List Your Items at for Free! She sells the clothes online that she doesn’t wear anymore. Press J to jump to the feed. … Nov 03. We only made $350 – let’s not talk or think about what the ‘stuff’ cost us in the first place – but even the cash is far out-weighed by the relief of getting rid of most of it. Sam realizes he could make some money from importing more PlayStation games. Whether you’re in-trade depends on specific circumstances of the seller and the offer. Posted on May 4, 2013 by Vicki Slade. We’ve excluded a couple of categories because the transaction can’t be completed via Trade Me. 18-20 Kitchener Road, Sandringham Flea Market and garage sale Bargains Galore start 7am to 12pm. Horders still use garage sales when they realise they have a problem, or people going overseas sometimes. If you’re also selling in-trade, you can set up a business membership. In anycase where listing 100+ items individually on Trademe is just not feasible, a garage sale … Find enough garage sales to fill your weekend and pick up a bargain. Garage Sales … Most of the ‘stuff’ had been carted from one house to the next over the last several years, and most of it had been useful at one time or another, but it no longer fitted with our plans for the future – not that we can be certain about those for more than about six months! Despite selling a lot of clothes online, Beth is not in-trade because the clothes she is selling were initially purchased for personal use. If you would like to know more about our range of garages for sale, please fill out our online quote form today. have incorporated a company or set up another type of trading vehicle. Auckland . about the same time that we move into her house for our last three weeks in Christchurch! If you don’t, the Commerce Commission can fine you. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you’re selling items in-trade, the law requires that you disclose this to members when you’re selling items on Trade Me. If you want to sell items both in-trade and for personal use, you'll need to have two accounts – one for in-trade use and one for personal use. She is also in-trade when she sells the jewelry and brooches. OR. All the unsold items will fit in the boot of the car and go to the City Mission, or similar, and some will simply be thrown out. We’ve made it easy for you to disclose on Trade Me that you’re selling in-trade by creating a swanky label that you can choose to appear next to your username in the ‘About the seller’ section on your listings. We’ve had them before, but never quite as successful as this one. In only two weeks time we will have packed up the hire truck, driven to Nelson, and off-loaded all the belongings we are keeping into half a twenty-foot storage container – just a third, and maybe a quarter, of the space we would have required had we instead kept all the ‘stuff’ we’ve sold and are selling. We haven’t had any interest in them so far, which must mean our prices are too high, but they seem to compare favourably with other cars listed, so we’re a bit confused …. Yippee! Anna wants to expand into selling online. Home List Your Sale FREE! The big flat-screen telly’s on a (strong) cardboard box because the entertainment unit’s been sold. Horders still use garage sales when they realise they have a problem, or people going overseas sometimes. However, where it is clear given the volume, value, and consistency of your trading on Trade Me, that you're 'in-trade', we may take steps to ensure you turn on the in-trade label. Factors that will help determine whether you’re in-trade, include if you: For examples and more information, check out the Commerce Commission guidelines on working out whether you may be in-trade. Only in-trade, New Zealand, sellers are eligible for the Gold Trade Rebate. Alternatively, call 0800 94 33 77 and follow the prompts to be connected with your nearest store. One down …… . Less than a day after my post, we've had a young couple view the Mazda and they've decided to buy it, for our asking price. If I have a need to go garage-saleing in Wanganui, there's usually 5-15 advertised on a Saturday morning, and that's somewhere as small as Wanganui. have staff or assistants to help manage your sales; have incorporated a company or set up another type of trading vehicle. Some things, some times, just won’t go to plan. If a ‘dealer’ label appears within the Motors category, it won’t show the in-trade label as well. We had planned to have two garage sales – the second is no longer necessary. Sign Up Garage Sale Tips Donate Items Advertise Contact Us Login. So many great finds of my life are from those marvelous nights. Our biggest concern at the moment is our cars. Darn it. Sellers must make it clear if they are in-trade when selling items online, so that consumers know they are protected under the FTA and CGA. For examples and more information, check out the Commerce Commission guidelines on working out whether you may be in-trade. 740 Sandringham Road, Wesley Flea Market and GARAGE SALE Bargains Galore 7am to 12pm. If you operate more than one business on Trade Me, you may be able to have an additional membership for each business. Brought to you by HostJars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Click Here to see more Garage Sales in Washington! Showing 12 Garage Sales. You can change your status from your My Trade Me page. 740 Sandringham Road, Wesley Flea Market and GARAGE SALE Bargains Galore 7am to 12pm . We’ve made one giant leap forward today. I even tried listing them in the Buy, Sell, Exchange paper, but have received no calls from there either. Your Garage Sale Stories Garage Sale Hunter Tips Garage Sales 101 Garage Sales Blog. She imports a number of jewelry and brooches, which she sells at the market also. regularly or habitually offer to sell goods or services online, make, buy or obtain goods with the intention of selling them, have staff or assistants to help manage your sales. Over the years he has amassed a large collection of PlayStation games. As a buyer, you have legal rights under consumer law. Success fees are calculated differently for in-trade sellers – check out our fees page for more info. For Garage Sales look here Garage Sales are such fun. Prices for second hand goods in Christchurch had been low, but with many workers coming into Christchurch for the rebuild there seem to be a lot of people setting up fully self-contained houses and flats as rentals and this seems to have pushed prices up again. No. Anna is in-trade because she has made these scarves and hats with the intention of selling them. The lounge suite goes next weekend, so Izzie then sleeps on …. You should only have one personal membership, which you can use to list items you’re not selling in-trade. Garage Sales By State. Do you go to the auction on thursdays at haywards? ummmmm….. Luckily, a friend’s buying the whitewear to set up a rental, so we can keep that until the last minute …. In anycase where listing 100+ items individually on Trademe is just not feasible, a garage sale will happen. Your #1 resource for Garage Sale, Yard Sale and Estate Sale Listings. We had a garage sale! The following scenarios provide some examples around whether a person might be selling in-trade or selling personal items: For further information, check out the Commerce Commission guidelines. If you're listing items on Trade Me that you initially bought or acquired for your own personal use, then you won’t usually be selling them in-trade. List your garage sale for free for a limited time to get more visitors at your event. He starts to regularly import a number of games when he purchases games for his own use. We’ve had them before, but never quite as successful as this one. Once switched on, your membership will permanently show you as in-trade. 18-20 Kitchener Road, Sandringham G.SALE. To calculate the Trade Me success fee for auctions listed under motorbikes, boats and other vehicles (excludes cars), enter the sale price below. This is because we consider the ‘dealer’ badge communicates to buyers that the seller is in-trade. As a seller, you need to adhere to legal obligations when selling to consumers. At least if you sell something for $2 at your garage sale there's no-one who comes in after the deal and demands their cut. Showing Auckland Garage Sales. However, when he sells the games he purchased for his own personal use, he will not be in-trade. Once you confirm you're selling in-trade, the in-trade label will appear next to your username in the ‘About the seller’ section of the listing page. Sam regularly purchases PlayStation games for his own enjoyment. However, if you’re providing goods or services in-trade, be aware that you’ll still have obligations under the CGA, even if you don’t have an in-trade label on your listings. Anna now knits the scarves and hats fulltime so that she can always stock her market stall. Well, Izzie’s sleeping on the couch because we sold her bed, and the spare bed. Garage sales and Trademe. And she had to clear out her chest of drawers last night so we could put it in the garage sale. Get started now by clicking the New Listing link. It's up to you to decide whether you are in-trade or not. Nov 05. If you’re not in-trade, then you won’t have to make any changes to your membership settings. Anna knits scarves and hats and sells them at the local weekend market. We had a garage sale! Tomorrow the dining suite goes to a new home, so we’ll be eating … somewhere. Nigel’s had great success on Trademe too and much of our furniture has gone for more than we had thought possible, especially where little bidding wars have erupted. Your closest store will be in touch shortly to discuss our garage prices and design options. Our in-trade disclosure policy on Trade Me. Howick Kids Market. If you want to check out the legal wording, you can find it within the Fair Trading Act. Copyright 2018 Nigel Kerby and Vicki Slade. 120 Picton st Howick. For example, if you’re listing in the Jobs, Property, Flatmates wanted or Services categories, the in-trade label won’t appear. GarageSale ist ein elegantes und ausgereiftes Mac-Programm, das vollständig mit dem weltweiten eBay-System zusammen arbeitet.

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