New marks would warn about one or several dangers out of the following: The dwelling of Neptune, the throne of Venus. These marks may also witness the life of a truly God’s servant, the one who lived in a monastery and developed an ability to sacrifice one’s life for a high aim. It is possible that these are skills, possibilities, knowledge, new relations, and perceptions, which are passing away unnoticed. He enjoys secrets and does not avoid risk. You will go out with friends or maybe plan a date with your partner / Lover. google_ad_slot = "5509402288"; This person either lacks these qualities or is too overwhelmed by them. Perhaps this person is too scrupulous and always looks for faults. What Is Your Biggest Weaknesses According To Your Zodiac Sign? The spiritual body is dead without these two components - the heart and circulatory system. Conspicuous marks witness conscious or unconscious thefts, rumors, intrigues, abusive language, and destructive thoughts. Your Home Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Can You Find Love and Romance on the Road? POSITIVE MARKS in this zone witness the control taken over the energies of the Sun during past lives. You will win some legal, verbal or physical fight. As I said that the shoulders are the symbols of power, so the left shoulder twitching means that you will be dominant. Wählen Sie die Kategorie aus, in der Sie suchen möchten. Your subconsciousness is aware of that meaning and it insensibly delivers the signal to your consciousness. This person has acquired all these qualities during his past lives. Shoulders are the symbol of power, when they twitching it shows that you are working hard to achieve the goals but it can also make you stressed and unhappy sometimes. You must use some healing for relief. Negative marks warn you not to be hasty to sow ideas and trust them if they are untested by your heart and personal experience. google_ad_height = 600; © 2019 - All Rights Reserved. This person lacks diplomacy, balance, an ability to cooperate, and objectivity. Ihre zuletzt angesehenen Artikel und besonderen Empfehlungen. © Copyright 2004-2020 - All About   |  Disclaimer   |  Designed and made by: Strut Your Stuff. Such a person stays away from aggression, appreciates the material world, and knows how to attract and store beautiful things if he dares go for them. Click here to find out if it’s for you. The marks on the cheek and forehead that occur on the body already in this life bring one or several messages out of the following: Bumps and cuts testify similar things, but they are less significant and pass away faster. It shows a jackpot or wins a big lottery. As the ‘highest’ actually ‘living’ tissue of the body, the scalp reflects CONTACT WITH HIGHER TRUTHS. Big foot. If you are struggling for a long time, it is time to get a reward for your efforts. At the death of the organism, they return to the earth, following the natural … Also closely linked with the symbolism of the cardinal points and orientation are the gestures and movements of the body, as symbolic expressions of the will applying itself in one direction or another. POSITIVE MARKS witness the authority related to the past lives. On the whole this person is often the one who adorns the world by being reliable, natural, and patient. – ggf. BUT with the help of a certified S.I.T. your life is in a mess; it reflects lack of care and order; you may face serious problems because of this; you do not care enough about your body and health; due to your exaggerated pettiness you have become an unbearable grumbler; you are too lazy or you simply forget and even avoid to fulfill your duties; possible failures at work; you are not skillful enough or your relations with the colleagues are bad; your treatment and help is harmful to others; you give too much prominence to your work and duty; you allow yourself to become a slave.

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