For all the latest news and updates. Transformers: Forged to Fight currently features 26 playable characters and 0 non-playable characters, with many confirmed to be added in the future. Yay! hot. As great as the game is, there are a number of errors and oddities here and there. It gives a 1, 2, 3, or 4% Attack bonus in Raids when attacking. Blaster Relic (Green/Bronze/Silver/Gold) - Obtained for completing the "Bring the Noise" special mission arc 100% on any difficulty higher than Easy. ROTF Megatron doesn’t need to be awakened in my opinion, his damage output is good enough, his sig only gives him a last ditch repair, which kinda sucks at low signature level. It's up to you to try to level up to 4. Drift, mirage and waspinator are gonna be meh. Although you can stop the wheel early, it does not affect the outcome, as the prize is determined soon after a crystal is activated. At the Commander's base, you can assign Bots and Mods to the seven nodes on your base to defend it, and generate Gold over time. It looks like you're new here. So, without further adieu, the Transformers: Forged to Fight Character List awaits! © 2020 Hasbro. After encountering Starscream, a strange new Decepticon, and a corrupted Autobot from another reality, Optimus entrusts the Matrix of Leadership to the Commander. Tier 1 Alpha Spark - Required to rank up 3-4 star Bots and Mods, and is formed from 10000 Alpha Spark Essence. These classic lyrics have run through my mind since I first saw the cartoons as a young child. new. Which list do you prefer, and which bot is your favorite? It was helpful in visualizing the game, so happy watching! In the Hound Spotlight, during the Mission "Trust Issues", Ironhide states that Hound had saved Ironhide on numerous occasions when KSI and Cemetery Wind were hunting down Autobots. Listed are standard crystals in the game. Dude your list is WAY off, and you're gonna hurt alot of new players if they follow this list. Category page. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! You could be garbage at playing og prime, but play really well with mix and I'd say to rank up mix. Click here to see the simple version of this list. How do you change the order in which your squad appears on the main page? It gives a 1, 2, 3, or 4% Attack and Health bonus in Story Missions. These are listed with a star by their name so that you know what to watch out for. This can lead to some, The S-1000 Sharkticon, when fought as an NPC in game, is displayed as not having a class. This one is just.... You know what? Transformers: Forged to Fight is that game, pitting different versions of the Robots in Disguise against each other in such a way that there’s just … Hot Rod Relic (Tier 1-3) - Obtained after completing the "Question of Loyalty" Special mission arc 100% on either of the three difficulties. All rights reserved. Any duplicate Bots and Mods are converted into Class Ore-13 and Gold. There are also these main structures in a base: Relics give a permanent boost when placed on your base, each found through specific tasks. Hasn't been removed yet, so get it while it lasts! Cheetor Relic (Green/Bronze/Silver/Gold) - Obtained for completing the "Feral Phenomena" special mission arc 100% on any difficulty higher than Easy. Licensed by Hasbro. Maybe he's referring to a different Hot Rod? It features characters from Generation 1, the live-action film series, and Beast Wars. Let us know in the comments below! 1. It gives a Commander +5% XP bonus. But nonetheless, the bots fought in game that are meant to represent these characters do not reflect the in game differences, and simply remain as their stock counterparts, as making entirely new game models would be too taxing on the poor developers. But if you can make them work they're amazing. hot new top rising. Granted, Transformers was never my favorite show, but it does hold a special place in my heart. But every player is gonna have different views and opinions on everything. History Talk (0) These Bots are available in the ... Transformers: Forged to Fight Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Only one bot can use a special attack at once though! TRANSFORMERS™ is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. Boosts are not stackable. Though the game is set on New Quintessa, the actual fights take place in various environments, which are. You need to just STOP. Join. card. Do we even need to explain how broken Mirage is in Rulers Of Kaon? Just be warned that the higher the stars, the more Ore-13 needed to level up! Here's the thing....each and every bot can be considered"God tier" in the hands of the right player...given they have a 4* version available. With a 4.5 rating on Google Play, how can we say no to this gem? Swapping their order in edit squad doesn’t change it. Shockwave's first special ability is named after, Galvatron’s first and third special attacks are a reference to, In Blaster's spotlight mission, the Chapter title "Fight The Power" and the dialogue contained in both "Party Getting Started" and "Fight The Power!" Fallen Titan Hand - Can be obtained by completing the extremely difficult Rulers of Kaon Special Mission. Transformers, robots in disguise. Some of the characters on this list aren't playable in the game yet, but we're hoping that this little detail might change in the future. Typically lasting about a month, fully completing these missions will reward the player with character-based chips to go toward purchasing that month's character in the Store, in addition to the standard Gold, XP and Ore-13. top. Each class listed gains an attack bonus over the class below it, and has a disadvantage against the class above it. bludgeon suck butt worst warrior in game he is not amazing at all man, lol, not even going to give constructive feedback here.,, Right Tap: Light attack or Shoot when far away, Right Swipe: Medium attack or Dash forward when far away, Right Hold: Heavy attack - Transform into alt mode and break through an opponent's block, Left Hold: Block - reduce incoming damage. Drift states in the Divided Loyalties spotlight mission "Bring Him Home" that Hot Rod has wielded the Matrix of Leadership before. This cannot have happened, because Ironhide was dead long before the two companies had been formed because of. Unstable Energon Cube (Tier 1-4) - Obtained for completing the "Shocking Revelations" special mission arc 100% on either of the three difficulties. His regular gun is modeled after. The Autobots and the Earth Defense Command have found a way to restore life to Cybertron, so Optimus Prime, with Marissa Faireborn and her crew, begins the long journey home. When sidestepping during battle, sometimes the random debris strewn on the battlefield will get stuck on the Character model's feet. Gameplay is similar to Marvel Contest of Champions, also made by Kabam. It gives a 2, 3, 4, or 5% Attack bonus in Arenas. Limited-time Crystals promoting a character that give 2-4 star bots with a chance to obtain the newest 3-4 star character. In the Mission "Voices", Windblade is seen in the dialogue as hearing Quintesson voices in her head, and thus one would assume you fight Windblade at the end of the mission, given that she's then brainwashed into fighting Optimus and the Commander. Generation 1 and Movie characters are clearly differentiated with their proper classic and movieverse insignias and transformation sounds. Primal Relic (Green/Bronze/Silver/Gold) - Obtained for completing the "Well That's Just Primal" special mission arc 100% on either of the four difficulties. After encountering Starscream, a strange new Decepticon, and a corrupted Autobot from another reality, Optimus entrusts the Matrix of Leadership to the Commander. And, it might also be worth mentioning that each of the Transformers can be found in different rarity levels. Bee is a good bot...a good 3* bot. WiFi or cellular connection is required to play. Developed by Kabam. I have created a tier list to give players (mostly new players) an idea of which bots are best to rank up. A Bot's or Mod's level is increased only by upgrading them with Ore-13 and Gold. no such thing as a god tier or meh tier in tftf..this is not mcoc...the only thing that makes any different is the player skill it self, quiet or they’ll nerf Sword Masters synergy. It gives a 1, 3, 5, or 10% Gold Generation bonus in Special Missions. But passing through the Eshems Nebula, they encounter a spatial warp field and the Ark crash-lands on an unknown planet. In the "Shattered Bridges" Special Event, the Shattered Glass Transformers have clear distinctions in their portraits, stylistic differences, their proper characters, and the proper insignias for their respective counterparts, with even a few new ones thrown in here and there!

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