It has negligible effects on drinking water and can be used as a method of mussel control at water treatment facilities. Grandevo Insecticide Yes, Zequanox molluscicide is been determined to be exempt from requirement of a food tolerance under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. Hawkins is a distributor and service provider of EarthTech® QZ. Eliminate the high cost of zebra mussel damage. Regalia Fungicide Is Zequanox molluscicide harmful to humans? Terms & Conditions | Patents & Trademarks© Connect with a sales rep for pricing information or for a free quote. The systems will feed a low dose of liquid copper sulfate pentahydrate to kill off any Zebra Mussels in the pipes and deter others from attaching to the water treatment infrastructure, according to utility officials. Row Crops How does Zequanox molluscicide work? This website uses cookies to provide a better browsing experience. 1540 Drew Ave., Davis, CA 95618 | get directions, Specialty & Is Zequanox molluscicide approved for food uses? Is it harmful or dangerous to fish from, or swim in, a lake/pond that has been treated with Zequanox molluscicide? Since then, the lake has become infested with them, along with nearby Lake Austin and … Stargus Fungicide “I’m not talking just little cuts but razor-blade cuts, like drops of blood up the dock,” said an owner of a cabin close by referring to the sharp shells of these shellfish. QZ can be applied at the intake structure using a conventional metering pump and dripping in a continuous dose. TPWD first noticed zebra mussels in Lake Travis in June 2017. No, waters treated with Zequanox molluscicide may be used continuously for recreation purposes, including body-contact activities such as swimming. Zequanox molluscicide has been registered by the United States EPA for use in enclosed and semi-enclosed systems since 2012 and for use in open water systems for environmental rehabilitation and restoration since 2014. Fill out the form below or to connect with a Marrone rep! Zebra and quagga mussels readily consume Zequanox molluscicide, which is composed of dead cells of a naturally occurring microbe, as part of their normal diet. Once ingested, the product deteriorates the lining of the mussels’ digestive systems, causing mortality. No, Zequanox molluscicide is composed of only dead (i.e., non-viable) Pseudomonas fluorescens cells. When is the best time to conduct a Zequanox treatment? Yes, water treated with Zequanox molluscicide may be used to irrigate crops, for fishing, or any other uses that may result in food, feed, or drinking water contact. Venerate Insecticide How is the Zequanox molluscicide applied? Extensive toxicology studies have been conducted with Zequanox molluscicide. Within lakes and reservoirs EarthTec® QZ will suppress and control quagga and zebra mussels from areas that they have already colonized. Connect with a sales rep for pricing information or for a free quote. These studies provide confirmation that the product is not a human pathogen and is not infectious to humans. ~ Eric H., Superintendent, “…the preliminary results look very promising… I was impressed by the commitment that he (Seth) and his team showed while helping us when we were in such dire need.” In recent years, Pseudomonas fluorescens species have been used in many applications, including pharmaceutical production, snow making, frost protection for strawberries, and disease protection for apples. Zequanox molluscicide is a naturally derived, aquatic biopesticide shown to be effective in controlling invasive zebra and quagga mussels. Zebra mussel infestation results in blockage or reduced flow in pipes and water intake systems, leading to water flow blockages and costly long-term impacts. Zebra Mussel Control Distributor. Please reference the Privacy Policy section of our Terms & Conditions for more information about what we collect. Venerate Insecticide Haven. Is Pseudomonas fluorescens used in other products? Zequanox molluscicide is most efficacious during periods of high mussel metabolic activity, which occurs during warmer water temperatures (above 60˚F), but there is no restriction to the time of the year when the treatments can be conducted. Amplitude Fungicide We are committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”). Regalia Fungicide A native mussel can take 3 to 5 years to mature, and they take a while to reproduce because they are parasitic. Phase II: The Phase I study was be conducted in ar Lake Minnetonka, a central Minnesota lake that has an established zebra mussel population. We only sell to companies, municipalities, government entities, and not to individuals. Pseudomonas fluorescens (the active ingredient in Zequanox molluscicide) has been designated as “Biosafety Level 1” by the American Type Culture Collection and the American Biological Safety Association, defining Pseudomonas fluorescens as “having no known potential to cause disease in humans or animals.” US and international health and safety regulators consider Pseudomonas fluorescens species to be of the lowest possible risk to human health and the environment. Treatment programs are customizable depending on the desired level of control. A similar system began operation at Handcox Water Treatment Plant in September 2019. EarthTec® QZ is EPA registered for use against zebra and quagga mussels and is certified by NSF for use in drinking water. Zelto Nematicide The report should include an analysis of the efficacy of each treatment system.” This report comprises a brief overview of the status of the mussel infestation, Reclamation’s actions to minimize invasive mussel impacts, and information regarding available methods to control invasive mussels at impacted Reclamation facilities. In addition, these invasive species block water intakes, damage boats and other recreational equipment, and decrease lakefront property value. 1Extensive toxicology studies have been conducted with Zequanox molluscicide. In the first year, researchers compiled historical monitoring data and conducted pre-treatment sampling of the biotic communities and water chemistry in the lake to characterize the status of the lake before copper treatment. Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor of chemicals. Hawkins is a distributor and service provider of EarthTech® QZ. The product delivers efficacy comparable to chemical solutions, but does not endanger employees, damage equipment, or result in harmful impacts to the environment or other aquatic organisms1 when used as directed. Zequanox treatments are cost-competitive with zebra and quagga mussel control products. Zequanox Molluscicide In addition, waters treated with Zequanox molluscicide may be used continuously for fishing and fish caught in these waters may be consumed. Zequanox molluscicide has proven to be safe for non-target aquatic species. For pricing or more information please provide your company contact information below: By clicking "SEND MESSAGE" below, I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age. ~ Stewart T. Bennett, Golf Course Superintendent. Marrone Bio Innovations. Zebra Mussels were first detected in Lake Travis in 2017 and have since infested Lake Travis and Lake Austin, which are the source of Austin’s drinking water. Zequanox molluscicide arrives as a wettable powder, is mixed with water on-site, and is injected into the water system using standard chemical application equipment. , Austin Water Reaches Milestone in Management of Zebra Mussels. Zequanox is safe and effective zebra mussel and quagga mussel control in: Zequanox for recreational and environmental rehabilitation in: As zebra or quagga mussels colonize open water bodies, they disrupt the natural ecosystem by impacting the filtering behavior of native freshwater mussels, causing the proliferation of toxic blue-green algae, decreasing game fish populations, and causing risk or injury to swimmers from sharp shells.

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