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He was portrayed as either green (the color of rebirth) or black (alluding to the fertility of the Nile floodplain) with a pharaoh's beard, wearing a feathered white  atef crown, and holding a symbolic crook and flail. Osiris was resurrected by his sister-wife Isis , who bore him a son, Horus. study The crook and flail have associations with Egyptian gods. The Stoned Ape Theory and the Dawn of Human Consciousness: Did Our Prehistoric Ancestors Evolve by Getting High?

The flail beads meanwhile are made out of gilded wood. Western and oriental crowns were usually made from gold and precious stones, while crowns from the Pre-Columbian era in the Americas were embellished with feathers of rare and beautiful birds. Apart from being a generic symbol of royalty or regalia in Ancient Egypt, the crook and flail meant several things to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. As trading networks were established and agriculture labor increased, divine kingship may also have gained spiritual momentum as the cults of gods like Osiris, Horus, and Set associated with living representatives became widespread in the country. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Jewish Symbols – History, Meaning and Importance, Star of David Symbol – Origins and Meanings, Celtic Shield Knot – History and Symbolism, Endless Knot – Meaning, Symbolism and History. The Vikings’ next step out into the Atlantic – the discovery and settlement of Iceland – is one of the best documented events of the Viking Age. The symbols appeared regularly in the Early Dynastic Period during the reign of the first physical king, Narmer. At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. Penguin Books Available at:, Gibson, C. 2009. To the pharaohs, these items were reminders of their primary responsibilities-- the crook representing protecting the people and the flail representing either discipline or provision for the needs of the people. Once Horus avenged his father and defeated Set, he took the crook and flail of his father to represent the legitimacy of his reign, and so it was for the kings of Egypt who identified with these gods. Narmer is considered the unifier of Egypt and as the founder of the First Dynasty, the first king of a unified Egypt. Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt. Basilica of the Holy Blood – Does it Really Hold the Blood of Jesus? Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. The Wilbour Plaque, with the pharaoh and his queen both wearing the headdress featuring the uraeus. As the onset of a new ruler often threw kingdoms into turmoil, confidence in the continuation of life as they knew it was crucial to the people. With Osiris as the ram, the god's crook and flail represent him herding the tribes of the upper Nile. Continuity, therefore, was symbolized by royal items such a flag, clothing, jewelry, or other adornments worn by the new leader during ceremonies or public appearances. Was scepters were depicted as being carried by gods, pharaohs, and priests. Before 3600 BC and before the unification of Egypt, the land consisted of autonomous villages. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons In this interpretation, the flail represented the pharaoh's role in providing for the people of Egypt and protecting land that could grow food for the people. Symbolic of the power and authority of the ruler, the crook and flail can often be seen held by pharaohs crossed across their chests. Most people know of the great construction achievements of the dynastic Egyptians such as the pyramids and temples of the Giza Plateau area as well as the Sphinx. Online Bachelor's Degree in IT - Visual Communications. As with the gods, when crossed over the chest, the crook and flail presented the ruler as a shepherd whose might was tempered by benevolence. The crook was known as the heka in Egyptian. When used as a weapon to defend livestock, the flail represented the pharaoh's responsibility to establish the order, through punishment if necessary. While this is a small glimpse into some of the sacred items, these symbols contributed to the rich culture of ancient Egypt and many of them, such as the ankh, are still loved today. This tool is also responsible for making sure that the herd is grouped together in one place, guaranteeing that not one sheep will go astray. Some of these images date back over 5,000 years. Just like the crook, it is adorned with gold and blue stripes on the rod itself, while the beads vary in shape and color. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Egyptian Uraeus: Definition, Symbol & Meaning, Egyptian Cartouche: Definition, Symbols & Pharaohs, Egyptian Headdress: History, Meaning & Facts, What is an Egyptian Ankh? You can disable footer widget area in theme options - footer options. Let's answer those questions! Both items were typically made of gold or ivory with blue copper bands. The second interpretation is that the flail was used as an agricultural tool to thresh grain. Early Dynastic Egypt . What do they look like? Once rising to power, a pharaoh had the crook and flail with him at all public appearances. Head of the was scepter in the British Museum Collection ( Public Domain ). Set was defeated by Horus, and order was restored to the land. Among the many other items used to symbolize their rule were the crook and flail. Since pharaohs were buried with these items, archaeologists have uncovered the items in great condition. has thousands of articles about every The use of the flail or the flabellum for high ranking officials in Ancient Egypt was first recorded before the use of the crook or the two symbols combined were noted. In Egypt, it usually bears the colors gold and blue in alternating stripes. This Fruitcake Is Still Good After a Century in the Antarctic! What is the significance of the crook and flail? The farmer’s flail (Image: Hunta  / Adobe Stock).

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