All Group B had was power and downforce. ChrisFix Recommended for you. Besides small optical details, there were big differences especially in the technical parts used. In more recent times, a black 222D made a surprise appearance at the 2007 Goodwood Festival of Speed, performing a limited speed exhibition run up the hill. 1.2L engine with no power restrictions). The semi-gloss paint of the black prototypes helps to bring out the car’s bold lines in a very striking manner. In addition, they wanted to do without the cost-intensive street-legal versions of these rally monsters for good, of which 200 basic versions and 20 each per evolutionary stage still had to be sold for Group B. From the summer of 1975—when Hannu Mikkola took his underpowered Corolla Levin to victory in the Finnish forests—until Luis Moya put his helmet through the rear window of his Corolla WRC 300 meters away from the 1999 world championship, Toyota has had a huge presence in the WRC. Even casual fans of rallying have heard of Group B monsters like the Audi Quattro S1, Lancia Delta S4 and Ford RS200. Although they were no strangers to 4×4 systems, (the Land Cruiser had been the market-leading 4×4 for nearly 25 years) for their first competition-based four-wheel drive car the system was developed by Xtrac, a company that at the time was known for making bespoke transmissions for top-flight rallycross cars.

Toyota never made one, and I suspect that this fellow didn't spend the tens of thousands it would have cost to make it happen. Toyota stated a total weight of only 750 kilograms. In place of the 1.6-litre engine and rear-wheel drive set-up of the MR2, the 222D adopted the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder motor of Toyota's planned ST165 Celica GT-Four, along with a five-speed manual transmission. The exterior of the 222D mimics the silhouette of the normal production MR2 quite well but is obviously much widened to accommodate a wider track for more stability and a greater range of tire widths. Even if the handling issues could have eventually been solved, John thinks there is a more fundamental reason the car only got to the stage it was left at. Although chassis No. Developed by Cologne-based Toyota Motorsport, the 222D had little in common with the commercially available MR2 on which it was based. A body kit alone, of course, isn't enough to turn an MR2 into a 222D; extensive drivetrain work would be necessary to transform one of these mid-engined marvels into a faithful replica. 1 is the only running example. The rear-wheel drive car had a simpler configuration, so it had a longitudinally mounted engine with the gearbox hanging out of the back, the giant turbo pipes looped around the sides. A private collector subsequently purchased one of the black cars and provided rally fans much joy to finally see a 222D in action at the 2017 edition.

Furthermore, two drivetrain versions of the rally car were originally developed for testing; one featuring rear-wheel drive for tarmac rallies, and one featuring Xtrac four-wheel drive (of rallycross fame) for all other types of rallies.

The main protagonist however was the 2140cc “503E”, also known as the “3S-GT”, turbocharged four-cylinder engine taken directly from Toyota’s LeMans Group C sports prototype. Before his death in 2008, Andersson made the following statement about the 222D: “You never knew what it was going to do. From the end of 1984 onwards, rumors persisted that the FIA was working on the regulations for the successor category Group S, which was to become even wilder and freer. This might explain the “222D” moniker (MR 2 + 2.2 L engine). Lineup, Ford Cancels the Mustang Shelby GT350 for 2021, Here's How Brake-by-Wire Works, and Why It's Safe, The Suzuki Jimny Is So Terrible but So Charming, McLaren 765LT Sprints from 0 to 150 in 9.8 Seconds, SVE's Yenko S/C Stage II Camaro Packs 1050 HP, Watch an SSC Tuatara Leave a Veyron in the Dust. The engine was running at the time. The main protagonist however was the 2140cc “503E”, also known as the “3S-GT”, turbocharged four-cylinder engine taken directly from Toyota’s LeMans Group C sports prototype. With an experimental 2.1-liter engine and turbocharging, more than 600 hp and around 640 newtonmeters of torque were available. TTE and the other teams though was the fact that they developed two different cars in tandem, both a 4×4 and a rear-wheel drive variant for use on tarmac rallies. (For example it's really though to do engine changes) Now it's time for a new and more extreme project. As one can expect, the very special “222D” MR2 shared very little with the production car less its overall exterior shape.

While in excess of 800 BHP was said to be available from the 503E, the one found in the 222D was rumoured to develop up to 750 BHP on gasoline. If any more go I will have to replace them with something else.”. Toyota Motorsport Europe began work on the 222D project in 1984–the same year the MR2 went into production–with the goal of eventually producing a World Rally Championship winner. An AW-11 4A-GZE small-roots supercharged, W10 MR2 Engine. With the rear body work lifted out of the way, it looks absolutely incredible, more of a Group C Le Mans car than something intended for the stages of the WRC, especially with the foot-wide tires flanking it.

Only 10 road-going examples would be required for homologation, compared to 200 in Group B, an attempt to encourage innovation and outside-the-box design.

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