This prime hog breed was created in Nebraska and Iowa during the 1920s. Search Menu Site search. Put a number tag on them if you must to be able to tell them apart for health check and weigh in purposes,. Yorkshires first arrived in the United States by way of Ohio.

The Spotted swine breed is characterized by large, black-and-white spots.

Typically, a Large Black sow delivers 8 to 10 piglets on average but can deliver litters of up to 13 baby pigs twice per year.

The breed got its name from the large wattle that sticks out on the sides of their necks. Berkshire Mature sows weigh roughly 400 pounds on average (180 kgs).

Average height of the animals is about 120 cm. The Red Wattle pig is a domestic breed of pig originating in the United States. If you are short of either forage or pasture space, red wattle hogs can be raised in a pen environment, as well.

Hampshire hogs have ears that prick forward, and sometimes wattle on either side of their necks. Much of the US breed improvement has occurred in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska. Mulefoot pigs may be linked with other breeds that are native to both Asia and Europe, but might have also descended from Spanish hog breeds during the 1500s. This pig breed is another great option for newbie swine keepers, and is equally popular with young 4-H members across the United States. Disclaimer Today, fewer pig breeds remain, and many are dwindling in number.

Until the 1930s the Danish government refused to sell Landrace pigs to breeders outside of the country, fearful that doing so would cause their status as the world’s top exporter of bacon to diminish.

Quail Keeping hogs in a town or suburban backyard homestead would be difficult, and would require a lot of grain feeding. Settlers brought Berkshire pigs to America during the early 1800s. Use the filters below to see which breeds are the rarest and click on the photos to learn more about the UK's rare pig breeds. It is resistant to disease and is usually mild-tempered.

This breed is an excellent choice for a medium to large acreage homesteader with ample pasture and wooded areas. During the 1960s population numbers started to decline as pork industry commercial producers started to seek out swine breeds that matured quicker, and were larger overall. Each twice a year litter from a Hereford sow typically contains 10 piglets. 10 Pig Breeds to Consider. Sitemap Spotted Ostrich Selective breeding helped propel the Yorkshire to the popularity the breed enjoys today.

By and large, heritage breeds have held onto the climate and disease hardy traits of their ancestors as well as their ability to live primarily independent lives without the need of aids offered by human intervention. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hereford hogs became the most popular with farmers and homesteaders in Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. These hogs are primarily white, and have black spots that dot their bodies. Yorkshires are known for their muscle, with a high proportion of lean meat and low backfat.

Berkshire breeds do not thrive in confinement as do hogs of Hampshire, Yorkshire, and Duroc breeds – which made them even more unattractive to the corporate pig industry. In the early 1800s, Poland China hogs originated in Ohio. They are black with a whtie “belt” that runs around their midsection and can cover up all of their front legs. Pig farming is the process and act of rearing/raising pigs for human consumption as meat or as raw material for industrial use.

A landrace breed selected over a long period of time for conditions in the South, its type and size vary greatly. A common Red Wattle litter will produce between 10 to 15 baby pigs at least two but sometimes three times per year.

Because of the small bones that comprise these hogs, they produce among the highest percentages of usable meat. Today, Hereford pigs are highly popular in the Plains and Midwestern states on agricultural land both small and large, but there are only roughly 2,000 known breeding Hereford hogs left.

Read more information about the breed below. Landrace Pigs of this type are all white with only tiny black marks on their skin if purebred. Advertise In addition, commercial producers appreciate Spotted females for their productivity, docility and durability. Prentice also crossed his Timberlines with Wengler’s line to make the Endow Farm Wattle pig. Hampshire breed members are not a good choice for homesteaders seeking a dual purpose type of swine. Learn how your comment data is processed. The leaf lard (or white fat that is present around the kidney area of the hog) is harvested and then rendered for use in the kitchen. This bacon pig breed has been nicknamed “Irish Grazers” because of their all start pasture grazing tendencies. After World War II, the shift to factory farming began and caused a rapid decrease in popularity for the Gloucestershire Old Spots breed. The UK has 11 native pig breeds, all 11 are considered rare and at risk of extinction. Mulefoot hogs are docile and hardy in most climates. I am a strong proponent of heritage livestock breeds in general and especially so when it comes to quality meat hogs. They also add value through their prolificacy and longevity in the female line. It could be accomplished if local laws did not forbid such agricultural activities. It is excellent forager and grow relatively fast.

Berkshire sows are known for their maternal instincts, and for the ample amount of milk they provide to their large litters. Rabbit This breed’s popularity increased geographically after World War I, when the large amount of lean meat they produced was discovered to create a savory piece of bacon. Mature hogs of this breed weigh 400 to 600 pounds (180 to 270 kgs) on average. It is one of the most profitable agro-business because Pig has a very high reproductive capacity, highly resistant to harsh conditions, diseases, and have a long-lasting life when managed properly.

It is also called Red Wattle Hog, and the breed is named for it’s red color and distinctive wattles and tassels.. They are notably docile and easy keepers for the most part, and are a good choice for swine newbies. Sowes of this breed are also noted for their calm demeanor.

The Red Wattle pig breed is developed by H. C. Wengler who cross-bred two wattled red sows with a Duroc boar for staring the ‘Wengler Red Waddle’ line.

Guide them gently yet firmly to where they need to go using a cane or thick stick – while talking to them. If you have never kept hogs before you might think it is impossible to look at a pig as cute or get emotionally attached to them – but trust me, it happens more often than you think. On average their hanging weight will be 500-600 pounds (225 – 270 kgs) for both boars and sows. Fish H.C. Wengler discovered a herd of wild Red Wattle pigs and started to breed them using his own selective breeding techniques.

The Tamworths give birth to large litters, and have good maternal instincts. Some of the members of this breed might have been imported by UK Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel in 1812. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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