Archer Vice: Baby Shower Money is tight and Malory is extra cranky, nagging the team to earn money. Although Lana and Archer were raising A.J. However, Katya left her metal vagina in the bathroom sink, which Lana discovers to her anger. Cyril Figgis, who recently resumed dating Lana after their break-up though under strict rules, asks when she was planning to tell him; Lana then reveals Cyril isn't the father. AJ has many things in common with her father, Archer: Both were born in war zones outside the US. Lana and Malory are insistent in putting her in a very prestigious pre pre kindergarten school, believing it'll jumpstart her academics. In a scene of tension and screams, Archer and Malory help Lana deliver the baby in the Central American airport. View production, box office, & company info. Lana ended a long term relationship with Sterling Archer, mostly due to him cheating on her with other women. After discovering Cyril had cheated on her many times during their relationship, their relationship fell apart completely. To which the scene points to A.J. When Lana Kane becomes fixated on having a baby she secretly visits the sperm bank, examining many specimens before choosing a frozen vial provided by Sterling Archer. Lana sees this, and ends their relationship (Job Offer). Poor A.J. Though its clear that Archer is still uncomfortable, Lana reminds him to think of A.J. In the climax A.J. is smart and will excel no matter where she is. But Lana skipped the '80s. Though he succeeded in protecting her, he becomes angry that he got shot and that they put him through the whole rouse on purpose. ", Lana is often seen drinking a bottled orange soda from the ISIS vending machines which she can open without a bottle opener, despite them not being twist-offs. She is a field agent at ISIS, the current wife of Robert and the mother of Abbiejean Kane-Archer (Sterling's child). going to prep school would be a bad idea because of the bullying and snobbery and thinks A.J. referred to him as that. However, in ". Miss Outlaw Country and Mr. In the season 5 finale, Lana's baby is born in a Central American airport. During a mission to stop a radical environmentalist marine biologist from blowing up Sealab, Lana discloses that she is pregnant, angering Cyril because he isn't the father and prompting Archer to sacrifice his scuba gear and drown so that they could escape. In "Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure", Lana gives birth to a girl, which she reveals to Sterling Archer that he is the father by using his frozen sperm. Lana starts crying and states that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her (Baby Shower). After the mission gets botched, she's seen being fed by Lana who's instantly suspicious of Malory again. She quietly admitted she was much more comfortable with him since his mother had "died in a fire." (Reignition Sequence). She tries to explain to a seemingly-cuckolded and enraged Cyril that the biological father is a donor, but is cut off when he escapes through the sea vents. have an ice chip instead of her milk. Sterling Archer and Lana Kane Forever love!! She and Lana jump off the crashing sleigh to Aunt Pam's 'human airbag' arms. Archer holds in his 'rampage' mode to be his most effective, whereas Lana unleashes fury at everyone in her path. It doesn't go well initially after Archer misinterprets Lemuel and Claudette joining him in the hot tub as wanting to engage in an orgy. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Archer Season 11, Episode 6, "The Double Date." This forces Agent Holly, to feed her when Malory refuses. However, he declines her, stating he is devoted to Lana and their child. She'd make her first appearance in Deadly Prep, now 2 years old. Lana tries further to get A.J. (He really didnt). However, the ring he bought was needed to power a makeshift computer, and when the ring was mentioned while Lana was on the phone, she sounded worried (The Rock). When Archer's car gets stolen, Lana, along with Cyril Figgis and Pam Poovey, aids him in getting it back from the Yakuza, whom they believed to have been the thieves. (Deadly Velvet: Part II). During the affair, he appeared to want to tell Lana his true feelings; however, that was interrupted. When Archer thought he was going to die of breast cancer, he convinced Lana (out of pity) into a one night stand[3]. A.J. will be fine in public school. to see him, and she dubbed Archer "Sleeping Beauty". She was about to throw red paint on Malory Archer's new fur coat when Malory pointed her gun at Lana's forehead. He tells her to run, but she tells him she can't leave him, hugging him (House Call). Though Archer's alright with public school, he goes along for A.J. A.J. Going by a flashback to her youth, it appears Lana was born and raised in San Francisco and Lana was highly pressured by her parents, who were both college professors, to succeed as a child. This made Archer upset as well as Lana, when the opened fire with A.J. It is later revealed that Lana does love Archer right before she reveals his paternity of Abbiejean Kane-Archer (Lana's daughter)[5]. To which Lana mentions her as proof that she and Archer are in a relationship, when Shapiro tries hitting on her. She kisses Lloyd Llewellyn, a member of the Free Wales Army, to get back at Archer after she overhears that he kissed Katya Kazanova goodbye. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. From this moment on, Lana shows how important it is for her to be a good mom, making AJ her priority. With H. Jon Benjamin, Clancy Brown, Judy Greer, Tom Kane. This appears to be her attempt at trying what Archer suggested earlier in the season: starting a family so that her daughter can have a father in her life. She and the others are cleared of wrongdoing. She is almost always seen wearing a Mini Sweater Dress with a wide black belt that has a circular buckle on it and black thigh high-heeled boots. She later revealed that the father was a sperm donor, which has been used as a point of ridicule against her ever since. Despite both parents' disagreement, she's shown to try and force A.J. Woodhouse is the one who really saves the day. Archer, most likely to mask his disappointment, proceeded to ask if Lana's sister was younger. When A.J. She can also at times be a hypocrite, as when she got mad at Cyril Figgis for cheating on her even though she also cheated on him. Though Malory believes that she'd be AJ's legal guardian if anything to happen to her son and Lana, Lana eventually reveals to Archer that if anything were to happen to her (and only her), custody of their daughter would go to either Lana's parents, Lemuel and Claudette, or Lana's sister (who has yet to be seen or named). will pick a smoking habit to help with her "battle of the bulge". Archer reads extensively on the complications of pregnancy, showing that he is concerned for her. Archer is shocked but still finds himself craving Italian food. She is largely protected from the antics and insanity of the other members sometimes violently like when Kreiger kidnapped her for his experiments in growing cyborg teddybear. In Reignition Sequence, Archer threatens he will have her arrested if she tries to give her diet pills. At last, she explained that should anything happen to her (and ONLY her), custody of their daughter would go first to her parents, and then to her sister. Lana also has a strong desire to have a baby. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. could do worse for a guardian. She chose Cyril based off him being a stark contrast to Archer's personality. Katya leaves before Lana arrives. Who shares the same name as creator. (, Until Season 6, there was never any mention of Lana's family. Archer still feels hurt by her statement and claims that A.J. But, it turns out she never gave the bike back, rendering the lesson pointless and Lana shocked (Drift Problem). Though it was all an act, in Sitting Lana does unintentionally put her harms way hiring an actor/who did use a real gun, to test Archer's abilities as a father and protector of A.J. Cyril winds up having sex with Framboise. She told A.J. 's sake. She also seems to have a great deal of difficulty with relationships, declaring she had gone on "tons of dates" when in reality she had not had sex in the last fourteen months. It has also been revealed that while A.J. He tells her he loves her before he passes out, and she replies "I know." Lana's pregnancy effectively ends their relationship and Cyril is infuriated at her for months. is then still forced through Malory's diet tactics, when she refuses to feed her. Woodhouse then covers for Archer and presents her with Archer's old crib, making it look as if it were his idea. When she asks why A.J. After the murder of Ellis Crane, everyone including Dean and her attorney Alan Shapiro are considered suspects. His very demanding relationship with his mother did not help either.

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