Practice reading the unseen texts from past papers to find out how quickly you can get across the content, meaning, and features of language. As good as it is to have parts of an essay planned, a lot of the time students can get fixated on their planned response and are not able to adapt to the question. Avoid taking plot lines straight out of movies, TV shows or computer games. 2019 … 15marks • AttemptQuestion 1 • Allowabout 40 minutes for this section. 2019 HSC Paper 2. Consider going beyond a literal use of the stimulus. 16 hours 52 mins and 40 secs till paper 1 as of now, fml. According to the sample paper it appears NESA may do fewer questions with more marks unlike past years were 1/2 markers were common. Each of these will require a different approach. Highlight key parts of it and teach them to someone else, Memorise it by using your voice, whether it’s walking around and reading it aloud or recording it and listening to your recording, Have it next to you when answering practice questions or doing any work in relation to the common module and keep referring back to the rubric in your writing. They’re convincing because the analysis of quotes and examples directly relate to the question. Art of Smart Education is an award winning provider of. 15marks • … What the hell was that Crucible question though? So let’s jump in and find out how to ace HSC English Paper 1! Unsure what to do to best prepare and complete the new HSC English Paper 1 Exam? Think about an idea or two about discovery that you'd like to incorporate in your piece. I hope scaling can do its job ..... or else my dream of 90+ is gone, The best thing which came from this exam is the forearm workout. You can also use the rubric to create your own practice questions and analyse all sorts of different texts. For example, an image of a hot air balloon doesn't mean that your characters take a ride in one. You could be inspired by the BOSTES description of discovery, your prescribed text and texts of your own choosing, or one of the texts in Section 1. Text 1 was full of metaphors yet they asked text 3 bout it. Tip #1: Understand the new syllabus and memorise the “Texts and Human Experiences” rubric. Section I. Section II. Figurative language such as similes, personification and symbolism, should be used thoughtfully. EXAMINATION. See for the syllabuses, past papers and marking guidelines, and for more study resources and exam advice. Plan these before you start to write. 15 marks •Attempt Question 1 •Allow about 40 minutes for this section. Use it as your first or last sentence?Use it as the "basis for" your response? For example, music could be played on the radio, a record player or a laptop suggesting a different time period. The texts were simply too complicated. You can also practice while you’re on your way to school or anywhere. You could even start with your ending and work backwards. HSC English Paper 1 Section 1: Short Answers. Unsure how to analyse texts? Computer Science-1: HSC Board Computer Science Question Paper: Solution: 7: 2017-03-06: Computer Science-2: HSC Board Computer Science Question Paper: Solution: CBSE BOARDS QUESTION PAPER & SOLUTIONS-2017; Sr. No.

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