© 2020 Condé Nast. "BEFORE PINTEREST," Lauren Santo Domingo confides playfully, “there were all my scrapbooks. I fall in love with things fast and fierce and I have an impulse to share all my new discoveries. View more of Miranda Brooks’ work at her online portfolio here. I approach every partnership with her in mind. Lauren has chic homes in New York and Paris and recently added a beautiful home in Southampton. “It’s a constant battle against clover and invasive weeds!” Brooks says. 08 . “I had these visions of coming here, à la Bunny Mellon, with my cutting shears and my sun hat and doing the gardening. Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton’s home is a real treat. I had all the outfits, but I don’t have the patience!” Brooks, meanwhile, faced the challenge of establishing a radical new plan for buildings that were still on the drawing board. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.’ And she’s like, ‘Lauren, it’s a pansy,’ ” she says, laughing. The September 2019 issue of Vogue magazine features Lauren and Andrés Santo Domingo’s Southampton retreat and it is magical! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). So different from most of the new homes being built out here on the East End of Long Island, and much more appropriate to the history of the area. This Parisian apartment and home belongs to Lauren Santo Domingo, socialite, business woman and co-founder of the online fashion retailer Moda Operandi. Schafer decided upon a 18th century era colonial-style main house, along with a smattering of similar outbuildings including a guest house, garage, ‘entertaining barn’ that had once been a garage on the original lot of land, a pool cabana and a greenhouse. I am tuned in with her hopes, dreams, wants and wishes. As profiled in Vogue, here is a look at Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton Home: Lauren Santo Domingo is cofounder of fashionista-favourite Modus Operandi, so she knows a thing or two about aesthetics. She prefers to take advantage of cross breezes; she had learned the virtue of a draft at boarding school (“trying to smoke pot and not get caught”). “It keeps you on your toes.”. Is it strange that I enjoy these images almost as much as the finished ones? Unless otherwise stated, the images in today’s post were by Ricardo Labougle with original captions from the Vogue story by Hamish Bowles. 19. Evoking memories of her bucolic childhood, a passion for legendary tastemakers and for collecting, Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton home is a study in charmed nostalgia. Well that’s who Lauren Santo Domingo chose to create her new family home in Southampton, New York, and the results are stunning. Santo Domingo’s dressing room–bathroom was originally conceived as a suite of three rooms, until an image in the 1970 tome. In the lush walled garden stands a pergola with white wisteria. A thicket of daisies surrounds a garden wall anchored by a shingle-roofed turret. “He and I agree that we love old houses, but we prefer them new!” she deadpans. 13 . When Lauren and her husband, the similarly aesthetically sensitive entrepreneur Andrés Santo Domingo, began looking for a place to lay down roots with their young children, they wanted “something historic,” as Lauren says, but found that the storied properties in Southampton were “either very grand estates or very small saltboxes, neither of which interested us. Lauren Santo Domingo: The Moda client is very unique. Are there two better names to have create your dream home? Gil Schaefer is my favorite architect–his homes are classic without being trite. After Lauren purchased a lot with a 1790s cottage and then bought up the lot next door, it was decided that the property would consist of a series of buildings creating a compound, with each building either redesigned or built from scratch. With its Lilou Marquand rattan shades, it doubles as a cozy dining room in inclement weather. “It’s always fun to work with a client who is as visually literate as Lauren is,” says the courtly Schafer. All rights reserved. A brilliantly patterned Billy Baldwin Studio sofa is at the center of the living area in the party barn, hung with Alexander Calder gouaches. The main house was informed by everything from the ’70s geometry of with-it decorator David Hicks to Madeleine Castaing and Renzo Mongiardino’s essays in Proustian revivalism. Schafer’s principal house was conceived as though it had begun life as a modest 18th-century farmhouse with generational additions. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. She wanted an attic playroom (inspired by Lee Radziwill’s bedroom) that will eventually become a teenage den (“anything to keep them as long as possible!”), 1930s bathrooms with deep grouted tiles, and an old-fashioned mudroom. The gardens have been conceived as a series of different experiences. I ordered the September 2019 issue of Vogue from Amazon last week and was rewarded with a feature of Moda Operandi co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo’s house in Southampton, New York. “Most of the other properties around here end up looking somewhat uniform,” Lauren notes, “with the hydrangeas around the pool and the land flat and straight.” Instead, Brooks graded the land so that the oval pool now lies in a dale, subtly creating the sense of a protective enclosure. The decor is incredible, I only wish I could have seen more! A different view of the breakfast nook via @remy_renzullo. Altogether the property is a mixture of classic enduring styles, romantic landscapes, traditional architecture, bohemian interiors, but ultimately a cosy family home. Decorating / August 21, 2019. I’ve had them since middle school—dozens and dozens.” Sure enough, here they are, arranged in the library of her Southampton manse, beautifully linen-bound by master bookbinder Paul Vogel and sitting alongside extensive runs of World of Interiors and Lapham’s Quarterly. “Miranda’s a genius,” Lauren avers. Her husband is a voracious, informed collector with tastes that run the gamut from the exquisite botanical and insect still-life paintings of the 17th-century Dutch artist Jan van Kessel to the bold impasto works of the midcentury Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga. The following images are from G.P. After searching without success for the right property, the Santo Domingo’s fell in love with a 1790s cottage that was beautifully situated but came with strict building restrictions. And she insisted on screen doors and windows—her builders hadn’t installed those since the 1980s. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive updates. The couple’s dynamic taste brings the mix firmly into tomorrow’s world—in the handsomely scaled living room, a table by the state-of-the- art Green River Project furniture-makers, for instance, provides what Lauren describes as “the perfect modern push-pull” when set alongside Guido Gambone and 17th-century Venetian vases, and furniture by such 20th-century masters as Marc du Plantier, Jean Michel Frank, Jean Royère, Axel Einar Hjorth, Samuel Marx, and Diego Giacometti. The cofounder and chief brand officer of online retailer Moda Operandi grew up in a stately 1902 Georgian property in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, with a bucolic labyrinth of azalea and lilac, immemorial trees to climb, and gazebos in which to play house. Those van Kessels, for instance, have ended up in the jewel-box guest powder room; a collection of netsuke skulls—once the property of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé—has recently joined a memento mori Wunderkammer in the ebony-lacquered nightclub downstairs. The rooms seem elegant but comfortable and airy. Wicker, bamboo and matchstick shades, exposed beams and whitewashed paneling, feel rustic and refined, effortlessly elegant through and through. “I remember walking around a friend’s property, and I said, ‘Oh, Miranda, what is this? When tasked with finding a home she loved, to raise her children, she knew she wanted something ‘historic’ and eventually settled on the idea of building a new home with an old look, and who better to create such a vision than the classicist visionary Gil Schafer? “The contractors thought I was . Ad Choices. The September 2019 issue of Vogue magazine features Lauren and Andrés Santo Domingo’s Southampton retreat and it is magical! “Part of my job is I just find places for everything!” she says. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Renowned classicist architect Gil Schafer and his team were perfect for the job. For this initial post, we are all super lucky since we get a glimpse into Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton home currently featured in the September issue of Vogue . A Fashionable Life: Lauren Santo Domingo’s Southampton Home A Fashionable Life will be another regular post of this blog, which I’ll try to post every Friday. With impeccable taste and a chic yet playful approach to design, the cofounder and chief brand officer of Moda Operandi and her husband, Colombian entrepreneur Andrés Santo Domingo, have created a stunning family home on Long Island. I love the contrast of the parquet floor with the ornate walls. To read more about this project, please visit Vogue online or pick up the latest issue available on Amazon. Thickets of daises nod in the Long Island breeze while a rustic pergola stands sturdily under creeping vines of wisteria. For the garden Lauren enlisted the distinguished English garden designer, Miranda Brooks who was tasked with creating a series of garden rooms “little inner worlds – a fantasy land.” Including a walled garden with a shingle-roofed turret – perfectly matched by the romantic English gardening that winds around the property. The result, Lauren exults, “is even more magical than I imagined.". Decorator Virginia Tupker outfitted the interiors of the party-barn featured in the Vogue story, using the Santo Domingo’s extensive art collections. The style of each outbuilding was conceived as ‘generational additions’ to the main house. If it rains, the party can move into the sunporch, its wicker furniture inspired by Marella Agnelli and its rattan shades made by the fabled Lilou Marquand, a longtime associate of Coco Chanel. But it is also a garden that is alive with the susurration of bees and birdsong. You can also browse previous projects designed by Gil Schafer in previous posts including a Dutch Colonial house, a Lakeside Retreat, a former Carriage House, a Country Lodge and a Connecticut Farmhouse.

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