The best part? All above plans plus WHITE + 3 GREEN STRIPES comprise the BEGINNER PROGRAM of Shaolin Chi Mantis. Kungfu Styles; Kungfu Masters; Wing Chun Kung Fu; History of Kungfu; Training plan; Academy Info. In China it is still referred to as “Chan Buddhism” since the word, “Zen,” is the Japanese word for “Chan.”. The basics of flexibility. Lesson 5 – How to defend yourself. Kung Fu Warrior Membership: This is the Ultimate Full Access membership package where you pay a yearly or quarterly membership fee for Full access to our weekly Live Interactive Classes, Online Course Library and access our guided Step-by-Step Shaolin curriculum path. Webdesign by The Singing Webmaster Rich Connor, Get all the rest of your Shaolin training at, Copyright © 2020 Shaolin Communications |. Bodhidharma is the founder of this Shaolin Kung Fu about 600 A.D. If you’re interested in scheduling a private, please contact us using this form​ and select Online Private Lessons from the drop down. If you’re interested in scheduling a private, please, For a complete list of terms and conditions visit. Lesson 6 – How to dodge a punch . Because this temple was nicknamed, “Shaolin,” (which means “Young Forest”), the martial art that developed there became known as “Shaolin” style martial art. Lesson 2 – Types of stretching. This professional software for internet schools is wonderful for Shaolin Chi Mantis as it requires attendance and passing of a quiz in order to gain access to the next video. It is run by Master Wang Xing Long (Buddhist name Shi Xing Long), a 32nd generation Shaolin master. Make sure you have adequate space for general movement. “Don’t eat two hours before bedtime to avoid acid reflux.”. It emphasizes agility, flexibility, stamina and speed. These first five classes of Shaolin Chi Mantis should be easy for everyone. How far can you go? Interested in learning authentic Kung Fu in a motivating environment? Life at the Academy; Martial Arts School; Chinese Culture; Practical Info; Preparations; Apply. Lesson 1: how to learn to fight. Northern Shaolin style Kung Fu is a martial arts system dating back thousands of years in Chinese history. Click the image to SIGN UP and START classes. Challenge your friends to see who can go the farthest in this traditional Chinese Kung Fu program. If they’re not easy–keep doing them until they are easy. A supportive Staff with professional coaching, An incredible sense of accomplishment from day one. Your goal is to earn a GREEN STRIPE. There are certain websites that can help you learn Kung Fu online, and they can help you with your goals. Each semester can be completed in SIX months (with ONE year to complete each Belt Rank Level). We also offer private sessions in disciplines we teach at Shaolin Temple Cultural Center. In our online program students are trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong Exercise with our Sifu's. Lesson 3: the fist, your first attack technique. Our classes teach traditional fist forms, weapon forms, sparring and self-defense. At Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA our approach to sharing Kung Fu is comprehensive, providing historical knowledge, for modern day warriors. Start here. We also offer private sessions in disciplines we teach at Shaolin Temple Cultural Center. Welcome to Northern Shaolin Academy More. I have been Shaolin since 1980. CA 91780  (626) 283-0011, GROUP LESSONS IN AUTHENTIC SHAOLIN KUNG FU. All students must wear suitable training attire. Classes are broadcast live four times a week. Northern Shaolin Academy is a complete school of traditional Chinese martial arts, located in Philadelphia / King of Prussia / Valley Forge / Audubon, Pennsylvania (PA). Shop Online. The best part? Developing the mind is equally as important as developing the body. A school representative will contact you to set up upper first lesson. 6. Then you’ll know you are a little healthier. Pricing: $30 per month and Free to Cancel anytime. Rather you are looking to learn self-defense, martial arts for sports or any other goal, these websites can help you learn Kung Fu online. All five are free.

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