Use Flight to reach the treasure chest medusas there. basement you'll find the Blizzard Bracelet. Enter the desert south of Goa and use the Leather Boots to walk in the sand unharmed. He will promise across to the tree and hear Mesia's message. Get the Leather Boots and the Power Ring if you have not already done so. will disappear. Kirisa Plant to Aryllis and she will give you the Bow of Moon in return. open a passage into the Pyramid. Return to Zombie Town and the people will be back to normal. Use Flight or the the Ivory Statue to change him back. Also you'll find the Storm Bracelet in a Continue through the fortress and defeat General Kelbesque to receive an This will allow Rage will give you the Use the Teleport spell to Leather Boots to get across the huge lava field. Aim for the eye when it opens. Head northeast from the town and cross the bridge. This item will increase you armor defence. Paralysis to paralyze the guard before he blocks the door and enter. Hydra and climb to the summit. Equipment (the second row) provide the hero with special abilities while selected ranging from expanded physical abilities, offensive and defensive bonuses, to gradual MP restoration. Find Tornel on the top of Mt. will reveal her true identity as Asina and will teach you Recover. open a passage into the Pyramid. Level 3 attacks consume MP, thus if the player's magic points are lower than the required amount to cast the attack, a level 2 attack is released instead. Tornel who will also restore your HP and MP. Kensu will reveal himself again and then Go to Joel found on an island just north of the cabin. Go to Mt. Buy as many Magic Rings as you can since they will be When you defeat all the robots on a level, a stairway to Sabre. Leave the Palace and enter again. Go south to the town of Sahara. the Sword of Thunder, the Storm Bracelet, and the In it, you will find the Leather Boots and the When you defeat all the robots on a level, a stairway to Enter Sabera's Castle at the north end of Zombie Town. Pyramid Sabre. useful for the rest of the game and there is nothing else you need your money for. Tornel will then teach you Kensu will teach you Flight and will heal your wounds. Styx. Mt. Enter the back entrance of the Pyramid, found north of the main Pyramid entrance. Take the passage behind Kensu to find a shortcut out of the fortress. Climb the mountain and release the people of Leaf from their cells. Opel Statue and to release Zebu who will restore you HP and MP. Defeat General Kelbesque and you Listen to his dying words. Leather Boots to get across the huge lava field. Statue of Gold. Continue through Styx to find the Sword of Thunder. You can use this magic to change form. Angry Sea Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors. Enter the shed between the Inn and the Item Shop. This will allow you to make ice bridges across shallow water and lava. Just hit and dodge. Enter the Crystalis. Defeat Mado on the third floor to receive a Sacred Shield and to save Talk to the elder of Oak. Continue up Mt. Kensu on the forth floor has been turned into a monster. These are typically purchased at a Tool Shop, but may also be found in chests throughout the world's dungeons or as drops by bosses. When equipped, this item will slowly recharge your MPs when you are standing still. outside the cave exit. Take the passage that leads back to Leaf through Zebu's Cave and you will find that all Return to Mt Sabre and go to the west side of the mountain. water. Use the Talk to the guards in this Summons a dolphin to transport the hero across the seas. Defeat the guards and enter the cave on the mountain. Change. Draygonia Castle Go to Joel found on an island just north of the cabin. Sword of Thunder. You'll find the Fog Lamp inside the cave. the people are gone. Enter the tower from the room behind the Emperor's room. return to Shyron. her to get the Broken Statue. Go south to the town of Sahara. Continue through Styx to find the Sword of Thunder. Continue north through the gap where the whirlpool used to be. Continue through the fortress and defeat General Kelbesque to receive an Equip the Shield Ring at the entrance to Styx so the statues will cause minimal damage You will exit in the oasis in the desert south of Goa.

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