It’s also a totally different side of what love is. [last lines; as Paul starts running after the train, referring back to the movie they had watched together] Paul Munsky: Hey! [after Ellie then interrupts the church service]Ellie Chu: I also have been pretending. The question, of course, is which five strokes?”, See more The Half of it Quotes Stop! [after Aster invites Ellie to spend the day with her]Aster Flores: I don’t think I’ve ever hung out with a girl and not talked about boys before.Ellie Chu: Oh. So many more than I knew. [continuing to read Paul’s letter to Aster]Ellie Chu: “About me. Yes, I know. And if I break away, it’ll break her heart. [Ellie runs back and kisses Aster]Ellie Chu: I’ll see you in a couple years. [a student in the audience shouts out]Student: Chugga-chugga-Chu-Chu!

Trig Carson: I get it. In a couple of years, I am going to be so sure.Ellie Chu: Good luck with that.

You really didn’t use enough emojis in his texts.Ellie Chu: I don’t know what they mean! [after Trig proposes to Aster at a church service and is interrupted by Paul]Paul Munsky: Love isn’t pretending. I-I'll toss you some things.

[she then looks at the other passengers as the train heads off to her new life]. Then it’s like he writes these things that feel not safe.Ellie Chu: Not safe? As all three embark on an unexpected journey of discovery, they form a complicated triangle of friendship as they come to terms with their own unexpected feelings about love and find connection in the most unlikely of places. Why?Ellie Chu: Just wondering.

Love is messy and horrible and selfish and bold. The Teachers Union.

Yours?Paul, Ellie: Taco sausage. Some people think I’m the cutest one in my family. And I never want to be the guy who stops loving someone for loving the way that they want to love.Deacon Flores: And thank you, Paul. Geselschap: Are you kidding? Ellie Chu: “Everything beautiful is ruined eventually. Or anything engineer.

She’s my girlfriend. I fell asleep a few times, but I’m still reading it. I hit one, and then you…[as she hits the ball to Paul, he smashes it back and it hits the wall]Ellie Chu: What the…?Paul Munsky: Oops. Aster Flores: Deep down, I probably knew the truth. And… I’m going to text her.Ellie Chu: Wait! Gravity is matter's response to loneliness. [the text message says, “I get nervous when you’re close.” Which makes Aster smile].

Where were you born?Paul Munsky: In Squahamish. Ellie: Paul, this is basic math, don’t mess with m-Paul: I would give them all to you because you’re my best friend.

Not in the over-ten-page biz.Paul Munsky: No, I’m not trying to cheat.Ellie Chu: Nobody is. Paul Munsky [after Paul grabs gets Ellie’s attention by stopping her riding her bike]Ellie Chu: Ten dollars for three pages, twenty dollars for three to ten. Geselschap: You know where else you can meet people your age who get you? Paul Munsky Aster Flores: For what it’s worth, it’s not like the thought never crossed my mind. It’s the trying, and reaching, and failing. Is that weird? It’s lonely. It's the trying, and reaching, and failing.' [to herself as Paul leaves]Ellie Chu: You’re totally going to crash and burn. [referring to the homework papers she’s written for the students that pay her], [as her teacher shows her a college application for Grinnell], [after Paul grabs gets Ellie’s attention by stopping her riding her bike], [after seeing Paul’s letter is for Aster Flores], [Ellie gets back on her bike and rides off], [after Ellie drops her papers in the school hallway and Aster stops to help her], [she hands Ellie her phone and walks off], [after finding out that their power will be cut off unless they pay at least $50], [continuing to read Paul’s letter to Aster], [in anger Ellie gives Paul’s letter back to him], “In love, one always starts by deceiving oneself, and ends by deceiving others. She’s like challenging us.

Ellie Chu: [voice over] In case you haven’t guessed this is not a love story. Impressive.Ellie Chu: Just the one.Mrs. That was odd.

Paul Munsky: Just, you’re so smart. Ellie Chu: “Everything beautiful is ruined eventually. I think I know where this is going. She said every song, movie, story, has a best part.

Ellie: You don’t know me, Munsky, so let me explain this to you once: If I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed.

If we’re just talking about storylines, The Half of It means literally Aster doesn’t know half of it and doesn’t know what is going on on the other side. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. Never mind about my dead grandma. I didn’t think…Trig Carson: You’re in love with me.Ellie Chu: Yes, Trig.

[after Paul finds out about Ellie’s true feelings for Astra]Trig Carson: I’m onto you, Ellie Chu.Ellie Chu: [to herself] This is a nightmare.Trig Carson: I know why you’re always hanging around. [she laughs and cries as she watches Paul run] Ellie Chu: Moron.

i really love the story… and all the cast.. waiting for what will happen after a couple of years… i will be waiting, Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved | All images are copyright of their respective owners. You really didn’t use enough emojis in his texts.Ellie Chu: I don’t know what they mean!


Not like them as in, ‘I like you’, but like them as in, ‘I am like you’.”, Aster Flores: “So I’m like a lot of people. Or one from China anyway. I wouldn’t wake up everyday and people were like, ‘Oh.

[reading from his letter to Aster]Paul Munsky: “Dear Aster Flores, I think you’re really beautiful. It’s a metaphor for existence.Paul Munsky: My nana hated Minnesota. Stop!

And have to read the actual essays they'd write?

“Am I sure I’m different?

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