Instead of allowing yourself to become locked into your personal patterns of behaviour and shunning others who do not appreciate them, take some time to learn how to make changes in your life. Neptune was last in Scorpio throughout the full decade of the 1960's. All rights reserved. It is important that you learn to leverage your grim view for making positive changes, rather than simply allowing it to stew inside you. There is a focus on and love of nature, and the secrets it can teach us. You are very emotionally intuitive, and excellent at clearly articulating both your own feelings and those of others. Neptune in Scorpio Dreams and psychic abilities are definitely at play in this powerful placement.

Their relationships are not easy, and it takes a strong person to keep up with their fiery passion. The path Neptune in Scorpio - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you.

through drugs, alcohol, sex, meditation, or spiritual practice. When Neptune in Scorpio is afflicted, it arouses the vilest impulses, obsessions and neurotic perversions that man is heir to. You tend to be highly critical and seek out negativity, which isn’t healthy for any relationship. These individuals were born into a time where the search for harmony and bliss, as indicated by Neptune's position, were manifest by people losing themselves in drugs, music and sex. Many psychics and "sensitives" They don’t want anyone to know. As time passes for the person with Neptune in Scorpio, it can become easier and easier to become locked into your ways, seeing your opinions as dogma and resisting change. effects and characterizes the psyches of entire generations. This combination of characteristics is ideal for lasting satisfaction and positivity. You’re very calculating, and unlikely to be bogged down by fear or false modesty.

Pluto again, associated with death, and it was in the sign of death and destruction at its full culmination, 29 degrees. Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide. These people can never tell how important something is to a Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune in Scorpio is unafraid of the darker aspects of life. One of the few places Neptune in Scorpio finds spiritual enlightenment is in the bedroom.

No other zodiac sign feels things more deeply than Scorpio. While people born during this period may be a little late in their career to pick up politics or medicine in 2017 (although it’s always possible to make these changes if you really want to! techniques, and hallucinogenic substances. But, they need positive energy to make it happen. "Sixties", and with Neptune in Scorpio the energy was present Well-adapted men with Neptune in Scorpio may realize this and be drawn to politics or public service.

These people are very particular about everything in their lives. This watery positioning of Neptune will help you to dream and be creative. Find out if you are dating a control freak. Thus, although we find major minds with Neptune in this position, we find few that are free from a strong hint of perversity. People born during this period are extremely intelligent and see the world in extreme clarity, but their tendency to see the negative can lead to stubbornness and dogmatism that is just as strong as what they want to rebel against.

Find out how to strengthen your psychic abilities. What does it mean when Neptune is in Sagittarius? (Find out how to strengthen your psychic abilities).

What does it mean to have Neptune in Scorpio? This leaves them intrigued but sometimes depressed at the same time. (If afflicted, the misuse of psychic Their reactions to this may be one of the types of information that you pay such good attention to, because someone’s reaction to surprise can tell you a lot about their values and what they are like as a person. The majority of individuals in a If what I’ve said sounds a bit negative, that’s because this sign tends to respond better to disaster than to gentle approaches. (and most recently before that in 1806).

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