For instance, you could write about the time when Washington rallied his troops and convinced them not to abandon the Continental Army late in 1776, even when things looked just about as bleak as they could get. (Yes, that’s a technical term.). This will help you decide which topic might yield the most content for your essay. Now, consider your version of the story. Try to avoid talking about the ideal weather (believe us, admissions officers already know that you’re looking forward to that!). More posts from the lawschooladmissions community, Continue browsing in r/lawschooladmissions. We require you to write two essays that answer the following prompts: The admission committee can better engage with your essays if you format them appropriately. Follow up with something along the lines of how it built your confidence and inspired you to help teach other underclassmen to tie back into why it was so important to you. Want to learn what Stanford University will actually cost you based on your income? Help with law school personal statements, application requirements, and admissions chances. Don’t sweat too much over the exact way to put the essay in letter format. Your version includes an extra little something. They take you to the Broadway Lion King musical. I recommend using that post to guide you as you’re writing. This is pretty straightforward. This response shows an authentic passion for learning without overloading on narrative. Keep in mind that trying to write about multiple aspects of the activity will be difficult with only 50 words, and it can result in simply reiterating what will already be on your activities list. Starting with something like “Hi! Since Stanford admissions are so extremely selective, it places a good deal of pressure on both the content. This experience improved the way I study and showed me the value of truly mastering knowledge on my own. Was there any particular reasoning behind your decision? You may cancel by emailing or, you may notify us of your intent to cancel at any time by emailing Stanford’s freshman application asks students to respond to 4 different short questions and 3 relatively longer essay questions as part of their admissions process. Pick just one aspect that was most important to you, and highlight that. As a child, I was a Monopoly Champion. What historical moment or event do you wish you could have witnessed? While Stanford has a reputation of being pretty relaxed and laid back, you shouldn’t try to exude that attitude throughout all your essays. Along with Stanford law optional essays and other assignments, such as when the university asks you if you want to get into a specific school, there are some questions every applicant should answer. Then, go through the Best Extracurricular Activity Brainstorm I’ve Ever Seen (AKA BEABIES exercise), either mentally or by filling out the chart. Get access to our expert guides and courses when you create your free CollegeVine account. Another example could be writing about how you decided to reach out to the school suicide awareness club and form a new organization that focuses on both bullying prevention and suicide awareness with active presentations to underclassman. It’s an opportunity to “round out” the rest of your application highlighting meaningful moments, whether from community service or leadership roles or activities at undergrad. Application Process. Why do you think YOU saw this unique path, where others might not have? The point of this essay is to invoke the casual nature of roommate relationships and invite students to take a more relaxed approach to writing about themselves. The relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration through derivatives and integrals tied everything together in a way that made so much sense it gave me chills. Every finals week, you will hear Stanford students screaming out of their windows at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night when they’ve been studying for hours on end. A year from now, you might find yourself cracking up over how weird you sound while exchanging what you wrote with your actual roomie to procrastinate working on your p-sets or essays. Don’t get me wrong—I love to win. com, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, and the creator of the first regularly published rankings of business schools. Take it from someone who decided not to do the optional essays and regretted it all application definitely want to do at least one of them!! I haven't read much here regarding this component so I was wondering why that was and … Behind this question is Stanford GSB’s belief that past behavior is the best predictor of future potential. Short Essay Questions. Applying to the Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: Everything You Need to Know [2020 – 2021] 3. Please do not include your short-answer response in your essays upload; use the text boxes provided in the application. 2018: Worked as coding teacher with self-developed Java curriculum. Please forgive the email at this late hour—my energy levels are directly proportional to how late it gets. It brings the application to life by asking you to write only about your own personality, which feels more open than other essays that ask you to answer a specific question like “Describe your community” or “Talk about a mentor who got you through a difficult time.” While answering both of those prompts still offers insight into who the author is, they are fundamentally centralized around another person or topic, which is why Stanford cuts straight to the chase with this prompt to actually get to know you better. Consider these three tips as you sit down to write, drawn from my experience as a Fortuna Admissions coach and former Stanford GSB Alumni Interviewer: 1. (250 words), Tell us about something that is meaningful to you and why. In retrospect, TOK put into words what I’ve since sensed — this inexplicable duality of filling a void that is ever-expanding. Or, if you like the idea of hiking around “the dish,” which is basically just a cute little loop of hills 15 min from campus, you could incorporate that into your response as well. Please check back with us at a later date. I am a TED Talk nerd, so getting to study Biological Engineering with Manu Prakash, of “A 50-cent Microscope That Folds Like Origami” fame would be awe-inspiring. Oh, and probably don’t mention Stanford’s roundabouts or jumping in fountains. WYSIATI taught me that a more effective approach involves weaving in memorable images like that of a horrific shark attack. After a few study sessions, I began to devour YouTube videos to prepare for the test, and each time I understood a new concept by learning it on my own, I felt more accomplished and intellectually independent. I mourn the loss of discourse based on learned experience and individual perspective and how that seems to be creating social aggression. Can I get access through a corporate account. Be careful not to lose depth or end up listing too much. MBA Admission Consulting Claims: How Credible? portion that doesn’t sound like lines out of a motivational speech or a soap opera (be objective in verifying this and try reading it out loud). Stanford Optional Short Essays. Be honest with what you write, but also think critically about the different aspects of your personality you are highlighting with each answer. Or in your mind, was this the only logical approach? For example, if you are someone who has test anxiety or can occasionally feel a little timid, you could write about looking forward to letting loose with fun traditions like the primal scream while still keeping up with the grind. Going for something more general than an event like looking forward to diversity in the dorms, a challenging curriculum, or research opportunities is okay too, but know that you will need to write it in a way that will stand out as they go through heaps of similarly-themed responses. This past summer, when debating whether labeling environmental activists as “eco-terrorists” is justified, my opponents cited dozens of crimes associated with activists from 1995-2002. If you create incentives for yourself to work on your Stanford University essays early and choose topics that you genuinely care about, then you will end up devoting much more time to them, resulting in more polished essays. I saw the palpable pride the factory had in the heritage that they displayed, and the stunning beauty of a legacy and its centuries of refined knowledge. Think about what you enjoy and jot down notes like: I love Sandra Bullock movies. Think about times you’ve created a positive impact, whether in professional, extracurricular, academic, or other settings. These typically wouldn’t get much more than a bullet on the resume or a mention in the application but may be critical pivot points that have shaped who you are and how you think. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. If you don’t think you have any important topics on the serious side that you want to specifically cover in the space for this prompt (an extreme medical condition, a family hardship etc. Why Stanford MSx, and why now? Should you do it? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. (50 words). Good luck! Reflect on an idea or experience that makes you genuinely excited about learning. Copyright© 2020 Poets&Quants, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I am ridiculously stoked to meet you!” or any other straightforward greeting that doesn’t sound too cheesy is totally fine. As I worked through practice problems and self-corrected my way across old exams, I felt driven to stop excusing or dismissing my mistakes, and to instead pull them apart by analyzing exactly. What did you see that no one else saw? Thoughts on the optional essays for Stanford Law? I’m attracted to buying gift wrap even if I have no reason for it, a trait I inherited from my mom. I love chicken. What is the most significant challenge that society faces today? In this section, we provide an optional opportunity to go beyond your resume to discuss some of your contributions more fully. Here’s a nice example essay for this prompt: I see many of my peers engaged in overly dogmatic discussions. For example, if you want to indicate your interest in the techy Silicon Valley, you could write about witnessing the process Hewlett and Packard went through starting their business from their garage because you loved tinkering through your own projects throughout high school. Stanford Optional Short Essays. I was pretty proud of my Stanford short essay and I got a waitlist that my GPA definitely didn't warrant... but honestly who the hell knows what gave me that result ‍♀️. I have my eye on the three songs prompt, but I’m also drawn to the library books one. And do they have any preferences for topics? I love Sandra Bullock movies. The stuff you didn’t need to address, and the project would have STILL been a success—but maybe not as impactful. Q: Does it have to be centered around just one meaningful activity? Feel free to be straightfoward rather than artsy, as you have limited space. I’m also one to venture out and walk/bike ten miles for Polaroid pics and yummy eats. who would benefit? This experience improved the way I study and showed me the value of truly mastering knowledge on my own. This prompt can arguably be one of the most entertaining to write and read of all college supplemental essays because of the opportunity to present the admissions office with an amalgamation of weird topics. Be specific. (50 words), How did you spend your last two summers? (50 words), The Stanford community is deeply curious and driven to learn in and out of the classroom. Pro-tip: Don’t say “Big Bang” or anything related to dropping the atomic bomb, unless you’re going to surprise us with your explanation (AKA your “so what?”), as these tend to be pretty common choices for students. Your essays help us understand what character traits have propelled you in your career and tell us how the MSx Program is integral to maximizing your impact in the world. Also, don’t forget to briefly address what you gleaned from the activity as opposed to simply describing what it was.

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