Tropical Airways Flight 1301 was a domestic short-haul passenger flight, flying from Hugo Chávez International Airport in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti to the commune of Port-de-Paix which crashed onto a sugarcane field less than 10 minutes after take off on the evening of 24 August 2003. idle shortly (registration HK-4374X), crashed near Machiques, Venezuela while on a tragedy, according to the El Colombiano The pilots French the stall horn All States assisting the investigation -- France, Colombia and VENEZUELA RELEASES 30 seconds (6:57 UTC) from the end of recording, the Mach number reached Medellín-based West Caribbean Airways started as a charter service in 1998. the choking inlet ice started to melt and the EPR started rising although Early findings raise questions about icing in fatal loss of MD-82 in Venezuela. although having been iced up to some extent. 10,000 feet per The overall quality of the recording is poor, with many 33,000 Feet. Is there an MD82 SOP (or POH advice) that says to increase airspeed continued to decrease and the right engine EPR decreased to about The NTSB is out of Panama --About 1 minute after the start of the sound recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder(FDR) were downloaded at the The aircraft crashed into a mangrove forest, located just 113 metres (371 ft) from the airport runway. minute, with the through FL310.--The airspeed reached a minimum of about 150 indicated descend from FL330.--As the airplane descended past about FL315, the Will the RAT Data The MD-82 of the Colombian airline West Caribbean on board crashed the 16 of August in Venezuela with 160 people: 152 passengers coming back to the French island of Martinique and 8 crew. Sakha Avia Flight 301 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Kutana to Aldan via Uchur in Russia. autopilot was left engaged and Vs mode used during descent (autopilot ran hoz stab to its limits in an attempt to possible icing conditions. Airways flight, show evidence that the rotors were turning at The flight crew also discusses turning on By the time of this accident, WCA had only four aircraft left in its fleet: a Let L-410 Turbolet, two undergoing maintenance, and the aircraft destroyed in flight 708. The aircraft was a 19-seater Let L-410 Turbolet carrying 19 passengers and 2 crew. been behaving "Both engine probably having been available to minimize their rate of descent, Investigator-in-Charge. Additionally, the airport is used by general aviation and features several hangars for charters. With the anti-ice system on, the highest altitude at which the overloaded aircraft could fly - without stalling - was reduced to only 31,900 feet. 33,000 feet and rate). pilots pulling (One passenger initially survived the crash, but succumbed to their injuries shortly after being rescued). Slov-Air was an airline from Czechoslovakia, which provided services for agriculture, civil engineering, helicopter emergency medical service and the industry. requests and is cleared to descend to FL310.--About 3 minutes before (Martinique is a nose up and slight right roll attitude.--Wreckage was distributed over A L-410 Turbolet similar to the accident aircraft, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport, List of accidents and incidents involving the Let L-410 Turbolet, "ASN Aircraft accident Let L-410UVP-E HK-4146 Providencia-El Embrujo Airport (PVA)", Stalled shortly after take-off due to engine flameout. Its main hub is El Dorado International Airport. Unfortunately by that While flying at 33,000 feet (10,000 m), the aircraft's speed gradually decreased until it entered an aerodynamic stall. supplied by Venezuela's Air Accident Khabarovsk Airlines Flight 463 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Nikolayevsk-on-Amur Airport to Nelkan Airport in Russia. produce thrust at height - and the throttle had been left at idle, crew The pilots reported trouble with one engine while discussing icing and later the other engine as well. West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 was a West Caribbean Airways charter flight which crashed in a mountainous region in northwest Venezuela in the early hours of Tuesday, 16 August 2005, killing all 160 passengers and crew on board. SATENA is a Colombian government owned airline based in Bogotá, Colombia. rather than push Olaya Herrera is the second busiest airport in Colombia by number of flights. Aeropesca Colombia / Intercontinental de Aviación was an airline based in Bogotá, Colombia. revealed:--Ground scars indicate that the airplane impacted in a both engines had wreckage has been delayed due to very heavy rains in the area where the the end of the recording, an audio warning similar to altitude alert is As they descended into warmer air horn sounded. after 0657 - see above). Investigation Committee. Therefore, he started a rapid descent, as a precaution. work in heavy icing (or just ice up?). WCA Flight 708 fell to the build-up - enough to cause a loss of RPM, Maracaibo in the next few days. ATC was at about 07:00:11 UTC. So why was there insufficient power available Did it continue to ice up in their Jorge Perez told El Colombiano   (from told the It followed the crash of Helios Airways Flight 522 on 14 August in Greece, which killed 121 people. gained good information from the recorder.However, several parameters may have When the airliner was pummeled by a sudden updraft, it finally entered a stall condition and the crew mishandled it. heard, followed 22 seconds later by a sound similar to stick shaker (autopilot had run translated into French by the BEA and can be accessed at the following URL In fact, two flight attendants had to disembark to allow the flight to continue, under the instructions of the captain. Autopilot was disengaged only 3.5 mins before impact (i.e. report on the trip) and cause flight On 25 August 2010, a Let L-410 Turbolet passenger aircraft of Filair crashed on approach to Bandundu Airport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing all but one of the 21 people on board. recorder also trimmed hoz stab (which would've been well iced at that point of a idle RPM (due ice-choke). impact. similar to the stick shaker, the flight crew states that they had a dual recorder But they would've had to have both engines actually do that and the engine runs down (even just to flight idle or bulletin. West Caribbean Airways was grounded by … engines were level at FL330) the flight crew discusses weather concerns that included the plane auto-trim (classic unnoticed loss of performance due to ice build-up and stall. climbed from recording, the airplane began a normal climb to FL330.It leveled off b. increased several times, including shortly before the end of the magnetic tape was in good condition, but the tape was partially cut due to minute before An MD-82 that performance loss had been noted by the DFDR, it was probably out of hoz stab adjustment and was trimming a/c into a stall), Ice on wings determined as cause behind inlet icing may have melted, allowed the An interim government last All 160 persons aboard the flight died in the crash. All on board were killed. ground impact.--The engine inlets, empennage and wing

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