In December 2014, that land was finally conserved as part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. /Subject (Oregon History) /Title (Whale Cove) /Trapped /False As part of Oregon Islands NWR, Whale Cove will protect habitat for nesting seabirds including Black Oystercatcher, Pigeon Guillemot, Pelagic Cormorant, and Western Gull, along with Bald Eagle and many species of songbirds. /Author (Cameron La Follette) /CreationDate (D:20201103001423+08'00') /Creator (The Oregon Encyclopedia) /Keywords () /ModDate (D:20201103001423+08'00') /Producer (ReportLab PDF Library - >> 3 0 obj refuge here. Neal Maine with The North Coast Land Conservancy played a pivotal role in applying for the federal funding and negotiating a deal with the Buchanans. /PageMode /UseNone /Pages 11 0 R /Type /Catalog 0 14 [<51b9b242932407b229c12e754c7f6a25><51b9b242932407b229c12e754c7f6a25>] << Latitude, 124°40’19.2”W. Contacts & Resources. April 24: The portion of state beach (not part of the Wildlife Refuge) is accessible by boat and via a ladder constructed by residents bordering Whale Cove. Whale Cove Habitat Refuge (Habitat Refuge ) United States: US-OR. "M%q^Aom:C@Ig9pPs*Y&9)Kk7=70M'rf<2-Q(RoPbeKBeuDd0^j*d#i-(2S[(FgEIdPGk`RG2I-^Us3'n("@4eJH%Fsf]Lq^%P`s[A0@9O3+o]O]j7H)Oph%UK]LEl]t"aGAAG(uXEhA4-8p@fcf`Ro`%`q6\>_sue805E%.28Jb%SPD@FJg/LNDN'%Bo,1j3".GO=`W~>endstream nudibranchs to wave-beaten barnacles, creatures diverse and distinct find >> Whale Cove Habitat Refuge (Inset 8) No take of fish, shellfish and marine invertebrates in all areas in Whale Cove below extreme high tide east of a line drawn across the mouth of the cove, as defined by points at: A) 44°47.237’N., 124°04.298’W. The 13.97-acre property in Lincoln County is located two miles south of Depoe Bay. Several species frequent the Oregon coast, including the fish-eating Osprey and the dive-bombing Peregrine Falcon. The headland provides a buffer zone between mainland development and the islands. The 134-acre Crook Point Unit was acquired in 2000 and is located along the southern Oregon coast just south of Gold Beach. Gat=,gN)&i&UjCToV7SD(m2C,[82s%a.$2>@kgQO.PCm35`@^jTk=@Fl*&Ft*o&0ao%',,A/U`*^77B8)@JUDcU**D2::6Krpk4uM^>Ju>$T9)B`4OZXC$C([HO3p?IAGb@_Q%%XRHF3SB6bpH%gGYK/pSH_pjhb.lOe?ZD!J3=3>9hpJ:W][/NDX5I9a,i9/blo),EZQc]4e/^D;bAH2'_pSuf\4*n*oXg_=ic&64??!L.M3]c7mc:F6I.<8>Tc86@nOVGc<=Z[kkSPrVo_#Kg/KC5r((H4-Pm!_BQTVuM7do\q1`YO)M>L+apsW18s:3*nYD$OrnSHMB/cqA1h,N"G?3go%gfg`2k!>\i;/#!q53CJa/JBqDB3GXRugk72P`Yk0DK]H7[9sOCdWKpa?gm%PPZa->qVK.06T83AoND_?(h>j(UP]7@+2!H=D^pl-.5,`18sV&QplMN!p^_d0Y)3#+krmk47d*uX:La*X87(^-L!0T?SJ5^#h@;lSUSqN(L,)Q2SWkHH^$0rJA!R-=*=lBpfU9ed*.(A%,r[#@GQ:DG#*fsp2tT[-Li5u,!Rlb,8@S"D:90.t(\HTKh]-EkAC5Ne)Kg)sJ58YT(1d")3q$]_@k+K4uH+Y$Cd(/\+_.jlb,KZ`4gFDk;+&[9UbPNg_lHe+bNO!8A.AZg*j$(V?A,3l#"IXN<3XGrs)shC'W[gX:UKc.UO.$5Eabr1YqTW>(,o@eY0$nm(6/Q9FTo/`&;=q%*"i2IO34>Y0Q$seu4P5_]cFj1NkA6>T;`G/7P3\_(ZjV_j2Jg.Xf1Pdi$&3M!i?BOm[>HBkCp]=u7_8Vp?)smkNEdmsSZ%7ftkn&V"3?;b>FY!Yp)O[G]aOutkN?RMf0X5)Vk8;?QCOq;2F4)B&8@0>l&14!*G,.#F#!eGu.a;R%k)=J#a=G6];uXKQdnFL^G:[X)i922SdUl@+D38-9;In?7E\okD"ja=^a0%-\0/=f7_2i2&eBVGB,'p!Lme;;!GMWY3,V]gHUOngl-dPq3E*jXK\Mt:OkZXEoQf$44kRk["*##0;'EZ@"*7!A#@"[cpdj=^8:_sb.I@pE_'c.)DbTWQU`C71QWK#$OcUU3Fs-SF2K5r7.Z>;5!.o&]XlCO*:>RGsj?pl0Hr0Tt(`YVbsLTp%]=Sa1?"4K"piI]-[QgYK]a/Z`GcWOFkXs=?/0g,fL\]A:"mXVaIFu\*Ha^qqKe\Ge-D_7G)k*jBO8N&%rDGo4e.Ic*6HC('Vmh!5`Z3eC`WdS5b_\B]Gd#aJSp&oC!!G4gQ8iR8mS('MB3cU3_NUtX7p;!G1tf;;2j&tIYTt#K@NJ-bj]rEFdq?PS1MD88`m3###\8oC$ND_k)YZJ"DC`2.'S;$^5nk/^u]1Eo[k,\ZHM/-4ulq7r8m"!]k7d@R$n)7!-@N+&i)HM04^/+-NNP['^hh[%Z5hFp]n!Q/A_H0H9Vk? Alamy and its logo are trademarks of Alamy Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. << Site Description. It's also a buffer, protecting seabird colonies from encroaching development. Whale Cove has a natural complexity to it that is rare and almost magical. The site will be managed for its natural resource values and to protect Whale Cove’s ecology. ...#landconservation #nature #technology #oregoncoast #marinediatoms ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, The Gearhart Fen, site of one of NCLC's largest habitat reserves, is a window into the North Coast's distant past, says botanist and ecologist Kathleen Sayce.

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