He also announces he will not be stepping down, adding Kendall has already signed the papers, while everyone wants their lawyers to look over the papers. He’ll have to hope he can ride his blackmailing little pal’s coattails to the top. [11], Everyone is celebrating Ken's daughter's birthday wen Shiv, Roman and Kendall are all called away for an impromptu meeting with Logan. Go watch it before you read this!). He enjoys hiking and racing drones and spending time with his nephews, Cooper and Clark, all things that frankly sound like terrible inspiration for theme park ideas. Wouldn't you rather be up front, feeding the horse?" It’s a heavy situation they’re in, after all: battling for control of a global organization so powerful that it has a body count, led by a man who would sacrifice his own son. If you believe that any Site Content infringes upon your copyright, please notify us by email support@quotecatalog.com. The characters themselves are highly aware of their lives as drama. What did he say?Greg: He threatened to cut me off.Logan: He won't do that. And when Connor is fretting about what he can say at the funeral, she hastily scrawls some ingenious thoughts down on paper, which he then takes up to the church’s pulpit and delivers apparently verbatim. After, Logan makes his way to the stage and announces Rhea as his new successor. Cyd wants ATN to stay ATN, Nazi stuff and all, and she has a lot of power behind her coming out of this episode. They’ve read the myths; they’ve absorbed their rhetoric; they’ve put their spin on it. Though in reality, Connor is quietly announcing his political campaign. This betrayal was a display of moral clarity aligned with self-interest: the work of a man who’s been broken down into nothing and realizes he can reconstruct himself into the killer he’s always wanted to be. Logan: I'm not interested.Ewan: That really wasn't your fault. Meta • [10], After trying to take-over the family business, Kendall has fallen back in line and makes a news channel appearance for the world to watch. After all, if there’s one thing that we know about Connor — or, rather, if there’s one thing that he wants Logan’s biographer to know — it’s that Connor Roy was interested in politics at a very young age. [14]. Everyone is on edge at his comment. Greg: “I merely wish to answer in the affirmative fashion.”. The next day they are doing a voice recording for their father's upcoming 50th anniversary in Scottland. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. ), earning congrats from his dad.

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