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While boas will be active during the day, they usually are much more active at night. Adult males typically reach 4 to 6 feet within the same amount of time. Cookies disclaimer. Indirect ambient lighting is fine, but make sure the enclosure does not receive any direct sunlight, as this can heat the enclosure beyond the optimal temperature range. Our baby sunglow boas for sale are healthy and fed both live and frozen-thawed medium mice. The enclosure needs to be functional and efficient at maintaining the proper temperature and humidity at all times. This combination produces a similar appearance to an albino but the addition of the hypo gene intensifies the colour & reduces the pattern. With such a set up, you would create a very drafty and less humid environment for your pet, which could lead to health problems. There are companies that specialize in boa caging and that usually provide proper heating via under-cage heating or radiant heat panels on the inside top of the cage (a few of these companies are Cages By Design, Proline Cages, Boaphile Plastics, Vision Products, and Animal Plastics). It is important to only have one boa per enclosure.
In the wild, these boas can be found in Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, and Peru. As a juvenile the boa will thrive in enclosure around 3ft in length and 2ft in depth and hieght. For more information, check out How It Works. Make memories in a clean, comfortable, relaxing environment. Another popular choice is aspen or cypress shavings. They can be very tough to remove from the enclosure, too, as they reproduce quickly and are very hardy. Unfortunately, many pet stores incorrectly refer to B. c. imperator as a “red-tail boa”, which causes confusion between it and B. c. constrictor (the reason the latter is sometimes referred to as the “true” red-tail). A normal meal is one that is approximately the same size as the largest part of your boa.

We also guarantee the sex of the animal to match what was stated at the time the animal was purchased. It is also tough for a glass enclosure to maintain the proper humidity a boa needs. The skin should be free from any abrasions or wounds of any kind, without old pieces of shed skin stuck to it. If it begins to feel too warm, it will move toward the cooler end. This combination produces a similar appearance to an albino but the addition of the hypo gene intensifies the colour & reduces the pattern. Every sunglow boa for sale is provided the best possible care by our loving staff. The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re considering a pet boa constrictor is to make sure it is legal to own one where you live. Leopard boa. A proper boa constrictor enclosure will not only maintain heat and humidity, it will have a secure door (preferably one that can lock) to prevent escape. Boas can be terrific, safe-to-keep, low-maintenance pets. Newborn boas could be fed live prey, such as pinky or hopper mice—these are too small to inflict any damage—until they are used to eating a meal. This temperature range will produce a thermal gradient, along which your boa will position itself. Use Dawn dish soap when cleaning water bowls, and make sure they are thoroughly rinsed; you don’t want to see any sign of soap film in the fresh water. Having a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) hooked up to your enclosure will keep it heated in case of power outage. Do not handle your boa for extended periods of time during “shed week.” Once it has shed, examine your boa closely to see if there are any remaining pieces of old skin, including over the eyes.

Give a common boa the right setup and diet and you're guaranteed to have a great pet. Incorrect categorization or tagged genetics. Such prey items contain the proper nutrients for your boa, and no additional vitamins or supplements are needed. He arrived the day I put in the notes for the order and he arrived safe.

For substrate, you can use newspaper, corrugated cardboard, or craft paper, which absorbs urates well, but isn’t the most decorative. You can also soak a potentially constipated boa in shallow, lukewarm water in a Rubbermaid container with a lid for 30 minutes. He’s doing great, good packaging and information about the snake was included. This article will focus on how to keep B. c. imperator. Blood boa.

I have kept and bred many boa constrictors for more than 15 years, and although I don’t consider myself a “Boa Whisperer,” I have learned much that has helped me to keep my boas happy and healthy. should be placed, if these are not already built into the enclosure. Common boa constrictors do best with a large terrestrial vivarium for their enclosure. A boa constrictor's diet consists of frozen thawed rats, mice and rabbits.

When the words “boa” or “boa constrictor” are mentioned here, they represent B. c. imperator. Boa constrictors do not do well in cold temperatures, and they can get a respiratory infection if they’re kept at temps below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases if the male is extremely active or is stressin the female it may be worth temporarily removing him from the enclosure. We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our animals. Assume the animal is available and ask your. Sunglow Boa Constrictors for Sale in the United States. Boas in the wild are solitary, and problems can result if housing more than one boa in an enclosure. If it does, this may indicate that it is stressed or insecure (provide more hiding spots in the cage), or it may have mites. With the sheer numbers available today, you should have no problem finding one. We have combined 25 years of reptile husbandry and breeding expertise to put together a fantastic array of reptiles including snakes, lizards, and tortoises.
A gravid female does not require any additional nesting material. There are however circumstances that will void the live arrival guarantee. When you’re ready to buy your boa, check out all the different morphs that are currently available—you’re bound to find one with that extra appeal you seek! These vertical structures are best created using natural wood decorations and vines. They may look different than a normal boa, but their care requirements are the same. They will need some essentials like an under tank heater, bedding, water dish, digital thermometer and hide spot. Also, don’t wash boa water bowls in the kitchen sink, to avoid any potential Salmonella issues. Never let your boa come in contact with them, though, as they might burn your pet. Boa constrictors are friendly, non-venomous snakes in the Boidae family.

Ste A Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. This will help the boa feel more secure and also allow it to use the entirety of it's enclosure confidently.

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