria. Not even me.

However, Catra's miscalculation results in the Horde army being kneecapped by a Rebellion ambush, undoing everything that Catra worked for. After enduring repeated abuse from Hordak in Season 2, Catra happily takes multiple opportunities to inflict emotional pain on him.

Catra has loved Adora since they were small children, In Season 4 it gets a bit longer and much more well-groomed as she tries to keep tight control over everything around her, even herself.

Catra's life was threatened whereas Adora only received a pat on the head and a gentle warning. Mara’s She-Ra look is simply divine, but I wanted to point out how fantastic her hair is. Thus, when Adora abandoned the Horde, Catra saw it to mean that all her work didn't matter at all. Both characters are victims of abuse. During "White Out", she becomes obsessive about getting and keeping Adora under her control again, even in the face of imminent disaster, refusing to be talked out of it. According to a charity livestream by Noelle, she and Adora eventually have a non-binary child named Finn, who is Catra's species, but dyes their hair blond to connect to Adora's heritage.

She does show that she has a big heart underneath all the anger though, and grows out of it in Season 5. This outfit, along with her cutting off her ear tufts, emphasizes Catra's desire for more control over her life. Adora yelled, Y/n ran to her and hugged her, I felt my heart shatter, Y/n might of just been an ally that I wanted in my side but that's a whole 'nother perspective now.

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