The gear selector is to the driver’s left, under the lip of the dash but still easy to reach. Copyright © 2020 Are Media. Neue Polsterung sorgt für einen Sitz wie auf Wolken! No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this year’s ARGO lineup. Should you get into trouble, and we can’t imagine what that would be with an Argo, the Warn winch mounted on the front will easily tow you, or perhaps your buddies Gator or Polaris out of trouble. In water, it carries 2 adults, maximum 500 lbs. With beadlock wheels you can really drop the pressure to smooth out the terrain. * MSRP is in US Dollars and does not include inbound freight, local or state taxes, any accessory installation labor or outbound shipping. With the Aurora, the bodywork actually serves as part of the chassis rather than the wrapping around it. Brighter, dual high/low projector-style head lights and LED rear tail lights are tucked into the bodywork as well. There is no suspension on the Argo other than adjusting tire air pressure. On land, the Argo is incredibly stable, and regardless of whatever you are crossing there are some wheels in contact with the terrain to drive you forward. However, Argo’s Gary Olsen insisted that if lubed regularly the chains can operate trouble-free for up to 1,000 hours.

gültig in der gesamten EU. Speed on-road is 35 to 40km/h, about the same as most diesel side-by-sides. Steering is vastly improved over previous Argo models, and we like the trigger throttle over a twist throttle. Copyright 2020 Argo Vehicles Ltd. All rights reserved. The new bodywork is cut slightly lower where you climb in and out, making it easier to enter, especially for shorter riders, less mobile riders, or when wearing bulky hunting gear. As with previous Argo models we’ve tested, the Aurora models ride slightly nose down in the water. 2021 CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 X rs TURBO RR REVIEW, Can-Am Maverick X3 Ride along with Colt Brinkerhoff, Can-Am Maverick X3 Ride Along with Colt Brinkerhoff.

Brandneu. Since tyres provide the only propulsion while the Argo is swimming, speed in water is restricted to about 5km/h. (670 KG), L x W x H              119 IN (3,023 MM) X 60 IN (1,524 MM) X 50 IN (1,271 MM). The Argo’s useful ability to deal with boggy, swampy terrain – and haul all the booty while doing it – outweighs the speed at which it does it. Graders For Hire | Cranes For Hire | Telehandlers For Hire | Excavators For Hire. Die neue 12V/USB Steckdose ermöglicht dasAufladen eines Mobiltelefones, das Abspielen digitaler Medien und die Nutzung eines Navi´s/GPS. This means that the operator has complete control of all 6 or 8 wheels, all the time. Top of its class.
The new Aurora models are built to comfortably haul 4, with two rows of seats. Argo calls them their “mud and swim” tires. All Rights Reserved. A huge improvement was made by relocating the shift lever to the dash panel rather than under it, and instead of the twist throttle common to other Argo models, all Aurora models use a watercraft style trigger throttle.

ARGO Deutschland by Tec-quipment GmbHKronacher Straße 1b96364 Marktrodach-Zeyern, Tel: +49 (0) 92 62 - 99 39 06Fax: +49 (0) 92 62 - 99 39 08, ImpressumDatenschutzKontaktStandorteAGBLinks, Vorführtermine nur mit Terminvereinbarung möglich, © 2020 ARGO Deutschland by Tec-quipment GmbH.
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They simply beg you to find terrain to challenge them. If you want the ultimate in high performance, the Aurora 850 SX-R will be one of your top choices. Top speed on land is approximately 25mph. At the center of the dash is a new instrument panel with accessory switches and a new digital LED display.

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