They start to get a bit suspicious of the Octolings that were living with them. Discussion spoiler. (Side note: Li’l Judd just wants to take over Judd’s job.). As for Sanitized Octolings, I just don’t know. 1. Maybe you could visit the surface and get surface only gear (This could motivate players to finish the story mode). The Inkling tells his/her friends and his/her friends tell their friends and so on. I would like to hope there is a way to undo it and return them back to normal, but it’s really unlikely.Be sure to check out the original post!That’s about it for this post, until next time. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Splatoon 3 Theory Addon.
The Octolings will win a lot of battles and they will force the inklings underground. Wow it’s legal if you think cakes better you get sentenced to an 8 ball test. They may decide to research more about Octolings and they find a picture of one. He is making it sound like nothing is wrong. 2 1/2. What about the Inklings who didn’t beat the story mode? I’m not that good at making theory’s but I hope you liked it! Salmonids are self-explanatory. splatoon 3 theory They don't really die when splatted, they just explode and then form a new body out of the ink to inhabit. He is making it sound like nothing is wrong. We did get Marina and Agent 8, but they were no longer working for Octavio. Hi!

And if Octavio joins forces with the New Squidbeak Splatoon, then we will finally have more room for new villains. I was thinking about that Splatfest and I had a idea/theory.

In conclusion, this probably won’t happen since I think it’s too dark of a idea for Splatoon 3 and Nintendo, since Splatoon 3 will probably be a E 10+ game. The Inklings will have built a city much like Inkopolis but more underground-like. I still believe the endings I stated in my previous post are accurate. In that case, where would the Octolings go since the Inklings would most likely force them back underground where some Inklings still live? But there is one line, ‘their desire to step out of the shadows and into the light’, meaning that Octavio does also want the surface. These posts strengthen my theory further. This gave rise to the fan theory that Nintendo was teasing some kind of new plot for Splatoon 3. We all know that it was a life-preserving capsule that kept Judd alive during the … Splatoon 3 theory , a Studio on Scratch. :cherry_blossom: Amethyst octoling :cherry_blossom. So I felt like making a theory because I had this neat idea that could happen in Splatoon 3. It not only groups them together but the post says a lot about them.

Here is what it said about all the character I talked about in my previous post. The Octolings.

The Inklings will be fine with it for the rest of Splatoon 2. The story mode will be battles against the Octarians. I believe that they have finally broken free from the control of Octavio, and have been accepted into Inkling society, and will no longer be a threat. Play and talk about Splatoon and Splatoon 2 with players internationally! Answer: Yea, but I imagine that maybe Marina will accidentally say she’s a octoling. So if you heard of the three splatfest coming before March 2021 i have a theory also i found this on a youtube video and also what i think Tartar has always looked down on them, but C.Q. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. Answer: Good question, I believe that maybe some Inklings will get attached to their underground home and stay, some Inklings will go and live on the surface. In the third game, you will play as a Inkling. The Inklings will win the war at the end of the story mode. Mr. Grizz, Judd, Little Judd, and Commander Tartar are all related. They are the only major group (other than Inklings) not represented in the art for FinalFest. But there is still one last detail to discuss. 478. In the third game, you will play as a Inkling. And remember, conformity is inevitable. Answer: They’d live somewhere else underground, away from the Inklings. Rule (I got this from a video, that’s why the picture is like that). He is the middleman, waiting to choose a side. Honestly, with Li’l Judd here, we don’t get information about DJ Octavio, meaning we really have nothing to go off of. Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook. Odd that Octarians are Team Order, but Octavio is Team Chaos. Let’s say the Octopus team wins. But this ends that once and for all. So you know the Squid versus Octopus Splatfest? (Pictures of the rule at the bottom of this post). The Inklings that find this out will show many Inklings this rule. You would play as the inkling that stayed underground. Actually, in chapter 3 paragraph 5 of the Joke Rules, it is. Cumber too? The Octolings were not grouped with DJ Octavio or the Octarians.

The hero. If you were hoping Splatoon 3 was in development over at Nintendo, I have bad news for you: it isn't. Mr. Grizz is the only ‘villain’ on the neutral team.

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