The Mexican Mafia prison gang was formed in 1957 at Deuel Vocational Institution (DVI) in Tracy, Calif. DVI was the last stop for the worst youthful offenders in the California Youth Authority (CYA) system. The gang used these taxpayer resources to buy drugs and murder its enemies. Names of Gangs | Resources Mexikanemi's criminal activity, broke the group up and relocated them to While Luis Flores is credited with being the founding father of the group, Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza, Joe "Peg Leg" Morgan and Eddie Gonzales were also notables of the original crew. The Mexican Mafia finally hit a wall in 1995 when dozens had murder, kidnapping and extortion charges brought against them by federal government. EME uses killing as a means of discipline or gaining respect. Several EME members were also present at this meeting, including Peter "Sana" Ojeda. Great care should be taken in Many Mexican Mafia members have the authority to order The Mexican Mafia is the controlling organization for almost every Hispanic gang in Southern California, and some gangs located in Mexican Mafia symbols include images of a black hand. the prison farms, ranches and other facilities. End Note A great majority coveted membership and favor and would willingly "put in work" for the EME cause. The Mexican Mafia was founded by Luis "Huero Buff" Flores in 1957 at Deuel Vocational Institution. Between July 1975, and November 1977, over fifty victims were murdered by EME enforcers with the bulk of these credited to Mendoza, Gonzales, Alfredo "Alfie" Sosa, and Robert "Robot" Salas. 1) A Carnal had to be sponsored by another member(s). The Mexican mafia's campaign against drive-by shootings had another benefit: good PR. below was graciously given by the  By the 80s and spilling into the 90s, racial tensions were high throughout the United States and prisons were a microcosm. As a former prison gang member, I'm ashamed to look in the mirror because my failures are staring back at me. The initial goal was to control black market activities and terrorize the prison population at DVI. gangs, so I am relying upon that group to provide accurate Morgan was universally respected and he became the titular gang "Godfather." "AZTLAN" In 1971, EME conducted the first prison gang street execution in the Los Angeles suburb of Monterey Park. WFX13, for example, means the gang member is from the White Fence gang, which is an affiliate of the EME. Department of Corrections. Institute of the California Prison System in Tracy, CA. Around 1992, Orange County law enforcement discovered that the Mexican Mafia was conducting mass meetings of numerous rival Hispanic gangs. In 1992, the crews' story hit the big screen in a movie called American Me. Some believe the Mexikanemi share | While warring on the streets was an everyday occurrence between these individuals, Flores was able to form a truce of sorts. Every time law enforcement thought that they had knocked out or retired the Eme organization, they found that the Eme came back again. the EME with the Mexikanemi from Texas. Southeastern Connecticut Gang | As the show progresses, we see the challenges that El Paso Detective Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Juárez Detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) face in working together across cultural divides as well as in an environment of extensive police and government corruption. Ramon "Mundo" Mendoza and Edward "Sailor Boy" Gonzales were the first EME enforcers to "carry the EME gospel" throughout the state of California as they systematically replaced local drug dealers with EME dealers. Also entering the scene about this time was the Aryan Brotherhood (AB)—composed primarily of white inmates—which aligned itself with La EME against the BGF and NF. Ojeda instituted a "no drive-by" edict to all Sureno street gang members. A question for the mayor: If it really is unacceptable, why do you continue to accept it?

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