Hair: Ernesto Montenovo at Phamous Artists. Jo's romantic interest, Clifford Jones, in The Green Death is posited both as "a younger counterpart to the Doctor" and "his 'appropriate' replacement within the heteronormative order". ProductionMarch to May 2012. We met goodness knows how many peculiar creatures, and I just don't think she would automatically have screamed. • Louise wears top, £55, and necklace, £20, by Freedom at Topshop, both Photograph: Perou for the Guardian, Katy Manning: 'I may have had one or two champagnes too many at a photo shoot and ended up wrapping myself round a Dalek wearing only sparkly boots.

She really held her own against the men. There’s nothing human about a Dalek.”. You don’t have to be a fan to know who that is.

Josephine "Jo" Grant (also known as Jo Jones) is a fictional character played by Katy Manning in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.Jo was introduced by Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks in the first episode of Doctor Who ' s eighth season (1971) as a new companion of series protagonist the Doctor, in his third incarnation (Jon Pertwee). [7] Both Jenny McCracken and Cheryl Hall explain on the DVD commentary for the "Special Edition" of Carnival of Monsters, that they were on the final shortlist of six actresses for the part of Jo, losing out to Manning. Benton along with The Doctor and Jo Grant to bolster security and let the Doctor see if in fact ghost are haunting him. She is only dreaming that she’s human. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership. Photograph: Perou for the Guardian, Louise Jameson: 'I didn’t think the costume – or lack of it – was gratuitous at the time.' It saddens me now that Leela's outfits are the main thing people remember about her. The character's exit is generally considered one of the emotional high points of Doctor Who's 1963-89 run; Russell T Davies felt pressure to remain true to this exit when re-introducing the character in 2010.

Designer – Michael Pickwoad Turtleneck, £135, by Our best wishes for a productive day. [16] Lester Haines from the British technology news and opinion website, The Register, stated in light of a similar (clothed) photoshoot Kylie Minogue did in 2007 to promote her role as Astrid Peth that she was "unlikely to replace Katy Manning in veteran fans' affections". Yet here I was being told this photo was "disgraceful". My character was Susan, the granddaughter of Bill Hartnell's Doctor. Katy identifies her at once. ASIN: B005SJGI90.

Jo Grant; Dalek; Ange Barnes; Terry Barnes; Ian Barnes; Mrs Barnes; Mr Barnes; References Edit. “I’ve got far better secrets than that, mate. Doc-tor who..?” as Moffat continues his mission to reinforce the mystery at the heart of the programme – “putting the ‘who’ back into Doctor Who” as he promised last year. Polly … The height of him! Hair: Ernesto Montenovo at Phamous Artists. Club's Christopher Bahn stated that Jo was "one of [his] favorites", but that, despite her "sweet and daffy charm", she was "a big step backwards" from her predecessor Liz Shaw in terms of pairing the Doctor with someone equal. I’m on the money here!” she laughs. [4] According to the commentary provided by Letts for the DVD release of Terror of the Autons, Rula Lenska and Anouska Hempel also auditioned for the role.

Aug 18, 2013 - Explore Verity Podcast's board "What Jo Grant Wore", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. Her mother had died, and then the Daleks came along and killed her father. She was punchy, she was feisty, but she took off her clothes to do it.

But I did get a funny piece of fan mail once from a young girl called Katie that said, "Will you please put some clothes on?" Amy has been a wonderful companion. The Doctor does a few cross-overs during the series' short run and I recommend the series if you haven't already watched it!The music is \"Sands of Time\" and \"Road to Glory\"; both by Audiomachine.

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I played her for a year from 1967.

The girls nowadays have it good. I love the way Karen Gillan performs the character. [20] In 2011 Mark Harrison of Den of Geek listed the character's exit as the third greatest companion farewell scene, stating it to be "the most emotional in Jon Pertwee's era" and "a bittersweet exit for one of the most popular companions. It was bizarre. I played her for 18 months in 1963, from the very first episode. Similar to Pertwee's Doctor, Jo Grant was an "action-style" character, with the actress performing some of her own stunts — understandably so, given that her diminutive stature could not easily be doubled by a male stunt performer — though it is debatable whether the character fully broke any stereotypes.

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